Top 7 Best Sports Academies Around the World

best sports academies

Many elite sports academies in the world focus on the nourishment of young students and help prepare them for their professional careers in sports. Out of many, there are some best sports academies out there that are highly recognized worldwide.  

These academies provide various pieces of training to young athletes. However, it’s not that easy to get into these academies. They demand excessive hard work and dedication. The ones with talent and skills get selected and these academies pave their way to a successful future in sports. 

Best Sports Academies in the World 2023 Rankings

Here, I have listed the top 7 best academies around the globe that are amazing in their ways. Keep reading to get to know everything about these academies.

7. La Masia

As you know football or soccer tends to be the most popular sport all across the world. La Masia is Barcelona’s youth academy which is said to be the best academy for football. This academy aims to educate students both intellectually and sportingly. 

This academy achieved the unmatched feat of training all three finalists, including Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and Xavi. This academy has given rise to some of the best football players. 

6. University of Florida

The University of Florida is said to be one of the best schools for sports. It has outshined in sports like American football, basketball, and the Olympics. The University Athletic Association is said to have budgeted more than $100 million for its sports teams and facilities.  

About 13 of the Florida coaches along with 145 Gator athletes represented 37 countries in the Olympics. They have won a total of 50 Olympic gold medals, 29 silver medals, and 30 bronze medals. Florida Gator, the football team of this academy has won countless matches and is said to be the number one in the US.  

5. St. Mary’s University

If you are looking for an academy that has highly rated training programs then you should go to St. Mary’s University. It is one of the best sports universities in the UK. It not only provides sports facilities to its students but also to the local community. 

It has a variety of sports that includes cricket, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, and many more. Many athletes from St. Mary’s University appeared in the summer Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio. 

4. University of Alabama – Best Sports Academy in the USA

The University of Alabama is the oldest and largest public research university in Alabama and one of the best sports academies as well. They have a variety of sports like football, basketball, baseball, golf, cross country, tennis, and also various athletic facilities that include Bryant Denny Stadium. 

They have an athletic team called the Alabama Crimson Tide. Every student is allowed to participate in the pride and tradition that represents Alabama’s athletics all over the world.  

3. University of Birmingham 

Next on the list, I have the University of Birmingham, another one of the best sports academies around the globe. It provides a wide range of sports not only to its students but to the local community as well.  

It offers a wide selection of sports from soccer to rugby to hockey to basketball and many more. It also has 56 different sports clubs and is capable of providing 180 fitness classes. It regularly finishes in the top three of the BUCS Championship.  

2. University of Alberta – Best Sports Academy in Canada 

University of Alberta - Best Sports Academy in Canada 

The University of Alberta stands second on the list of best sports academies around the globe. Their athletic facilities are open to both their athletic teams and the students studying there. The athletic department manages about more than 500 students in over 23 teams. 

They offer all kinds of sports from the most popular like football and basketball to the least popular like dodgeball and wallyball. Their male and female teams called The Golden Bears and Pandas have won about 65 National Championships.  

1. IVY League – Best Sports Academy in the World

IVY League - Best Sports Academy in the World

Last but not least, I have IVY League on the list which stands first among all these academies. It is said to be the best college in the world in terms of both education and sports. They also have their very own IVY Championship which is famous worldwide.  

Their league is also said to be the home to some of the oldest college rugby teams in the US. The champions that are part of this league are represented as the sixteen men’s and the sixteen women’s sports.  


All these sports academies have worked very hard to achieve the names they have today. These academies and universities have been equipped with the best training programs which promise young athletes a successful and lavish career in sports. I hope this article has helped enhance your knowledge about the best sports academies around the world.  

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Which country is said to be the best for sports education?

Countries that are top listed for best sports education are the United States, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy. But the best among all these are said to be the US since it has many well-known sports academies. 

Who has the best youth academy? 

La Maisa is said to be the best youth academy today. It is said to be among the most expensive football clubs in the world with a market value of $709 million. It has also produced some of the best soccer players of all time.  

Which country is the best for sports science? 

The United Kingdom is highly famous in this regard since it has some of the most prestigious universities that are recognized all over the globe. Many of these universities also offer a degree in sports science which is largely valued by all.