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Top 10 Least Popular Sports In The World

Any person has played one or the other sports in his lifetime and often has a deep passion or follows sports for recreation. As such, sports have pretty large fan bases, and there are often debates on which sports are the most popular in the world. But here in the top 10 least popular sports in the world, we take a look at the overlooked games that range from funny to just bizarre.

10. Archery


At number 10 in the list of least popular sports in the world is Archery. Archery was a major sports event back in the medieval ages where skill in archery often earned huge fame and success but now it doesn’t enjoy the same appeal and lags behind the shooting games.

Archery still enjoys some popularity considering the fact that it is an Olympic game, but still, its fan base is limited.

9. Fencing


At number 9 on the list of least popular sports in the world is Fencing. Fencing might be one of the more refined contact games, but still, it doesn’t enjoy the same fanfare as its other contact game cousins. The less popularity can be credited to the fact that it doesn’t have much drama going on to really connect with the emotions of the viewer.

Still, it has now gathered a bit of a fan following due to its presence as an Olympic sport. Besides, some of the greatest female fencers of all time are also behind the popularity.

8. Kabaddi


Number 8 on the list of least popular sports in the world is Kabaddi. Kabaddi originated from India, and the term is an umbrella term for its various types like Sanjeevani, Amar, and Gaminee. Kabaddi, though might be an obscure sport, is one of the most popular sports in India and is played by kids.

It is also popular in Bangladesh. Despite that, it is still relatively unpopular, and though it does have its own World Cup. However, it doesn’t have much fanfare.

7. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing Least Popular Sport

The previous sports on the list are still what can be called traditional sports, but here the bizarre sports start, and it starts with Chess. Combining the brains of playing chess with the brawn of boxing, Chess Boxing is basically the best of both worlds, where contestants have alternate rounds of chess and boxing.

As bizarre as it is, it’s no wonder it is one of the least popular sports in the world.

6. Unicycle Hockey

Unicycle Hockey

Number 6 on the list of least popular sports in the world is Unicycle Hockey. As the name suggests, it’s basically hockey with players mounted on top of Unicycles. Participants usually play this game in indoor courts, gyms, or tennis courts.

As weird as it may sound, there are actually four Unicycle Hockey leagues in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.

5. Redneck Games

 Redneck Games

At number 5 is the Redneck Games. Some of the events that are held during the Redneck games include cigarette flips, seed spitting, mud pit belly hop, Toilet seat throwing, Dumpster diving, etc. Believe it or not but they are actual events!

Winners in each of these individual events are even awarded trophies which are half-crushed, empty-mounted beer cans!

4. Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying

At number 4 on the list of least popular sports in the world is Wife carrying. At first thought, it might not even sound like an actual sport, but as surprising as it might be, it is.

The aim of the sport is that the male successfully carries his wife to the finish line while covering an obstacle course in the least amount of time. The game also has special prizes for good costumes!

3. Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing

At number 3 on the list of least popular sports in the world is Extreme Ironing. It is one of the most bizarre extreme sports where contestants take their ironing board, clothing, and Iron to the remotest and most dangerous location possible, and then, well, they just Iron!

Its motto is “a game that combines the thrill of extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”!

2. Sheep Counting

Sheep Counting

At number 2, we have Sheep Counting. This is not a joke; it’s an actual sport! The game involves hundreds of sheep dashing past the competitors, who then try to count them. As simple as the game gets, it’s not that easy as it requires quite a lot of concentration to make sure the counting is accurate, considering that there are so many sheep and all look the same.

Well, it is quite boring, though, as there is hardly anything in it for the viewers, and you bet the players are also bored, considering all they do is just count.

1. Ferret Legging

Ferret Legging Least Popular Sport

At number 1 in the list of least popular sports in the world is Ferret Legging. Ferret Legging is a sports cum endurance test where ferrets are trapped in trousers worn by the participants, and the winner is the last person to release the animal.

The game happens to be popular among the coal miners of Yorkshire, England, and the world record for the longest time in Ferret legging is an astounding five hours and thirty minutes!


Do you know some of the others on the list of least popular sports in the world? If yes, then do let us know in the comments below.

Least Popular Sports - Infographics
Infographics: Least Popular Sports

In India, football has always been among the top 3 most popular sports in terms of participation and TV viewing, alongside cricket, which has long been the most popular sport, and kabaddi, which is on the rise.

Q. What is the most boring sport in America?

Golf is the most boring sport in America by a long shot. It is rated as boring by 59% of people who have ever watched it, followed closely by cricket (58%), darts (also 58%), and snooker (57%).

Ratings have declined for the N.H.L. playoffs, Major League Baseball regular season and playoffs, United States Open tennis, United States Open golf, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and college football.

Q. What sport is easiest to go pro in?

In men’s ice hockey, 11.2% of players go from high school to college. Women’s basketball players are drafted only 0.9% of the time, while baseball players are drafted 8.6% of the time.

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