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The Top 5 Most Handsome NFL Players To Ever Exist

Football has gained a prominent significance over the past few years. The competition it has given to the other sports is just unmatchable. I don’t think any of these sports can ever beat football. But not to forget it’s the immense hard work and dedication of the most handsome NFL players to transform it into what it is today.  

Their extreme determination reflects in their exceptional performances and incredible achievements. Safe to say that these players have always kept their respected nation’s head high with pride which is nonetheless a truly heroic act. 

Top 5 Most Handsome NFL Players – Rankings

So, let’s end the suspense here and have a look at the 5 of these players who I think are the best of their kind.  

1. Jimmy Garoppolo 

Jimmy Garoppolo - handsome looking nfl players

Jimmy Garoppolo is an American football quarterback and one of the best-looking NFL players of all time. He started his career with college football at Eastern Illinois. He played 8 games there and passed for 1639 yards and 14 touchdowns. This made him earn the Walter Payton award as a senior.  

Jimmy then started every game on his team at Eastern Illinois passing for around 2644 yards and 20 touchdowns in the year 2011. He passed 5050 yards and 53 touchdowns in the year 2013 which marked an end to his Eastern Illinois journey. He surely deserves to be first on the list.  

2. Tom Brady 

Tom Brady is also an American football quarterback and is said to be one of the cute NFL players. I am sure it’s his cuteness and innocence that makes girls fall for him. He is also one of the only two players to have won the five Super Bowls.  

Tom was also recognized as a great baseball player during his school times. He is a left-handed catcher with prolific power that makes him even more adorable. This skill of his impressed the MLB scouts and soon he got drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the MLB Draft in 1995.  

3. Miles Austin 

Next on the list, I have Miles Austin who is an American football wide receiver who stands third on the list. He is currently serving as the coach for the New York Jets of the national football league.  

Austin played for 10 seasons for the Dallas Cowboys. He also played for the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles. He has also named two pro bowls while playing for the Cowboys. He retired from playing for the Browns and then the Eagles for one season each. 

4. Clay Matthews  

Clay Matthews is a former American football outside linebacker. But still, when it comes to the most handsome NFL players he couldn’t be left behind. He played in a total of 278 games over 19 NFL seasons throughout his career.  

Matthews was also titled AFC Defensive Player of the week twice in his career while playing for the Cleveland Browns. Clay and his son who is recognized as Clay Matthews III are the only father-son duo to have won the defensive player of the week award.  

5. Reggie Bush 

Lastly, I have Reggie Bush, a former American football running back who has proved to be a champion many times. He won the 2005 Doak Walker and Walter Camp awards. This achievement of his grabbed thousands of people’s attention.  

Reggie had some allegations against him for having improper benefits that led him to serious things. He got banned from the 2004 Championship season due to which he voluntarily forfeited his Heisman Trophy.  


1. Who is the most handsome player in the NFL? 

There is a long list of the most handsome players in the NFL. But mainly the list includes Jimmy Garoppolo, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Colin Kaepernick. Jimmy Garoppolo remains to be the first on the list and no one could ever compete with him in the matter of looks.  

2. Who is the most handsome quarterback? 

Joe Burrow is an American football quarterback and also the most handsome quarterback to ever exist. He is also incredible when it comes to playing. He won the Heisman Trophy and the college football playoff national championship as a senior.  

3. Who is said to be the highest-paid NFL player in the world? 

Aaron Rodgers stands first in the list of highest-paid NFL players in the world with an average earning of $50.2 million. He signed this contract in the year 2022 which is likely to end by the end of 2026.  


Football is incomplete without these most handsome NFL players. These players are considered a blessing for football. I think the competition these players have given to the upcoming youngsters is quite tough and unbeatable. Do let me know what you think about these players.  

Don’t forget to leave your remarks below if you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you! 

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