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Top 7 Most Dangerous Sports You Need to Know About

Are you a sports lover? Of course, who isn’t, after all, it is a great source of enjoyment and fun. But it gets dangerous often. There is not a single person who could call himself an athlete without being injured at least once. Many dangerous sports have been requested to be banned.

Be it a minor injury or a major, it is just how it is with sports. Some extreme sports have an unmatchable high level of risk to the point where they can also be called lethal. Players are always at risk due to the high chances of injuries. 

Top 7 Most Dangerous Sports in the World Now

Let’s talk about 7 of these sports which are very dangerous to play and also require a huge heart to watch these players endangering their lives. 

7. Scuba Diving

Scuba driving - most dangerous sports

Scuba diving is said to be one of those extremely dangerous sports which can get you killed. Most people are unaware that the word scuba is an abbreviation of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. It is so-called because it facilitates the driver to breathe underwater.  

It might sound exciting and fun for you but one of the greatest dangers of it is getting attacked by sharks or other underwater creatures. Also, if the ascent of the dive is too fast, it leads to decompression illness which includes bends causing lung, spinal cord, and brain failure.  

6. Bull Riding

Bull riding is a sport largely followed by men who consider themselves extreme machos and are eager to show off their masculinity. They are ready to go through any kind of risk just to show the world they could do anything.  

It is called a dangerous sport because if the bull bucks off the rider it may lead to concussions or other severe injuries as a result of falling off the bull’s back. There are also high chances of getting trampled by the bull which almost weighs 1800 pounds. But people who are extremely passionate about this sport do not fear anything.  

5. Heli Skiing 

It is very obvious from the name of the sport that it involves a helicopter. It is an off-trail downhill snowboarding or skiing which is accompanied by a helicopter. People are so passionate about this sport that they pre-book it in advance which also helps them avail discounts.  

People often ignore the fact in their excitement that they might get stranded by extremely harsh weather conditions. They also don’t care about the fact that they could get killed due to an avalanche. Sometimes, helicopter rides also turn out to be very risky.  

4. Street Luge 

Street Luge is a sport a lot like skateboarding. The only difference is that the rider needs to be in a supine position on the sled which is also called the luge board when he is moving down a paved road or course at a very high speed.  

If you need to participate in this sport then you need to be fully medically insured. The use of protective leathers and helmets is mandatory to avoid any severe injuries and it also helps reduce higher chances of collisions.  

3. Mountain Climbing

Next on the list is mountain climbing which is a very dangerous sport because it involves climbing up and down the mountain. Every single element of this sport is very risky which also makes it a very difficult sport.  

The climber is exposed to all kinds of injuries and has a high chance of getting slipped or falling off. This leads to broken bones, sprained muscles, twisted ankles, torn ligaments, back injury, or concussion. Also, the weather changes very frequently which has lethal effects. The climber might lose its path or might even die.  

2. BMX 

BMX is an abbreviation for bicycle motocross and is one of the extremely thrilling bicycle sports. For participating in it you need to have one of those special bicycles which are specially designed for this purpose.  

It is considered a dangerous sport because cyclists are required to perform various combinations of acrobatics while riding the BMX bike. This may lead to injuries or even concussions also besides cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  

1. Whitewater Rafting 

Lastly, I have whitewater rafting which stands first on the list. The environment or weather change largely varies in this sport and a little weather inconvenience can lead to a great mishap or accident.  

It is extremely challenging because the water is quite wild and there are high chances for the participants to get tossed or smashed into the rocks. It can also cause foot entrapments which may entangle the participant if he falls off. Some of the very common injuries include broken bones or twisted knees.  


Sports are not as fun as it seems, it comes with various challenges the player might need to face risking their lives which often results in extreme injuries. Hats off to these players who put their lives in danger just to provide entertainment to people. I hope you enjoyed reading about these most dangerous sports.  

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What is the deadliest sport in the world? 

Base jump is said to be the deadliest sport in the world. Research shows that there are higher chances of dying base jumping as compared to other sports. It includes jumping off tall buildings, structures, or natural features. The jumpers are given parachutes to ensure they land safely.  

Which sport has had the greatest number of deaths? 

There are a couple of sports that have had a great number of deaths which include auto racing, motorcycle racing, skydiving, cave jumping, and base jumping. But out of all these sports base jumping is said to have had the greatest number of deaths. 

Which sport has the highest injury rate? 

The sport which is said to have the highest injury rate is basketball. Every single person who plays basketball, be it adults or children is exposed to various injuries. These mostly include fractures, facial injuries, deep thigh bruises, ankle sprains, and knee injuries. 

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