How to bowl a yorker like Jaspreet Bumrah?

How To Bowl A Yorker In Cricket? (Bowl It Like Bumrah!)

Cricket is a sport that requires a variety of bowling techniques to outsmart the batsman. It is a sport of skill and strategy, and one of the most important skills for a bowler is to be able to deliver a perfect yorker. So now, we will look deep into the techniques to bowl a yorker in cricket.

A yorker is a type of delivery that lands right at the batsman’s feet, making it difficult for them to hit it. Bowlers aim for the batman’s toe while bowling a yorker to make it even more difficult to connect the ball with the bat.

Some of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, such as Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar, perfected the Yorker like no one else. And with a little practice and dedication, any good bowler can deliver an ideal yorker with proper line and length.

What Is A Yorker?

A yorker is a type of delivery in cricket that lands on the pitch at the batsman’s feet. The aim of bowling a yorker is to get the ball to swing late and land right at the batsman’s toes, making it difficult for them to hit the ball.

A yorker can be a very effective delivery, as it can surprise the batsman and often leads to wickets. A good yorker can be used to get the batsman out bowled or LBW (leg before wicket).

It is considered one of the most effective deliveries as it is difficult to even for the best batsmen to hit the ball.

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Meaning And Origin Of Yorker

The term ‘Yorker’ comes from the English county of Yorkshire, where it is believed to have originated.  Some cricket pundits also believe that it originated from a street in York, England, where the street was so narrow that people walking down it had to walk with their heads bowed.

Many also believe that the term “Yorker” originated in the late 18th century. It comes from the northern English dialect word “yerk,” which means to throw or move quickly.

The name derives from the practice of bowlers aiming to deliver the ball as close to the batsman’s feet as possible in order to ‘bury’ the ball in the pitch like a stake, as one would do with a “Yorkshire stake” for supporting plants.

The origin of the Yorker is uncertain, but it is believed to have been invented by fast bowlers in the 19th century.

Ideal Bowling Grip For Yorker

The ideal grip for a yorker is to hold the ball with the index and middle fingers on either side of the seam and the thumb placed at the bottom of the ball.

This grip allows the bowler to release the ball with their fingers and generate a swing toward the batsman’s toes. Bowlers need to bowl faster in cricket to execute a perfect yorker.

The grip should be loose, with the thumb resting on the side of the ball. This grip allows the bowler to deliver the ball with maximum pace and accuracy.

Step-By-Step Guide To Bowl A Perfect Yorker

  1. Take a long run-up. Start with a smooth and fluid run toward the crease.
  2. As you approach the crease, focus on your target and your bowling action. Aim to land the ball at the batsman’s feet.
  3. Hold the ball with the ideal grip mentioned earlier, placing your fingers on both sides of the seam.
  4. Use a full delivery stride to generate as much pace as possible.
  5. Keep the wrist and fingers behind the ball to ensure that it doesn’t pitch too short or too full.
  6. Aim for the batsman’s toes or the base of the stumps.
  7. Keep your eyes on the target throughout the delivery.
  8. Follow through with a smooth action, ensuring that your head stays up.

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Common Mistakes While Bowling A Yorker

Some of the current fastest bowlers also make mistakes while delivering yorker. So don’t worry if you can’t perfect it in one go. You need to work on your mistakes and rectify them.

  1. Bowling too short: If the ball is delivered too short, the batsman can easily hit it away. Solution: Focus on delivering the ball at the right length, which is full and aimed at the toes.
  2. Bowling too wide: If the ball is delivered too wide, the batsman can easily leave it or hit it away. Solution: Focus on delivering the ball at the right trajectory, with the right pace and length, and ensure that it is aimed at the base of the stumps.
  3. Lack of accuracy: If the ball is not delivered with accuracy, the batsman can easily defend or attack it. Solution: Practice your bowling technique regularly, and focus on improving your accuracy.
  4. Lack of pace: If the ball is delivered too slowly, the batsman can easily hit it away. Solution: Focus on building your strength and improving your bowling action to deliver the ball with more pace.
  5. Lack of confidence: If the bowler lacks confidence, they may not be able to execute the delivery effectively. Solution: Practice regularly and work on your mental strength to build your confidence.

If you are practicing in a sports academy, consult your bowling coach or trainer. They will guide you to perfection with some tailored tips.

5 Bowlers Known For Yorkers In Cricket

Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis is a former Pakistani fast bowler known for his deadly yorkers. He was one of the highest wicket-takers in cricket history, with 373 wickets in Test matches and 416 in ODIs.

His bowling action was quick, and his delivery of the yorker was nearly perfect, making him a fearsome opponent for any batsman.

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga is a former Sri Lankan fast bowler who is renowned for his exceptional yorkers. He had a unique bowling action, which made it challenging for batsmen to predict his deliveries.

Malinga was especially lethal in limited-overs cricket, and his ability to bowl yorkers at the death made him a valuable asset to his team.

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is an Australian fast bowler who is known for his excellent yorkers. He has a natural ability to swing the ball at high speeds, which makes his yorkers very difficult to play.

Starc has been a crucial player for the Australian cricket team and has played a significant role in their success in recent years.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is an Indian fast bowler who is considered one of the best Yorker bowlers in cricket today. He has an unusual bowling action, which makes it difficult for batsmen to pick his deliveries.

Bumrah is also known for his ability to bowl accurate yorkers at the death, which has won several matches for his team.

Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn is a former South African fast bowler known for his raw pace and his ability to bowl yorkers. Steyn was also known for his excellent accuracy and his ability to take wickets regularly.

He was one of the most feared bowlers in the world during his prime, and his ability to swing the ball at high speeds made his yorkers incredibly lethal.

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5 Fastest Yorkers In Cricket History

BowlerTeamMatch DateVenueSpeed (km/h)
Shoaib AkhtarPakistan22 February 2003Newlands, Cape161.3
Brett LeeAustralia22 January 2005WACA, Perth161.1
Shaun TaitAustralia11 February 2010WACA, Perth160.7
Mitchell StarcAustralia15 February 2015Adelaide Oval160.4
Kagiso RabadaSouth Africa19 February 2018Wanderers, JHB157.7

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A well-executed yorker is an effective weapon for any fast bowler in cricket. The delivery requires a good grip, accurate bowling action, and a lot of practice to master. Common mistakes can be corrected by focusing on accuracy, length, and pace.

So, that’s all for today. Feel free to drop your queries regarding Yorker and start a conversation with us in the comment box below.

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