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Top 10 Most Popular Sports In Australia – 2024 Ranking

Rugby or Rugby Union is undoubtedly the most popular sport among the Australian people. Australia is also the oldest country to start playing Rugby since 1863. And there are more than 82,000 active participants in this sport in Australia. Besides Rugby, Cricket and Tennis also deserve their mention among the most popular sports in Australia right now.

Sport is the only thing in the world in which people have a craze, so Australia is also one of them. Football, cricket, and rugby have been ruled by Australia for centuries. Thus, we have gathered a list of the most popular sports in Australia and ranked them according to their popularity.

The government created multiple clubs in every kind of sport in Australia due to the popularity of sports and to support the new generation in reaching the pinnacle of their dreams. This made Australia the best country in terms of sports. We will get into the rankings and see what the ten most renowned sports in Australia are.

We have recently ranked the most popular sports in Canada and also the most popular sports in England. But now, let’s reveal the most popular sports in Australia. So, check these out!

10. Golf

Golf In Australia

The sport of golf is one of the most popular in Australia, played mostly by filthy rich people throughout the world, but especially in Australia. This is why it ranks 10th out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia.

Approximately 1.3 million Aussies play golf, according to our research, which shows that there are more than 460,000 who are passionate about golf. There is no doubt that Australia is rich in the greatest golfers of all time.

It’s a common belief that Golf is a game of riches, but in Australia, that’s not true because the game is about interest, and this sport is really affordable and accessible to everyone. Moreover, Australian golfers make an average of $118,156 per year, and there are a lot of successful golfers, such as Peter Thomson, Greg Norman, and Jason Day.

In addition, Australia has more golf clubs than any other country; there are approximately 1500 clubs that are working hard to train the next generation of golfers and improve the already successful ones. Among the clubs, there is one known as Cathedral Lodge, which is the most expensive.

Each golf club in Australia is unique in its own ways, such as different styles of play, distinctive club logos, and more. Clubs often choose to create custom iron-on patches with the club’s unique logo and iron them on their clothes or hats, which can be easily recognized on the field. On the other side, it is also a good way to let more people know about their clubs.

9. Motor Sports

Motor Sports In Australia

In Australia, motorsports are popular spectator sports, and they have huge popularity throughout the continent, but there are relatively few competitors compared to other sports because of the high costs associated with competing.

In addition, there are newbies who are affiliated with their college but who are huge fans of car sports. It is true that there are racers who have lost everything to pursue racing, and in the end, they become very successful and popular. And some of the highest-paid race car drivers are from Australia.

There have been motorsport competitions in Australia dating back to 1921 and 1928, respectively, including the Alpine Rally and the Australian Grand Prix. According to the rankings, motorsports are the 6th most popular sport in the country and among young people.

According to a recent study, 40% of young people are developing an interest in motor racing. In order to join this world, you must be an affiliated car club of Motorsport Australia. The most successful Australian of all time is Jamie Whincup, who has won the most racing competitions in Australia.

8. American Football

American Football In Australia

Gridiron, also known as American Football, has become more popular in Australia since the end of World War II. That’s why we ranked it 8th out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia.

Although it is the most popular sport in the USA, the NFL is also extremely popular in the country because it attracts more TV contracts, larger crowds, and more money sponsors.

There are a lot of players who have gained immense popularity across the globe, including Arryn Siposs, Valentine Holmes, and Mitch Wishnowsky. Further, there are more than 73 clubs in Australia that are dedicated to making their athletes better and more qualified for difficult competitions.

In a recent survey conducted by a news channel, it was found that the average wage for all NFL players is $860,000, and the minimum payment is $435,000. However, Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s richest player, with a net worth of 45 million dollars.

7. Horse Racing

Horse Racing Most Popular Sports In Australia

Horse racing ranked seventh out of the top ten most popular sports in Australia. Apart from horse racing, there are two other sports that are equally popular, like the Australian Rugby League and Football. Furthermore, we discovered that, in 2009/10, A$14.3 billion was wagered with bookmakers and the Totalisator Agency Board, which is one of the many reasons horse racing is becoming so popular in the country.

Besides horse riding being popular in Australia, there are more than 850 clubs that use different statistical data to train athletes. Moreover, there are more than 400,000 horse owners who train their own horses for racing. In 2011, there were 148,800 teenagers who were training to become equestrians.

Since then, the new generation has become more engaged with the sport. Because it looks appealing and it is also very rich. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why horse racing is becoming more and more popular in Australia.

There are many horse riders in Australia who gained huge popularity in a really short time, including Bill Roycroft, Andrew Hoy, and John Fahey are involved. And they are not just the greatest but also represent some of the best horse polo teams of all time.

6. Basketball

Basketball In Australia

Basketball has fairly popular across the country at the time. As basketball is rated as one of the most loved and participated sports in Australia. That is a big reason to rank Basketball in the 6th spot out of the top 10 most popular sports in Australia.

Basketball is a sport that Australians can enjoy of any age, which is why it is so popular. It is a sport known for being inclusive and welcoming; basketball in Australia has seen a significant increase in players. And some of the tallest basketball players are from this country.

As with the Olympics, this is another sport in which Australia has been very successful – following the 2004 Athens Olympics, Australia held a combined world ranking of third. There are more than 750 basketball clubs in Australia, of which 400 clubs are just for men, and the remaining belong to women.

The Australian Basketball team has had tremendous success in building an amazing team, which includes Andrew Bogut, Luc Longley, and Joe Ingles. Furthermore, Australian women are playing outstanding basketball, and it can be seen in the rise of Australian women in basketball sports.

5. Netball

Netball In Australia

In the 5th spot, we have ranked Netball out of the top 10 most popular Australian sports. Netball has gained massive recognition in the region in the past few seasons. Women’s and men’s netball is the most popular sport in Australia.

In fact, there are more than one million professional players. Netball became official in Australia in 1940, and since then, the sport has become immensely popular. Around 80% of this game is played at clubs, while the remaining 20% is played in remote areas, where young and old people alike love to play at their own spots.

Since 1927, netball has gained huge popularity in Australia, but the game was first played here in 1897. It took a long time for it to become phenomenal in the way it is today.

More than 340,000 people are registered with Netball Australia, and there are more than 5,000 clubs nationwide, 730 associations, and eight member organizations. A number of Netball players, including Courtney Bruce and Bianca Chatfield, have achieved massive success and received worldwide recognition.

4. Soccer

Soccer In Australia

According to our research, Soccer is the 4th most popular sport in Australia. Our analysis showed that soccer is the number one sport in Australia, with a large number of viewers. It was noticed that more than 3 million people watched the FIFA World Cup, and 3.8 million people watched the World Cup. This shows how much soccer is loved in Australia.

The Australians are not only great at watching the game, but they are also great at playing it. In addition to winning the OFC Nations Cup four times between 1980 and 2004, Australia also won the AFC Asian Cup in 2015.

This shows that Australia dominates the soccer world. Moreover, Australia has some of the greatest soccer players of all time, including Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill, and Mark Schwarzer.

There are 14,021 clubs in Australia, and Bayern München and Liverpool FC have the most fan following. There is a great deal of passion in these clubs to promote talent and give them the opportunities that will make them the best athletes of all time.

3. Tennis

Tennis In England

Tennis takes 3rd place out of the top 10 most popular sports in Australia. The grand slams have contributed to Australia’s dominance in tennis. A tennis game appeared in Australia for the first time in 1904, and it was administered by the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia.

Since then, the country has gained worldwide recognition because of the best tennis clubs and players, including Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, and Lleyton Hewitt. And now there are several best tennis academies in Australia right now.

In addition, there are more than 165 venues and 1000 tennis courts, which is a lot more than in any other country. As well as this, Australia has produced a number of distinguished tennis players who inspire the next generation to do great things for the country and for themselves.

According to a recent study, every year, there is an increase of 5% in the number of people who want to be professional athletes.

2. Cricket

Cricket In Australia

People, here it is, the most awaited sport, which is in the second spot of the ten most popular sports in Australia. As one of the most popular sports in the country, cricket has a huge number of players, including young and teenagers, who are professionally trained and are most talented.

In Australia, cricket is the national summer sport and is widely played, increasing its numbers. Especially its growth seems in the young generation. The Australians are the most successful team in ODI cricket history, having won more than 60% of their matches, appearing in seven World Cup finals, and winning the World Cup five times.

Australia’s first cricket tour party was made up of 13 Aboriginal cricketers from the Western District of Victoria, who set sail for England in 1868. Colonists introduced cricket to Aboriginal people when they lived and worked in regional cattle stations.

Another reason for the popularity of cricket is the fact that it is the national sport of Australia. There are a number of the greatest cricketers who are renowned worldwide, including Sir Donald Bradman and Marnus Labuschagne.

1. Rugby Union

Rugby Union Most Popular Sports In Australia

Number one on the list of the ten most popular sports in Australia is Rugby Union. Rugby union is often confused with Rugby league, but there are significant differences between the two sports. However, some of the most handsome rugby players participate in this sport.

There are 15 players playing this game, which has been described as really appealing to new generations. Rugby Union has been noted to have an increased number of players compared to past years for this reason.

Australia is made up of nine teams, including two from Queensland, one from the Australian Capital Territory, two from New South Wales, and more. Founded by Sydney University in 1863, Australia is the oldest country where Rugby is played. For this reason, Rugby is extremely popular and recognized globally.

Furthermore, we have run a deep analysis and learned that there are 848 Rugby union clubs. Besides, there are more than 82 thousand participants, of which 38 thousand are adults. However, Australia has produced so many great athletes in the sport, including George Gregan, Martin Johnson, and Jonah Lomu.


All right, that’s it for now! We have shown the most popular sports in Australia that is growing a bit more each year. These sports have the most talented players that are most popular all over the world.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding our rankings or research in the comment section below, which would be greatly appreciated.

Q. What is Australia’s most played sport?

In 2015-16, a record 1,311,184 Australians played cricket, an increase of 8.5 percent from the 2014-15 season. This feat is responsible for placing cricket as Australia’s number one sport for participation by Australians. However, if you talk about popularity, Rugby is the most popular sport in Australia.

Q. What is the popularity of hockey in Australia?

Compared to many other sports played in Australia, ice hockey is only moderately popular. It has extremely low participation and spectator attendance figures. The AIHL is the premier ice hockey league in Australia and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. However, ground hockey is more popular than Ice Hockey in Australia.

Q. What is Australia’s fastest-growing sport?

About half a million Australians play online games as of 2014. In 2008, 269,377 children played competitive rugby league in schools, a 390% increase from 2002. Furthermore, soccer is Australia’s fastest-growing sport.

Q. What makes Australia so good at sports?

Their sportsmen get excellent facilities. Getting into sports at an early age and sportsmen receive excellent facilities. Being knowledgeable about sports, particularly rugby, cricket, and tennis, is also an advantage that Australian citizens now also have.

Last Updated On: May 2024

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