Top 5 Most Popular Sports in America That Will Amaze You 

most popular sports in america

Being a sports enthusiast myself I can understand how frustrating it gets when you are unable to find a sport in your vicinity that fits you. But if you are living in America then consider it a blessing because many people move to the US just for the sake of good sports. Do you even know what the most popular sports in America are? 

I don’t find you a sports enthusiast living in the US unless you don’t know what gems your country owns. Sports like tennis, football, basketball, and whatnot are not as popular in the rest of the world as they are in America. The list of sports shows the amazing taste America has in sports.  

In this article, I will take you through 5 of these sports which have always been promising as ever.  

1. American Football

American Football - most popular in America

American football or soccer, call it whatever you like is one of the most popular sports to exist in America. Not only this, but the very famous National Football League is the most popular sports league in America.  

The greatness of football in America can be seen by the millions of people who show up at the stadium to support it. According to research, there were about 67,604 fans in the 2012 league at each game. It’s famous both in the matter of fame and money and it has also given rise to some of the most handsome NFL players.  

2. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most played sports in America during the winter. It is most common in the areas of North America and then Europe. The amount of love this sport has been given is just undefeated. Some of the best ice hockey players also belong to the US.  

The National Hockey League is the highest level for men’s hockey in North America and not to forget the most popular. The US won its first-ever gold medal in ice hockey in the winter Olympics.  

3. Badminton 

Badminton, my all-time favorite sport, stands third on the list and is said to be one of the most amazing sports America has. But it is more sort of a fun game rather than being competitive which is a little sad.  

Badminton doesn’t have a greater value as compared to the other sports but you will agree that it’s one of the sports everybody loves to play. It’s mostly played at school, college, and university levels.  

4. Golf 

You might find golf a little boring and dry sport but yet it has made 4th on the list. This game is much more popular among the elderly people as compared to the young generation because this is how they like being focused on striking the ball.  

Tiger Woods is said to be one of the greatest golfers of all time Golf has ever produced who made the country proud in different games.  

5. Basketball 

Lastly, I have basketball, which is one of the most popular sports in the US after football. The amount of love this game has received over the past few years is just tremendous. Research shows that about 14,000 people attend the match which shows people’s craze after it.  

Basketball games are arranged by the National Basketball Association. It has also given rise to the most popular players of all time like Michael Jordan and Le Bron James. These players have an incredible fan following.  


What is the no.1 sport in America? 

The no.1 sport in America is football. With almost 37% attendance, it shows that it is the most favorite sport to watch. The NFL has also been recorded with the highest average attendance of 67,591 people which is more than any sports league in the world.  

What is the second most famous game in the USA? 

The second most famous game in the USA after football is baseball. The number of people who make it to the stadium shows their great love and loyalty to this sport making it one of the most famous sports. It has also given rise to some of the great players in the history of sports. 

What is the least-watched sport in the USA? 

The least-watched sport in the USA is hockey. Be it ice hockey or field hockey; the majority of people find it boring and dragged especially the young generation. Games like hockey and golf which require great focus skills are meant to be for adults.  


The most popular sports in America show that America isn’t behind in anything. Be it sports, fashion, or media America knows how to be an all-time achiever. Also, not to forget the players, it’s their efforts and hard work which make a sport popular so shout out to them as well.  

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