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Top 7 Best Volleyball Players Around the Globe 

Volleyball is said to be one of the most exciting and thrilling sports with millions of fans following all across the globe. Just like basketball, football, and other popular sports, volleyball has also given rise to some of the best talents who are said to be the best volleyball players.  

All these players have been through a lot of hard times and struggled throughout their entire careers but have emerged even more robust than before. All the players on this list are international-level volleyball champions and have made the game even more interesting with their splendid performances.  

Top 7 best Volleyball players in the World – Top Rankings

Let’s have a look at the top 7 volleyball players that I have mentioned below.  

7. Saeid Marouf

Saeid Marouf is an Iranian volleyball player who is said to be one of the best volleyball players. He is the first-ever Iranian player to have won the Russian League, Russian Cup, and the prestigious CEV Champions League.  

He has also played with Emma Villas Siena in the Italian League. Iran now heavily depends on him for upcoming seasons due to the setting skills and experience he is highly known for.  

6. Facundo Conte 

Facundo Conte is an Argentian professional volleyball player. He is currently a part of the Argentina Men’s national volleyball team and plays as an outside hitter in the Warta Zawierci club.  

Conte has been honored with a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games and a gold medal at the 2015 Toronto Pan American games. He has also been awarded a silver medal at the Brazil CSV South American Championship in 2011. 

5. Ivan Zaytsev 

Ivan Zaytsev is an Italian professional volleyball player but belongs to Russian origin. The player has set an incredible number of records in different games throughout his career. Currently, he is a part of the Italian national volleyball team. 

A few honors that he has been able to achieve include a silver medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and a bronze medal in London in 2012. Ivan also received another silver medal at the Japan World Cup team in 2015. He also owns a gold medal that he won at the Mediterranean games in 2009. 

4. Steve Timmons 

Next on the list, I have Steve Timmons who is an American professional volleyball player. He is also a former player in the nation of men’s volleyball in the US and is said to be one of the best volleyball players to exist.  

Some of the honors attached to his name are the bronze medal at the Olympic games held in Barcelona in 1992 and the gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. He also has a silver medal that he earned at the Moscow Goodwill Games in 1986. 

3. Mateusz Mika 

Mateusz Mika is a Polish volleyball player. He has outdone himself in volleyball and stands third on the list of best volleyball players. It was his hard work that made Poland win the World Championship Crown. He also played a very significant role in the 2014 World Championship. 

The coach Antigua heavily relied on Mika after Winiarski’s retirement and it is safe to say that Mika didn’t disappoint them. He never fails at delivering. He also plays for the Turkish team, Tursad at the professional club level. 

2. Bruno Rezende 

Bruno Rezende is a Brazilian volleyball player who is said to be the best volleyball setter in the world. Currently, he is a member of Brazil’s men’s national volleyball team and the Italian club Modena volley.  

Rezende has widely contributed to volleyball through his excellent and remarkable performances. The two medals that he has been honored with are the 2 silver medals that he earned at the Summer Olympic volleyball in 2008 and 2012. 

1. Ricardo Lucarelli 

Lastly, I have Ricardo Lucarelli, a Brazilian professional volleyball player who stands first on the list of best volleyball players. He is currently a member of the Trentino volleyball club where he plays as an outside hitter.  

Ricardo owns two World League silver medals under his belt. He has also earned silver medals at the Volleyball World Championship in 2014 along with a gold medal at the Grand Champions Cup in 2013. These different accolades attached to his name make him much more reputable around the globe.  


1. Who is the no.1 volleyball player? 

Karch Kiraly who is an American professional volleyball player is said to be the no.1 volleyball player. He is not only a volleyball player but also a coach and broadcast announcer. He owns numerous records to his name and is among the most popular volleyball players of all time. 

2. What country is best at volleyball? 

Brazil is said to be the best country at volleyball. Not only Brazil but Russia is also said to be the best country at volleyball but Brazil stills stand at No.1 according to the FVIB world ranking. Many of the best volleyball players belong to Brazil. 

3. What position in volleyball is said to be the hardest? 

There is a quiet debate on what position is the hardest in volleyball but it is the position of a setter. It keeps getting difficult with time. The best volleyball setter in the world is said to be Bruno Rezende. 


Volleyball has been a highly prominent sport and has produced some of the best volleyball players in history. It is quite evident how much these players have worked hard for a bright future in volleyball. You could hardly find players as hardworking and enduring as them. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. 

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