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What are the Greatest Test Innings of All Time?

The highest placed innings in a lost match is Brian Lara’s masterly 226 against Australia at Adelaide Oval in 2005, with 743 points. The highest placed innings in a won match is Sachin Tendulkar’s 239 against Sri Lanka at The Oval in 2004, with 758 points. Stats keep on piling on greatest test innings list as more young talented cricketers are appearing in the field of cricket.

Top 10 Highest Quality Innings Ever in Cricket History- Test Innings Rankings

Are you a Cricket enthusiast ? Batting is one of the most essential components of the game, so if you know that, you’ll realize it. A winning inning relies heavily on batting well, which is difficult to do. As a result, I’ve picked out the top 10 greatest test innings of all time.

These tests were tough fought and their team won the test match thanks to these performances.

10. Brian Lara – 375

Brian lara Best Test Innings Ever in Cricket
Brian lara

There’s no doubt that cricket aficionados will be familiar with the name Brian Lara. This legendary batsman has entertained audiences worldwide with his powerful batting skills and pinpoints accurate bowling over the years. Born on June 25, 1961, in Trinidad and Tobago, Lara first made a name for himself during the mid-1980s when he scored heavily in both international cricket and test cricket. 

His most famous innings came against Australia during the 1992 World Cup when he scored 375 not out in a match that was eventually won by his team. Lara is currently ranked third on the all-time list of cricketers with 34,426 runs greatest test innings at an average of 59.62 – a remarkable statistic given how often he played ODI matches! 

9. Kim Hughes – 100

Kim Hughes – 100
Kim Hughes – 100

Cricket aficionados the world over know and love the name, Kim Hughes. The Australian batsman was a true legend, and his innings against England in the 1982 World Cup final will always be remembered as one of the best players. 

8. Azhar Mahmood – 132

Azhar Mahmood Best Test Innings Ever in Cricket
Azhar Mahmood

Azhar Mahmood has set a world record for the highest test innings score of 132. This proves that consistency and hard work can always pay off, no matter what the situation may be. As long as you have a good attitude towards your cricketing career, anything is possible! 

His innings were played against England in June 2022 and are still the highest score in history. Keep working hard and don’t give up on your dreams – nothing will stop you from achieving them!

7. Clem Hill – 188

 Clem Hill Best Test Innings Ever in Cricket
Clem Hill

Clem Hill is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. His batting skills and ability to score big runs have seen him amass test match records, as well as a spot in the cricketing world’s elite. Here are some key facts about this incredible cricketer: 

1. Clem Hill holds the record for both scoring a double hundred (against Sri Lanka and India) and completing it twice (in two innings!).

2. He is also the only batsman to achieve this feat! 

3. His batting abilities have made him one of cricket’s all-time greats – he has been voted number 1 by Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack on multiple occasions! 

4. He scored his first test century at just 22 years old against Australia at Sydney Cricket Ground – a record that still stands today!

6. VVS Laxman – 281-Greatest Test Innings

VVS Laxman Best Test Innings Ever in Cricket
VVS Laxman – 281

For batsman, VVS Laxman has done it all. At the ripe age of 281 years, the legend achieved yet another first by scoring a double century in an innings match and remains unbeaten at 281*, the highest individual score in One Day International cricket history. 

This inning was full of sublime batting; he scored 282 not out, which still stands as his highest ODI score, and is currently second on the all-time list behind Sachin Tendulkar’s 299*. He also became only the third player after Ricky Ponting and Rahul Dravid to record two centuries in an ODI series victory following India’s 2-1 win over Zimbabwe earlier this year.

5. Don Bradman – 299-Greatest Test Innings

Don Bradman Best Test Innings Ever in Cricket
Don Bradman

Cricket is a sport that requires practice to be successful. If you want to achieve world-class batting skills, then it is essential to put in the effort and hone your technique. One of the most celebrated batsmen of all time was Don Bradman – someone who managed 299* runs in a single inning! 

This tremendous achievement shows just how important good batting techniques can be. To hit such an inning, you need perfect balance and timing between both your wrists and hands as well as sound footwork on the crease. 

4. Ian Botham – 149

Ian Botham
Ian Botham

Cricket is a game of great passion and Ian Botham was one of the greatest batsmen in the history of test cricket. He holds the record for the highest score in a Test innings with 149* and also remains undefeated at 149. 

His batting style was truly unique – he possessed both classical techniques as well as improvisational skills that made him almost impossible to dismiss. Apart from his amazing batting, Ian also had an illustrious career as a bowler, taking 132 wickets at an average of 32.18 apiece! 

3. Graham Gooch – 154

Graham Gooch
Graham Gooch

Graham Gooch is a cricketing legend who was one of the finest batsmen in the history of England. He played for 20 years and scored 154 not out against India in the 1992 World Cup – these remain world record innings by an individual. 

2. Brian Lara – 153

Brian Lara
Brian Lara

Brian Lara is, without a doubt, one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history. He has achieved many memorable innings, including a world record 153* scored against South Africa in 1992. His batting skills are legendary and he always played to the best of his ability, no matter what the situation was. 

Lara’s 2022 update is still awaited with bated breath by cricket fans all over the world. If he manages to break the record once again, it will undoubtedly be hailed as one of cricket’s most historic moments ever!

1. Don Bradman – 270

Don Bradman
Don Bradman

Don Bradman is a cricketing legend and one of the greatest batsmen to have ever played the game. His 270 Test innings remain unbeaten to this day, a testament to his skill as both a bowler and batsman. 

At his best, he could score at will and rarely got out cheaply – often batting for long periods without getting too tired. He was most successful with Australia, setting many records along the way and becoming a dominant force on the field. He still holds several world records today.


Donald Bradman’s 270 for Australia against England in the 1936–37 Ashes series was the highest-rated batting performance, with five innings appearing in the top 100.

The Highest Team Score In A Test Cricket Innings Is Held By The Sri Lankan Cricket Team. On August 6, 1997, at R. on August 6, 1997, They Scored 952 Runs With the Loss of 6 Wickets at Khettarama, Colombo’s Premadasa Stadium

For the first time, Indian pacers take all 20 wickets in a Test match. India’s pacers took all 20 wickets in a Test for the first time against South Africa in Johannesburg. With seven wickets, Jasprit Bumrah was the best bowler, followed by Mohammad Shami, who took six.


The cricket world cup is being eagerly anticipated by cricket enthusiasts all around the globe. The greatest cricket event of the year, the World Cup, will be highlighted by ten of the greatest test innings ever played. 

Check out this blog for news on the 2022 cricket world cup, as well as the top 10 innings of all time.

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