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The Top 10 Greatest Female Bodybuilders of All Time

Female bodybuilders are the hardest and greatest working members of the fitness community.  These heavyweight champions of the era are known as the young female bodybuilders.  The women are strong enough to push their bodies as hard as their counterparts.

History shows outstanding female bodybuilders having breaking records and stunning physiques.  The competition started in 1970 with the belief that women should be promoted to display their physical fitness just like men. The field is for both genders to show their strength.

The article lists the greatest female bodybuilders, which shows the young female bodybuilders with their strong and hard efforts in the journey of bodybuilding.

Top 10 Female BodyBuilders of All Time – Exclusive Rankings

In today’s era, women are no less than anyone.  They participate in every game and sport to show their talent on the platform.  The list shows some greatest women of all time who will blow your mind away.

10.  Denise Masino

The first lady who took part in NPC Nationals in 1995.  She had the fitness body to show.  She took part in different world cup series and acted as a powerful lady of the time.  Denis has a name in history due to her outstanding performances in different games and boundaries.

She had the name marked in the Ms. International (2003).  She marked her value with her fitness journey and changed the female wrestling wing tremendously.

9.  Gladys Portugues

The name Glady Portugues is the list of great women who worked hard and participated as athletes. She took the profession of bodybuilding seriously.  She worked hard and marked her name in the television sector too. 

Glady Portugues is a lady who showed her talent as a professional in more than one field.  Her tv career, along with her Wrestling and bodybuilder career, made her prominent on the list. 

8.  Rachel Mclish

Rachel, the athlete, has her name on the list of the greatest female bodybuilders.  She started her career and joined the health club.  She was amazed and excited to join the club as she was interested in female bodybuilders. 

She won a great victory in 1980.  She had the chance to appear in the magazine after she won the United States Championships.  Her career spanned four years, and her name is included in the magazine of New York best sellers.

7.  Rasa Von Werder

greatest female bodybuilders

A famous female bodybuilder is Rasa Von, awarded the World Bodybuilding Guild of female Bodybuilding. She is the writer along with the bodybuilder. She published six books and numerous articles on different religious beliefs. 

The name is included in the list of the top greatest female bodybuilders due to her active competition as the bodybuilder champion.  She also had religious beliefs and became the founder of the church.

6.  Marianna Komlos

 beautiful bodybuilder

Marianna Komlos is the hot female bodybuilder whose name is on the list due to her active career.  She participated in different contests and won the Gators Classic, British Columbia, and the Women’s Extravaganza 1997.

 She had figure fitness appeared in magazines like Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Muscle Fitness, and Women’s Physique World.  Her name is on the list of beautiful bodybuilders.  Marianna suffered from breast cancer and died early in her age.

5.  Rebekka Armstrong

 Rebekka, Armstrong - an HIV/AIDS activist

The bodybuilder in the female wing field is Rebekka, an HIV/AIDS activist who decided to educate the community about the HIV/AIDS problem.  She had a competitive career, winning many medals and participating in different championships.

Rebekka won championships like the Muscle Beach competition, NPC Los Angeles Championship, and the NPC Pittsburg championship.  Armstrong had great achievements in different play games.

4.  Nikki Fuller

The famous female Bodybuilder is Nikki Fuller, who has marked history with her name.  She was quite strong physically and focused on the body-building channel.  She worked hard at local gyms and participated in different games. 

Nikki participated in different contests and won the Novice Oregon competition in 1998.  Fuller had an amazing contest and finished her career in the Ms. International contests.

3.  Nicole Bass

sexy female bodybuilder

The sexy female bodybuilder is Nicole.  She was the most celebrated female bodybuilder in America.  She also participates in different wrestling competitions like XPW and Extreme Championship.  She won the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship.

She had the independent wrestling circuit while performing public events and provided personal training.  She had achieved great bodybuilder popularity while holding the title of greatest female bodybuilder.

2.  Lisa Marie Varon

The other legend of extreme female bodybuilding is Lisa Marie.  She is a professional wrestler and participated in WWE Women’s Champions.  She had other competitions that showed her different achievements; she studied biology and medicine while working as a professional trainer.

She got the opportunity to participate in a bodybuilding competition.  She was encouraged to join Wrestling by meeting with Chyna, who had the best wrestling competition. 

1. Chyna 

Chyna - dominant female competitor

Chyna is a famous name in the list of the greatest female bodybuilders.  Her popularity started in 1997 when she participated in the promotion of WWF (world wrestling federation).  She had notable performances in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. 

She appeared in numerous magazines and is famous for her lasting legacy as the dominant female competitor.  She had the title of a dominant female competitor during her career. 


Many passionate and successful female bodybuilders have inspired us with their dreams and fitness journey.  If these females inspire you, get the motivation and accomplish your dreams.  These women set the example of successful females with a history of achievements.

The list of greatest female bodybuilders has given you the story of how these females have achieved the success milestones and how their passion changed into a successful career.

Are you inspired by their struggle story? 

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