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Top 10 Best Male Figure Skaters of All Time

Figure skating is a sport that provides the chance for individuals to play figure skating on ice. The game is included in the Olympics too, where the athletes have marked their performance with talent. The game is the first winter sport that figure skaters can place on ice.  

There are four main events included in Figure skating: men skating, women skating, pet skating, and ice dance. The four events are played on ice with ice skaters. The overall game requires a complete balance and firm grip on the floor. 

The article lists the greatest male figure skaters of all time. These are the cut-down names of those who have done marvelous jobs in sports.

The Top 10 Greatest Male Figure Skaters – 2024 Rankings

The game normally has a reputation as a female game. But the statistics of this game are male and female-dominant. Sports depend on the player’s passion, strength, and internal skills. The following list shows the best figure skating performances of all time.

10. Todd Eldredge

Todd Eldredge

A prominent figure in history is Todd Eldredge. The one who won the World Champion, six times USA National Champion, and 1988 World Junior Champion. The best champion in history was runner-up twice in World Championships and once in Grand Prix Final.

Todd is a popular and prominent historical figure who entered the US figure skating Hall of Fame in 2008. The best athlete is famous for his achievements and is considered the greatest figure skater of all time.

9. Kurt Browning

best male figure skater - four-time World Champion
Kurt Browning

The best male figure skater is Kurt Browning. The one in history who landed a quadruple jump is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Kurt was the one who had a four-time World Champion and a four-time Canada Champion.

Kurt is the only athlete with the best awards due to his achievements. The best athlete entered the Hall of Fame and Canada’s Figure Skating Hall. The person is marked on the top of the list and made higher achievements for others.

8. Brain Orser

male figure skater

The most famous male figure skater of all time is Brain Orser. He made his career at the top with higher achievements and performances. He is a prominent star of Canadian Figure skating, with an Olympic Silver medalist in 1987 and eight times Canadian National Champion.

Brain participated in the Olympic games and marked his value among the top-ranked athletes. He worked as a coach for Kim Yuna for the Olympic Gold. He is marked as the top player of all time.

7. John Curry

John Curry - Olympic male figure skater
John Curry

The Olympic male figure skater is John Curry from Britain. He is the best innovative and exciting figure skater of all time. He could mix ballet with skating. He did his best during his career to achieve the top position.

The person won championships, including the 1976 Olympic Gold and World Champion. The athlete is also included in dancing and skating and will always be remembered in history. He had the best skating skills of all time.

6. Scott Hamilton

 Scott Hamilton - best male figure skater
Scott Hamilton

The best male figure skater is Scott Hamilton. The best athlete of the time, famous for the new skaters due to his best achievements and high performance. His career acts as an example for others in the form of Olympic Completion rules for the sake of the crowd.

Scott is marked as the one who achieved Olympic Gold Medalist in the National Championship and World Championship four consecutive times. His achievements made him higher in his career.

5. Brain Boitano

best figure skating performance of all time
Brain Boitano

The best figure skating performance of all time is Brain Boitano. The best athlete in America. The popular figure skater appeared in different TV and Movie dance shows. He has the best Olympic Champion, two times World Champion.

He was the best athlete, making remarkable history with outstanding and talented sportsmanship. Brain made his career with his achievements and ranked higher on the best athletes list.

4. Elvis Stojko

 best skater of all time
Elvis Stojko

Who is the best skater of all time? History is full of different names. The one ranked higher is Elvis Stojko. He was the best athlete of the time, inspiring others through his outstanding performance. The athlete is from Canada and is the greatest figure skater.

Elvis is the best sportsman and athlete who won two silver medals at the 1994 and 1998 Olympics in a single event. The person is ranked in the list of top athletes in the field of ice skating.

3. Evan Lysacek

best male figure skater in 2022
Evan Lysacek

The best male figure skater in 2022 is Evan Lysacek. The athlete ranked at the top of the list for his higher achievements and won the Olympic gold medal in 2010. He was the best athlete of all time, who had his mark on history due to his extra high achievements.

Evan received the World Championship in 2009 and became the two-time Four continent champion. His career is full of achievements, which made him higher in the ranking.

2. Gillis Gratstrom

 best male figure skater Gillis Gratstrom
Gillis Gratstrom

The best male figure skater is Gillis Gratstrom. He is rich in ice skating and has marked his career with achievements. He is one of the few athletes who won the summer and winter Olympics. He is the only person who got gold in this career.

The achievements show that the athlete is higher ranked. His performances inspired others to pursue a career with passion and strength. He won three successive gold medals in Olympic figures.

1. Evgeni Plushenko

 higher-ranked person
Evgeni Plushenko

The higher-ranked person on the top of the list is Evgeni Plushenko. The person is higher ranked on the list due to his extra passionate and successful career. He is from Russia and made history due to his higher achievements and world championships.

The person won three world Championships, seven European Championships, and ten Russian National Championships. 


The conclusion of this article shows the importance of skating. The best and dominant field in sports is usually played in the winter season to amuse the audience in the best-relaxed way. The athletes have marked their value, and their name is marked at the top.  

You might have an idea regarding the best male figure skating of all time. The career inspires new athletes with a passion for ice skating.


Who is considered the greatest male figure skater of all time?

The best athlete Yuzuru Hanyu is named the greatest male figure skater. The best athlete who won two Winter Olympics.

Who is the number 1 male figure skater?

Yuma Kagiyama is considered the top figure skater who managed all careers with great achievements.

Who landed a Quadruple Ace?

The person with exclusive quadruple misses the training champ. He landed in the most different place now in the room.

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