Most Popular Jersey Numbers

Most Popular Jersey Numbers | 2022 Update

History has some such athletes who are famous due to their performance and exceptional worldwide career. Such athletes have earned huge fame and admiration. Everything that belongs to such athletes is also popular among the fans.

There are the top 10 most popular Jersey numbers. There are talented athletes around the globe. Fans remember their talent, performance, and great achievements. The unique identity of the athlete is shown through the figures as jersey numbers. 

In this article, I will discuss the names of important athletes known by their jersey numbers.

Most Popular Jersey Numbers of all time

Great players in sports are not always remembered for what they have accomplished. They are also totally identified by the jersey numbers. The list shows the most popular jersey numbers of all time.

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10. Dale Earnhardt | 3

Dale Earnhardt is the team owner and greatest stock car driver known all around the globe. He made remarkable achievements during his career. His entire career shows the achievements and big steps of his journey. His career shows the number 3 jersey in car racing history.

He won different cup events and several awards. He also got the Houston Cup series Rookie of the year in 2001. His name is known among fans with his jersey number. He died in a car crash that had a great impact on NASCAR.

9. Magic Johnson | 32

The other name on the list of famous athletes is Magic Johnson. He played as a professional footballer and also presented himself as the president of the basketball operation for Los Angeles. He is remarkably known for his achievements and jersey number 32.

He played 13 seasons for Johnson and had an extraordinary career and admirable history. He is among the best NBA players. He won four championships in 1980 and the NBA finals MVP award during his season.

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8. Richard Petty | No 43

Petty is named the famous athlete and best known for his sports career. He won the cup series championship seven times and became the first driver to do so. His exceptional skills and achievements made him popular with jersey number 43.

He had a total of 200-time winners and was NASCAR’s most popular driver winner. He had exceptional driving skills and marked his name for his excellent performance. He had exceptional driving achievements, and his jersey number is still known among the fans.

7. Cal Ripken | No.8

Ripken is known for the best Major league Baseball. He was a highly productive player earning around 3,184 hits and 431 homers. He was also awarded the Gold Glove Award and marked his career with the Jersey number 8. 

His name is more famous than his jersey number, showing his marvelous career achievements. He has been nineteen times all-star winners in his career. He made his career by breaking the record in consecutive games.

6. Brett Favre | No 4

Brett Favre is a former American Football player. He has a popular jersey number in football. His career started as league champion and included almost 297 games in the regular season. His name is included as the first NFL quarterback to gain 70,000 yards and 10,000 passes with 6000 completions.

 Brett is widely regarded as the best NFL quarterback. His jersey number 4 is famous among the fans and is considered the most valuable player. He had three NFL and eleven-time Pro Bowl winner awards.

5. Peyton Williams | No 18

Peyton William is a former American football player. He participated in the National Football League for 18 seasons. Among these 18 seasons, Peyton spent 14 seasons with Indianapolis and four years with the Denver Broncos. He is famous for his career achievements. 

Peyton is well known for his jersey number and has his name in history due to his marvelous achievement. Fans still remember the sports star and recollect the various recognitions that he achieved.

4. Wayne Gretzky | No .99

The most popular jersey number in ice hockey is Wayne Gretzky. The name is included in history as the most popular name for ice hockey athletes. Wayne’s name is said to be the inspiration for future players. The history shows the respect for this athlete by the fans. 

His achievements and heartbreaking records are better known by his jersey number 99. He set the record by winning nine trophies and became the season top point scorer. Gretzky won the awards from 1985 to 1988.

3. Babe Ruth | No. 3

A popular athlete in a Baseball game is Babe Ruth. He was an athlete in the Major Leagues of Baseball for about 22 seasons between 1914 and 1935. His career includes 714 runs and 2062 bases on balls. Babe made a huge record during his career. His career began in World War 1. 

The athlete is more famous with his jersey number 3. The most popular jersey number in baseball is Babe Ruth. He won the World Series seven times and led the American League.

2. Jackie Robinson | No. 42

The first American to play Major league Baseball is Jackie Robinson. He is a professional American baseball player who became the first African-American star. The athlete passed the All-star winner award during his remarkable achievements. 

He had the most popular jersey number. Jackie ends the racial discrimination in baseball throughout his career. He included himself in the league and made sports history. His fans still remember the great person by his jersey number 42. 

1: Michael Jordan | No 23

Michael Jordan belongs to the race that opened a new way of racial discrimination. He started his career and earned a lot of respect due to his achievements. Michael had enormous achievements during his career, and this marked his name in history. He had six-time NBA finals MVP. 

The jersey number of Michael Jordan is 23, which is still known among his fans. Jordan is an inspiration to the fans and is among the current basketball stars. He was a ten-time NBA scoring champion.


The article ends with the final words regarding the most popular jersey numbers. The athletes have marked great achievements in history due to their career work. The skilled and renowned sportspeople in various games have earned names in history and have set a benchmark for their achievements. 

The fans remember the athletes and their associated things like jersey and shirt numbers. This focused many authorities on preserving the jersey of great athletes for a new generation.

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