Top 10 Current Fastest Bowlers in Cricket World

A whirlwind delivery by a bowler can send someone from the crease to the pavilion even before the player realizes it. While it’s amazing to watch batsmen skinning the opponents, it’s equally fun to watch the bowler baffle everyone with speed. Let’s take a look at the top 10 current fastest bowlers in the world of cricket.

Cricket now has nearly 2 Billion of its fans worldwide. Both bowlers and batsmen play an equal role in one of the most popular sports in the world, cricket. A great batsman indeed is a good enough reason to fear a cricket team. But it is also true that a fast bowler is someone who can score even the best of batsmen.

Current Fastest Bowlers | 2024 Cricket Rankings

This list is based on the current performance of the bowlers and is updated according to the stats as of 2024. So enjoy the entire list of current fastest bowlers to stay updated about the recent cricketing scenario.

10. Umesh Yadav vs. Sri Lanka – 146.6 Kph

Umesh Yadav, the right-arm fast bowler, happens to be India’s fastest bowler today, with an average speed of 138.7 km per hour, which puts him in the same rank as Pakistan’s Wahab Riyaz among the fastest in the world.

Yadav’s speediest delivery was at the rate of 146.6 kph on 26th July 2017 during the first Test, and the unfortunate team to face his wrathful bowling was India’s neighbor, Sri Lanka. During the test, Yadav managed to take two wickets of Dimuth Karunaratne and Danushka Gunathilaka.

9. Kagiso Rabada vs. England – 147 Kph

South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada might be 22 years old, but he is already one of the fastest bowlers in the cricket world, having hit an average rate of 138.3 kph, which he pushed up to a stunning 147 kph during a match against England.

It was the 3rd Test, played on 27th July 2017. The right-arm fast bowler, who stands in the same position as India’s Jasprit Bumrah on the international list of bowlers with the greatest speed, took four wickets in the 3rd Test, played at The Oval.

8. Liam Plunkett vs. South Africa – 147.3 Kph

Right-arm fast bowler Liam Plunket represents England and has an average speed of 137 kph. While this speed does not place him among the top ten fastest bowlers currently playing, he has still secured 8th place among the top 10 fastest bowlers based on the top speed achieved.

He made a delivery at an incredible speed of 147.3 in a match on 10th July 2017. England faced South Africa in the 3rd T20I conflict, and Plunkett lived up to T20’s reputation for speed.

7. Adam Milne vs. Bangladesh – 147.7 Kph

Right-arm fast bowlers Adam Milne is one of the key players of New Zealand, noted for his amazing speed. His average delivery rate is 138.4 kph, which puts him on the list of the top ten. And he pushed this number up to a stunning 147.7 kph in a Champions Trophy match played on 9th June 2017.

The team which had the misfortune of facing his faster-than-the-wind delivery was Bangladesh. He managed to take a wicket in this match, as well.

6. Jasprit Bumrah vs. Pakistan – 148.1 Kph

Cricket’s world’s biggest rivals, India and Pakistan, came face to face in the Champions Trophy final match at The Oval on 18th June 2017, when India’s Jasprit Bumrah made the fastest delivery of his career, at a rate of 148.1 kph, which made him one of the 10 fastest bowlers playing today.

This right-arm fast-medium bowler has one of the fastest average speeds as well, at 138.3 kph. This super-fast delivery undoubtedly made its place among the best moments of India vs. Pakistan cricket rivalry. However, Bumrah failed to take a wicket in this thrilling cricket match.

5. Shannon Gabriel vs. Pakistan – 148.2 Kph

30-year-old West Indian right-arm fast bowler Shannon Gabriel is considered a key player in Trinidad and Tobago’s attack today and is among the most stunning bowlers.

He is a force to reckon with, even as he has missed securing a place among the top ten bowlers with the highest average speed by just 0.1 kph because of his pace of 137.9 kph.

However, his highest delivery was at 148.2 kph in the 3rd Test against Pakistan on 10th May 2017, when he gathered 2 wickets.

4. Tymal Mills vs. India – 149 Kph

At the age of 25, Tymall Mills has already set a record that might be hard to follow. He has managed to deliver a ball at 149 kph, making him the fastest player among the current cricketers, based on the top speed achieved.

His average speed might be 131.5 kph, but he attained this massive rate in a match against India in Bangalore on 1st February 2017. It was the 3rd T20I confrontation between the two big names, and he also managed to take a wicket in the match.

3. Pat Cummins vs. England – 149.2 Kph

Australia’s right-arm fast bowler and bowling all-rounder, Pat Cummings, has two major records in the world of cricket – and he is just 24! First, he has the fastest bowling speed in the world, with an average rate of 143.3 kph. Second – he made the second-fastest bowling delivery at a rate of 149.2 kph.

England faced this Australian tornado at Edgbaston on 10th June 2017 for a Champions Trophy match. If Cummins, one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, had been just 0.4 kph faster, he would be at the top of this list!

2. Wahab Riaz vs. India – 149.6 Kph

Pakistan’s 32-year-old left-arm fast bowler, Wahab Riaz, leads the list of fastest bowlers with the top speedy delivery, with a delivery made at 149.6 kph. This fabulous performance was at Edgbaston on 4th June 2017 during a Champions Trophy match.

The team that had to cope with Riaz’s angry delivery is Pakistan’s cricket enemy, India, in one of the greatest rivalries in the sports world. Riaz, who also features among the bowlers with the highest average speed with a 138.7 kph rate, took wickets in the match, too.

1. Mitchell Starc vs. England – 160.4 Kph

Australia’s Mitchell Starc is a left-arm fast bowler and has the second-highest average speed among the current bowlers in the world, with an amazing rate of 143.2 kph, which makes him lose out on the top spot by just 0.1 kph. His highest delivery was at a rate of 160.4 kph when his team faced New Zealand.

It was a Champions Trophy match that took place at Edgbaston on 10th June 2017. During this match, Starc also succeeded in taking a wicket, besides being a super-fast bowler.

Honorable Mentions In Current Fastest Bowlers

11. Billy Stanlake vs. New Zealand – 151.5 Kph

The Australian speed machine, Billy Stanlake, has already made his name in the current fast bowling scenario. Although he failed to achieve his place in the ICC World Cup 2019 squad of Australia, he displayed great bowling talent till now.

He clocked a 151.5 km/hour delivery when his team faced New Zealand in February 2018. Besides, he also delivered a 151.38 kph ball in the last season of IPL.

12. Jofra Archer [IPL] – 152.39 Kph

The domestic player of England, Jofra Archer, is yet to display his talent in the international circuit. But he already proved his worth in the Indian Premier League.

He achieved his place among the current fastest bowlers as he constantly bowled above 150km/hour in domestic cricket. Archer then created a buzz in the media after he clocked a 152.39 kph delivery in the IPL.

Current Fastest Bowlers according to Top Speed

RankBowlerDelivery Speed (Kph)Bowling StyleMatchDate
1Mitchell Starc160.4Left ArmAustralia vs. New Zealand10th June 2017
2Wahab Riaz149.6Left ArmChampions Trophy4 June 2015
3Pat Cummins149.2Right ArmChampions Trophy: England v Australia1 February 2017
4Tymal Mills149.0Left Arm3rd T20I: India v England10 June 2017
5Shannon Gabriel148.2Right Arm3rd Test: West Indies v Pakistan10 May 2017
6Jasprit Bumrah148.1Right ArmChampions Trophy Final18 June 2017
7Adam Milne147.7Right ArmChampions Trophy: New Zealand v Bangladesh9 June 2017
8Liam Plunkett147.3Right Arm3rd T20I: England v South Africa10 July 2017
9Kagiso Rabada147.0Right Arm3rd Test: England v South Africa27 July 2017
10Umesh Yadav146.6Right Arm1st Test: Sri Lanka v India26 July 2017

This list of fast, almost insane deliveries by the current fastest bowlers is a compilation prepared based on recent international matches. The Hawkeye data being the main source of such information, is available on the ICC website.

However, in some cases, the necessary data is unavailable. Besides, some host broadcasters or boards might use other ball-tracking methods like the Virtual System, as seen in the case of Australia. Either way, it’s a good enough reason to celebrate the scary bowlers for their performances on the field!

Current Fastest Bowlers according to Average Speed

RankBowlerAverage Speed (Kph)Fastest Delivery (Kph)Bowling StyleCountry
1Pat Cummins143.3149.2Right ArmAustralia
2Mitchell Starc143.2148.5Left ArmAustralia
3Mohammad Amir140.9145.1Left ArmPakistan
4Wahab Riaz138.7149.6Left ArmPakistan
5Umesh Yadav138.7146.6Right ArmIndia
6Mark Wood138.5145.0Right ArmEngland
7Adam Milne138.4147.7Right ArmNew Zealand
8Jasprit Bumrah138.3148.1Right ArmIndia
9Kagiso Rabada138.3147.0Right ArmSouth Africa
10Mohammed Shami138.0145.2Right ArmIndia

Several other players, such as Australia’s Josh Hazlewood and Pakistan’s Hasan Ali, deserve their place on the list. Both of them recently earned their places in the ICC ODI bowling ranking of 2024.

Current Fastest Bowlers | Test, ODI, and T20 Combined

current fastest bowlers in cricket - infographics
Infographics: Current Fastest Bowlers

We hope you liked the list of current fastest bowlers in the cricket scenario of 2024. Don’t forget to send us your opinion on this list.

FAQs Regarding Current Fastest Bowlers

Q. Who is the fastest cricket bowler right now?

Former Pakistani cricketer and commentator Shoaib Akhtar is the current and the fastest bowler in the cricket world. His fastest bowling delivery was recorded in the World Cup Match, Newlands, at 161.3 km/hr with 100.2 mph. He is famous as the ‘’ Rawalpindi Express.’’

Q. Who is the best fast bowler in the world in 2022?

Trent Alexander Boult is regarded as the best fast bowler of 2022. Boult is a New Zealand international cricketer who plays as a bowler for Northern Districts in New Zealand’s domestic cricket. At the 2015 Cricket World Cup, he was the joint-leading wicket-taker.

Q. Who are the top five current fastest bowlers in international cricket?

The five current fastest international bowlers are Mitchell Starc (160.4 KPH), Jofra Archer (155 KPH), Wahab Riaz (154.5 KPH), Adam Milne (153.2 KPH), and Jasprit Bumrah (153 KPH).

Q. Who is the No 1 bowler of all time in the cricket world?

Muttiah Muralitharan is the No 1 bowler of all time; he is a Sri Lankan cricket coach and former professional cricketer. Murali was also inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. He has an average of 6 wickets per test match and is considered the greatest and most successful bowler to ever play cricket.

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