Greatest Female Tennis Players

Top 7 Greatest Female Tennis Players in the History of Tennis

Women are the epitome of tenacity, commitment, and power. They have so disregarded all social expectations and restrictions to drastically improve at sports. Tennis has a significant history of success in women ‘s activities and produced some of the greatest female tennis players.

 Tennis is not only among the most expensive sports around the world, but it is still one of the greatest and very well-liked sports. The greatest male and female tennis stars, however, have already competed in this sport. The greatest female tennis players in history are listed below.

Greatest Female Tennis Players in History – 2024 Rankings

These female tennis players are the foundation of the tennis industry and have motivated many people through their accomplishments. Here is the list of the top 7 greatest female tennis players of all time.

1. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf

Steffi is without a doubt is greatest female tennis player of all time and has won too many grand slams compared to Serena Williams in the Open Era period, according to her impressive Resume. Graf seems to be the only person, to have achieved the Calendar Golden Slam in addition to having numerous amazing milestones to her name. 

During her peak, she was also recognized for routinely being one of the most appealing female sports figures. Graf continues to serve as an inspiration to millions of people worldwide even years after she officially retired.

Graf had the greatest percentage of victories at Grand Slams (278-32 total) ever, at 89.67%. In addition, she is now the only female to have captured Wimbledon nine times that too consecutively (74-7 record).

2. Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova

One of the greatest tennis performances in history was that of former American tennis player Martina Navratilova. She started a physical revolution in tennis sport with off-court workouts and a diet plan.

She is currently recognized as one of the fittest female athletes and the best model figure for prospective players. Martina earned numerous victories in the WTA competitions last year. She has been the winner of 59 Grand Slam victories (be it doubles, singles, or mixed doubles altogether). 

Martina has 167 singles championships in the Open Era.  Not just that Martina has won 19 straight Grand Slam semi-final matches. Of all the players, only she has succeeded in at least eight separate events seven or even more times.

3. Serena Williams 

Serena Williams 

Serena Williams’ outstanding career accomplishments have made her the greatest tennis player of all time. She has achieved whatever there is to gain in the sports industry particularly in tennis, even after having children. She has won the contest to the extent that she is overpowering the other competitors.

Williams has commanded her sport for over 2 decades; it is uncertain that any sportsperson has ever been that dominant. At her finest, she never gives anyone else even a quarter-inch of an advantage. She still has the title of the most significant athlete at this time because of this.

Serena Williams is the top female player with 23 women’s singles Grand Slam victories. She possesses five Australian Open victories to her credit. and with that thrice has been the winner of the French Open. 

4. Chris Evert 

Chris Evert 

Chris Evert swiftly rose to the top of the list of female tennis players throughout her career. She dominated women’s tennis so thoroughly later in the 1970s that she was essentially invincible at one point. She participated in a number of the greatest French Open tournaments in her illustrious career. 

She and Martina Navratilova also developed a rivalry, which has been the subject of years of analysis and discussion both during and after their playing careers.

Her two-handed backhand stroke was a revolutionary technique when only one play was the standard. She was capable of protecting off the wing to a degree that only a few individuals of her era could practice since she had her expertise with it.

She became one of the top female tennis players in history attributable to her amazing achievements in the late 1990s at a relatively early age. While she was just a teenager, the best female tennis player on the planet was a child prodigy who dominated the women’s league and set numerous records.

5. Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis

She is one of the world’s most talented young athletes. She reappeared in tennis years later retiring and winning multiple doubles Grand Slams, which contributed to her popularity in her 30s. Despite her creative approach to scoring,

 Hingis stayed within the same baseline the whole match. Both discerning spectators and frightened adversaries were mesmerized by her game of subtle touches and captivating masquerade. As a singles champion, Hingis competed in the 1999 Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia.

6. Monica Seles

Monica Seles

One of the finest female tennis players in history Monica Seles is a former American player. She was formerly the top female tennis player in the country and holds nine Grand Slam trophies to her name. She has also written, spoken, and participated in Dancing with the Stars back in the year 2008.

In addition, she currently oversees one of the top tennis schools on the globe. Selena completely dominated women’s touring in the early 1990s, and very few other females have replicated her success. 

The fact that she was capable of achieving nine Grand Slams after being stabbed in an outstanding testimonial to her extraordinary mental fortitude and skills. She is also the only athlete to have won three straight Australian Opens.

7. Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki has built a very successful career as well as a stellar image.  In addition to her many other accomplishments, Wozniacki has also won a Grand Slam championship. 

A young athlete who maintains a high fitness level may win several prizes in the future. Stephens’ main assets, which enabled her to become one of the best female tennis players, are her foot strength and steadiness.

 She is also one of the all-time most attractive female tennis players. She will almost always be able to balance out the strength of her opponent and perform percentage tennis better than anyone else.

People Also Ask

Who is the goat of women’s tennis?

Serena Wiliams is known as the goat for tennis because the extraordinary skills and abilities which she shows during a match got her this title.

Which woman has held the most Grand Slams?

With 24 victories under her belt, Margaret Court currently owns the record for winning the most Grand Slam titles in women’s tennis ever.

Venus or Serena, who was better?

Throughout their career, Venus has earned 49 singles trophies, while Serena has earned 73. 


Hope you had fun reading this article. Let me know about your greatest female tennis players who have competed like a beast, and you wished their names were here, as we love hearing from you. 

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