Deaths of Top 5 Cricketers

Tragic Deaths of Top 5 Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Cricket has always been a fun and entertaining sport. This particular sport has developed a lot in the past few years and has an immense fan following. Little do people know that this sport has caused many tragic deaths. Some cricketers died during matches leaving people with long-lasting shocks.  

Cricket is a much more aggressive sport than other sports. This is one of the reasons which leads to death. There are times players get injured playing it but this little injury costs them their life.  

I will unveil some of these horrific accidents in this guide that took place in the field. So, let’s dive in and explore more about it.

1. Phillip Hughes 

Phillip Hughes Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Phillip Hughes was an Australian cricketer who played as a left-handed opening batsman. He mostly played domestic cricket for South Australia and also appeared in two seasons with New South Wales.  

Phillip started his cricket career in the year 2009 at the age of 20 and became one of the greatest cricketers in no time. It was during a Sheffield Shield match at the Sydney cricket ground on 25th November 2014 when he got knocked unconscious by a bouncer by Sean Abbott which greatly affected him.  

The impact of this caused a vertebral artery dissection that worsened his condition and led him to a subarachnoid hemorrhage. He was in a very critical condition and was placed into an induced coma and died two days after the tragedy.  

2. Wilf Slack 

Wilf Slack

Wilf Slack was one of the greatest renowned English cricketers who died on the field and stands second on my list. He appeared in three test matches and also in the One Day International matches twice.  

Wilf Slack played a match in Banjul in the year 1986 without knowing this would be his last ever match. His death was very unexpected because he just collapsed and passed away at that moment. He was 34 years old at that time which made his fans hard to believe that he left the world at such a young age.  

3. Wasim Raja 

Wasim raja Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Next, I have Wasim Raja, a Pakistani bowler who played for the national cricket team of Pakistan between 1973-1985. He appeared in a total of 57 test matches and 54 ODIs and made Pakistan proud. He married an English woman and settled in London.  

Wasim was playing in a match in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in the year 2006 as a part of the Surrey over-50 side. He had a heart attack during the match and died on the post which is still hard to process for many. 

4. Richard Beaumont 

Richard Beaumont Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Richard Beaumont is another cricketer who died on the field. He was one of the incredible cricketers who won the hearts of many. He brilliantly took 5 wickets from the opponent for just 31 runs from 12 overs which is mind-blowing.  

It was during this great victory that he collapsed at 3.45mph during the match and was suspected of a heart attack leading to death after a few hours of him being admitted to hospital. It was a sad day for all in cricket history.  

5. Zulfiqar Bhatti 

Zulfiqar bhatti Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Last but not least I have Zulfiqar Bhutto, another Pakistani on the list who died during the match. He was batting in one of his matches and a speedy delivery hit him on his chest resulting in immediate death.  

Zulfiqar was captained by his brother Ali Asad when he got hit and was immediately taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator. He was declared later that day because he could not survive the pain and his accidental death left many in shock.  


1.Which cricketer has died recently? 

Andrew Symonds was an Australian cricketer who died recently. He played all three formats of cricket as a batting all-rounder. He mainly played as a right-handed, middle-order batsman but kept alternating between medium-pace and off-spin bowling.  

2.How many cricketers have died on the field? 

According to research, a total of 72 cricketers are said to have died on the field. The list includes 45 batsmen, 11 fielders, one bowler, 6 wicket keepers, three spectators, three umpires, and one bystander. 

3.Which famous cricketer has died? 

Many famous cricketers have died giving cricket a lifetime of sorrow. The list includes Raman Lamba, Wasim Raja, Darryn Randall, and Phillip Hughes. However, Philip Hughes is one of the greatest cricketers out of all those who died leaving his fans all teary eyes.  


Cricketers Who Died During Matches The deaths of these cricketers have been very shocking for everybody. My heart aches every time I think of it. The cricketers who died during matches should be largely praised because they risked their lives just to provide entertainment to people. These cricketers might have died but are still alive in the hearts of all.  

Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this article in the comments below. Thank you! 

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