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Top 10 Tallest Female Basketball Players In The History Of WNBA

With an outstanding height of 7 feet 2 inches or 2.18 meters, legendary basketball star Malgorzata Dydek is surely the tallest female WNBA player of all time. Retired Chinese basketball player Zheng Haixia, 6 feet 8.5 inches in height, and Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage, 6 feet 8 inches in height, also deserve their place among the tallest female basketball players in WNBA.

WNBA, the best female basketball league in the world, already houses some of the great talents. Besides, it also showcased some of the tallest. All of them are way taller than even the best models in the world.

And without wasting any time, here are the 10 tallest female basketball players in the History of the WNBA as of 2024.

Tallest Female Basketball Players In WNBA – 2024 Updates

As we all know, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA and one of the most played sports in the world. It has almost an equal amount of participation from both male and female groups. And like their male counterparts, female basketball players are also often regarded as the tallest players. So, here they are!

1. Malgorzata Dydek – 7 Feet 2 Inches

Malgorzata Dydek Tallest Female Basketball Players

Polish basketball player Malgorzata Dydek is the tallest woman in the history of basketball. She was measured at 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m) tall. Born on 28 April 1974, she played for Connecticut Sun at the center position in WNBA.

She also served as a coach for the Northside Wizards in the Queensland Basketball League. She died on 27 May 2011 due to a heart attack.

2. Zheng Haixia – 6 Feet 8.5 Inches

Zheng Haixia

The next name on the tallest female basketball players list is the retired professional basketball player and a member of China’s women’s national basketball team, Zheng Haixia.

Standing at 6’8.5,” Zheng Haixia also played for the Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA.

3. Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage – 6 Feet 8 Inches


The Australian basketball player Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage is perhaps one of the tallest female basketball players in the WNBA that are currently in action.

6 ft 8 in tall, Elizabeth has played for the Tulsa Shock of the Women’s National Basketball Association since 2011.

4. Lindsay Corine Taylor – 6 Feet 8 Inches

Lindsay Corine Taylor

Another tallest female basketball player, Lindsay Corine Taylor, also stands at 6 ft 8 in. She is an American professional basketball player who has played in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Turkish Women’s Basketball League, Ligue Féminine de Basketball (LFB), the WKBL, Polish Women’s League, and the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA).

Currently, she plays in Angola’s women’s basketball league for Primeiro de Agosto. At the height of 6 ft and 8 in (2.03 m), she is one of the Tallest Female Athletes in the world.

5. Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova – 6 Feet 8 Inches

Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova Tallest WNBA player

Basketball star Maria Stepanova is a Russian professional and Olympic basketball player. In the United States, she played for the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA. At 6 feet 8 inches tall, she is one of the tallest women in the WNBA.

She wears a size 15 (US) / 48 (EU) shoe. Though in the Russian national team, she has been overtaken by Ekaterina Lisina for being the tallest female basketball player.

6. Brittney Griner – 6 Feet 8 Inches

Brittney Griner

WNBA star Brittney Griner is an American professional basketball player currently playing as a center with the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA. She was the first NCAA basketball player ever to score 2,000 points and block 500 shots.

Standing 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m) tall, Griner wears a men’s US size 17 shoe with an arm span of 86 in (2.2 m).

7. Katharen Ruth “Katie” Mattera – 6 Feet 7.5 Inches

Katharen Ruth

The former American professional basketball player Katharen Mattera is another entry on the list of the tallest female basketball players. At 6 feet 7.5 (2.02m) inches, she is one of the tallest players in WNBA history.

Mattera was initially selected by the Connecticut Sun on 16 April 2005, during the 2005 WNBA Draft, but was quickly traded to the San Antonio Silver Stars in exchange for the Silver Stars’ player Margo Dydek the tallest girls basketball player.

8. Kara Wolters Drinan – 6 Feet 7 Inches

Kara Wolters Drinan Tallest Basketball player

Known as the “Big Girl,” Kara is a retired American collegiate and professional basketball player.

Standing at six feet seven inches (2.01 m), she is the tallest player in the University of Connecticut women’s basketball history and one of the tallest women to ever play in the WNBA.

9. Carolyn Moos – 6 Feet 6 Inches

Carolyn Moos

Another member of the tallest female basketball players list is Carolyn Moos, who is an American professional basketball player.

In WNBA, she played for three teams the Phonix Mercury, Miami Sol, and Minnesota Lynx. Her height is measured at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m).

10. Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles – 6 Feet 6 Inches

Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles

Female basketball player Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles is another tallest American female basketball player for the Minnesota Lynx in the WNBA.

Fowles, who joined the Lynx in July 2015, was MVP of the 2015 WNBA Finals. She is 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall and weighs 200 lbs.

Honorable Mention

11. Kara Liana Braxton | 6’6”

Kara Liana Braxton

Basketball star Kara Braxton is another tallest woman in WNBA, standing at 6 feet 6 inches. She was formerly playing for the New York Liberty in the WNBA.

Final Words

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Tallest Female Basketball Players | WNBA Infographics

tallest female basketball players - infographics
Infographics: Tallest Female Basketball Players

Tallest Female Basketball Players | All-Time Table

RankPlayer NameHeight
1Malgorzata Dydek7’ 2”
2Zheng Haixia6’ 8.5”
3Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage6’ 8”
4Lindsay Corine Taylor6’ 8”
5Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova6’ 8”
6Brittney Griner6’ 8”
7Katharen Ruth “Katie” Mattera6’ 7.5”
8Kara Wolters Drinan6’ 7”
9Carolyn Moos6’ 6”
10Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles6’ 6”
11Kara Liana Braxton6’ 6”

FAQs Regarding Tallest Female Basketball Players

Q. Who was the tallest in the WNBA?

A Polish professional basketball player, Malgorzata Dydek (known as Margo Dydek in the United States), was the tallest female basketball player in the world at 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m). She has a huge fan following and is famous globally due to her tall factor.

Q. What is the average height of a woman in the WNBA?

There is not much difference in the statistics for women. On average, American women are about 5 feet 4 inches tall. However, the average WNBA player stands almost 6 feet tall. This is normal in sports, and traditionally tall women have been the best players.

Q. Who is the tallest female basketball player in the WNBA?

Margo Dydek is the tallest player in the WNBA. Her native country is Poland. As of July 24, 2020, she stands 2.18 m (7 ft 2 in). WNBA draft pick Margo Dydek was selected by the Utah Starzz as the first overall pick in the 1998 draft.

Q. Which WNBA player has the most giant feet?

Brittney Griner has the biggest feet in the WNBA. She plays for the Phoenix Mercury. The 6’9″ WNBA All-Star wears the Nike Kyrie 5 shoes on her size 17 feet. Griner is widely known as the big feet boss worldwide.

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