Good Looking Female Volleyball Players

Top 6 Good-Looking Female Volleyball Players That Exist Today

Just like me, you might also wonder how and when volleyball became this popular over the past few years. So, it’s these good-looking female volleyball players who took volleyball to a whole new level not only with their looks but also with their immense talent and hard work.  

These females are perfect examples of beauty with a brain. Their incredible performances say a lot about them. These women have not left a single chance to prove that there is nothing that women can’t do. And I feel like this aura that these women carry is something that needs to be applauded instead of letting them down.  

Good Looking Female Volleyball Players – 2024 UPDATES

So, let’s have a look at 6 of these beautiful women who I feel are the best of their kind and there is nobody who could compete with them.  

1. Gabrielle Reece

First, on the list, I have Gabrielle Reece who is an American professional volleyball player. And it would be unfair to her if I don’t list her among the most good-looking female volleyball players because she is said to be the best out of all.  

Reece was born in California but reared in the Virgin Islands. She returned to the US when she happened to be in grade 11 and this is when she set school records in blocks. Many of these records set by her still stand today. The fashion magazine, Elle also named her as one of the five most beautiful women in the world.  

2. Rachel Wacholder 

Rachel Wacholder is a professional beach volleyball player and stands second on the list of good-looking female volleyball players. Besides volleyball, she has also earned a great name in modeling.  

Rachel started her volleyball career in high school and won the girl’s California State player of the year award. She has won a total of eight beach volleyball championships and has had a total of 23 championship matches in her name since 2005. She has also achieved the Best Defensive Player award along with the Most Improved Player award on the pro tour.  

3. Marta Menegatti  

Next, I have an Italian beach volleyball player, Marta Menegatti who stands third on the list. She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile and is also one of the most energetic female volleyball players in 2022.  

Marta plays as a left-side defender with her partner Viktoria Orsi Toth. Although she had minimal success playing the game, she was able to achieve the career-high world ranking of no.4 in the year 2012.  

4. Sheilla Castro 

Sheilla Castro is a former Brazilian volleyball player. Despite having great looks, her height being 6 feet 2 inches is what makes her even more good-looking. She is also one of the most fabulous female volleyball players in 2022. 

Sheilla played in the Summer Olympics in the years 2008 and 2012 and won gold medals both the time. She has happened to win the most valuable player award twice in national volleyball competitions.  

5. Jennifer Kessy 

Jennifer Kessey is a retired American professional beach volleyball player. She is now serving as a coach of April Ross and Alix Klineman who are lucky enough to have such a good-looking female as their teacher.  

Jennifer is surely an outstanding athlete of all time and also happened to be the MVP of her swim team in high school before moving to USC. She teamed up with April Ross and managed to bring the World Championship Trophy home. She also owns one silver medal under her belt which she won in the 2012 Olympics that were held in London.  

6. Tandara Caixeta 

Lastly, I have Tandara Caixeta on the list who is a Brazilian professional volleyball player. The grace she carries within herself is just unmatchable. She is also one of the most skillful female volleyball players in 2022.  

Tandara was chosen for her very first game in the year 2011. She now owns a silver medal under her belt that she won in the FIVB World Grand Prix. She also won a gold medal at Summer Olympics along with a World Grand Championship Cup in 2013.  


Who is the best-looking female beach volleyball player? 

There are a couple of females who are said to be the best. These include Sara Goller, Zara Dampney, Marta Menegatti, Ilka Semmler, and Jennifer Kessy. But Jennifer Kessy remains on the top of the list.  

Who is the best female volleyball player? 

Kim Yeon Koung, a South Korean professional volleyball player is said to be the best female volleyball player to exist. She has also served as the captain of the South Korean National Team. She retired last year in 2021.  

How much money do female volleyball players make? 

The salary for women’s professional volleyball players largely depends on the league, skill level, and player position. Many entry-level women’s professional volleyball players earn around $10-$25k per year. But pro female volleyball players can make up to $100 k or more per year. 


These good-looking female volleyball players are the true gems of volleyball. It’s surely these women who have brought volleyball so far. And I must say that these women have given tough competition to the upcoming females in volleyball both in terms of looks and achievements. I believe no one could surpass them but let’s see what the future holds. 

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