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Top 10 Best Olympic Theme Songs of All Time

There are many best Olympic theme songs in history, the Olympics is the biggest sport ever that has covered each game inside. The whole world participates in the games as athletes. The event is always a big occasion that opens with the theme song for the motivational support of the players. 

In addition, in the ceremony of the Olympic games, the songs are always played for the inspirational stars. Many singers marked history with their remarkable famous songs. The songs and their theme is always a special addition for the fans.

The article here shows the list of best theme Olympic songs. The list is full of inspirational songs with the mark of their history.

List of Best Olympic Theme Songs that You Must Listen

Olympic Theme songs are inspirational songs that motivate athletes to perform their best for their countries. Here is the list of best Olympic theme songs for the motivational support of the athletes.

1. One Moment in Time

Best Olympic Theme Songs ( One moment in time)

The song is at the top of the list for its motivation of the athletes. The song was composed for the Seoul Olympics by Albery Hammond. The song has been so amazing for the motivational support of the game players. The soulful and amazing vocals of Whitney have made the song more amazing.

The song reached the top 5 on the Billboard list and is always appreciated as the most talented top song of the year. 

2. Barcelona

Barcelona (Best Olympic Theme Songs)

On the list of inspiring Olympic songs is Barcelona. The other collaborative effort of Queen Freddie made an amazing song for the motivational support of the athletes. The release of this song made a list of fans for Freddie’s solo career. 

The song was released in 1987 and reached number 2 on the list. The song was unique and combined the worlds of opera, rock, and pop of all time.

3. Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand (Best Olympic Theme Songs)

The song in the list of Olympic theme songs 1980 is hand in hand with The song that Koreana best gave. The songs surprised everyone and were sung in Korean and English languages. 

The song was justified by the vocals and managed to top the music chart in 17 countries. The voice of the Korean Group justified the song. The group managed to sell 12 million copies worldwide.

4. Power of the Dream

Power of the dream

The sports song on the list of best Olympic theme songs was Power of the Dream. The song is at the top of number 4 on the list. The powerful vocals made great music and made the audience the biggest fan of this song.

There are almost more than 3.5 billion people who follow this song. The song was performed at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The music was well accepted by many people of that time.

5. Someday by Flipsyde

Someday by Flipsyde

The song someday by Flipsyde is one of the inspiring Olympic songs that gave motivational support to the athletes. The song was motivationally made as the Olympic theme song. The songs are always a source of motivation and always a source of inspiration.

The song was played in the Olympics opening ceremony. The theme provided a source of motivation and engagement to the audience. The song is a combination of merging rock, opera and pop.

6. Bang the Drum

Bang the Drum

The song has been named the best song for the Special Olympics. The song is best for the Olympics and is always a welcome change for the athletes. The song is not a lyrical masterpiece but reached the top of the list due to its motivational lyrics.

You do not feel it special when you listen to the song for the first time. But still, the song is best known as an upbeat song with a peppy drum solo.

7. Reach

Reach by gloria estefan

The song Reach is on the list of inspiring Olympic songs. The song is most inspirational and motivational. The song is well played and inspires many athletes of the year. The song has slow acoustic verses with soaring melodies. 

The song is well played and touches the heart of every listener. Gloria’s ability to relate the songs to the highest levels. The athletes got inspiration from this song during the games.

8. Oceania


Oceania is ranked number 8 in the Olympic songs playlist. The song has magic in it from start to end, with the evolution of humanity. The first Olympic theme song was performed at the 2004 Olympics. The song had enough motivational support for the athletes.

The song deals with the evolution of humanity from different perspectives. The song performance was made in 204 at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

9. You and Me

You and Me

The motivational Olympic song has been included in the best Olympic theme songs list. The songs have the central idea of One world, one Dream. The song was written by Qigang Chen, a French Chinese composer. The song has the message of inspiration and sports spirit.

The song added in the opening ceremony provided a welcome note and motivational support to many players. The song provided had a great contrast with the glittering opening ceremony.

10. Amigos Para Siempre

Amigos Para Siempre

The last song on the list is amigos Para Siempre, the best motivational song of the year. The official song was for the year 1992, with a vibe of the music and a good song for the listeners. 

The song was a treat for many listeners due to the excellent soprano and a legendary composer. The song was created as the brilliant anthem created by Andrew Webber and Don Black composer.


What is the 2021 Olympic theme song?

NBC Olympics has provided the best theme song Roundball Rock. The song was played at the opening ceremony of the Olympics featuring Team USA men.

Who sang “imagines” the Olympic opening ceremony in 2021?

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics shows the artist’s performance of the song “imagines”. The artists include John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

What is the Olympic song for 2021?

The Olympic song for 2021, is Robo’s Theme sung by Chrono Trigger. This song has a name in history for its outstanding lyrics.


The central idea of this article is that there is a list of the best Olympic theme songs. History includes all the motivational songs worthy of Olympic theme songs. Every song has its message for the athletes to make them engage in games. 

You might have got enough idea regarding the inspirational songs. The songs are marked as the best Olympic theme.

What are your favorite Olympic songs? Choose your favorite inspirational songs from the list of top Olympic songs.


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