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Top 7 Greatest Female Baseball Players in the History

Baseball is surely one of the most recognized sports. But do you know what is the most interesting part about it? It is the females who have made this sport even more interesting with their dazzling performances and have become the greatest female baseball players of all time.  

These women have proved that they are nonetheless true examples of perfection. The aura these women carry in themselves is something that needs to be applauded. Their top outstanding performances reflect their immense hard work and determination in their career. These women are the true champions of baseball.  

Top 7 Greatest Female Baseball Players – Top Rankings

Let’s have a look at 7 of these greatest women who have earned huge respect in baseball. 

7. Dorothy Schroeder 

Dorothy Schroeder is said to be the best female baseball player of all time and was nicknamed ‘The Human Vacuum Machine’. She was one of the best fielders in the history of AAGPBL who made amazing plays as the shortstop. She made her debut at the age of fifteen and was one of the youngest players in league history. 

Dorothy was the only player to participate in all the seasons of League history and holds the record for the most games played. She was also one of the five players who achieved the 400 RBI milestone.  

6. Toni Stone 

Toni Stone, the legendary baseball star was also said to be a hero of women and civil rights in the US. She made her debut in baseball at the age of just 10. Indianapolis clowns signed her to play second base replacing Hank Aron.  

Toni played for two seasons only but managed to have her highlights which also includes her against legendary Satchel Paige. She got discriminated against many times by her team members but this woman never gave up and fought for her rights till the end. She surely deserves a place in my list of greatest female baseball players.  

5. Sophie Kurys

Sophie Kurys is another greatest ever female baseball players to exist in the history of baseball. Her fans nicknamed her ‘Tina Cobb’ due to her similarities with one of the greatest female baseball players Ty Cobb. She made a record of 201 bases in just 113 games which is not only the AAGPBL record but also the worldwide professional baseball record.  

Sophie made a record of a total of 1,114 stolen bases which is the record and was not only a league record but also the world record until Ricky Henderson in 1994. She was not only a tremendous baseball player but also a great volleyball, basketball, bowling, and golf player.  

4. Ila Borders

Ila Borders was a great left-handed pitcher who became the second-ever woman to have started a men’s NCAA baseball game. She was also the first ever woman to play in an independent professional baseball league.  

Borders were also the first woman pitcher to make a record in men’s professional baseball. Her career ended in the year 2000 due to a disappointing season but her incredible success makes her stand forth on the list of greatest female baseball players.  

3. Connie Wisniewski


Connie Wisniewski stands third on the list of greatest female baseball players and was nicknamed ‘the Polish Rifle’ due to her heritage. She was also said to be an Iron Lady because of her durability in the AAGPBL. 

Connie opened 40 games in 1946 and all of them were a great hit. She also had 366 innings of work, 79 strikeouts, 33 wins, and 9 losses. Her earned run rate was 0.96 and she made it to the All-Star Team. She finished with a career number of 595 hits and a 274 batting average. Connie had 70 doubles, 30 triplets, 1.68 ERA, and a 107-48 record for a 0.960 winning record which is the league’s record.  

2. Eri Yoshida 

Eri Yoshida was the Japanese greatest female baseball player of all time. The Japanese men’s professional baseball team drafted her in 2008 when she was just 16. She is also said to be a knuckleball specialist who learned the pitch all by herself.  

Eri has played for several professional male teams in Japan and the US. This made Eri the first woman who played professional baseball in the two countries.  

1. Doris Sams – Greatest Female Baseball Player

Doris Sams - Greatest Female Baseball Player

Last but not least, I have Doris Sams who deserves to be the first on the list of greatest female baseball players. She was the only six-tool player in AAGPBL history. Be it fielding, running, throwing, or pitching, there is nothing she could not do, and proved to be a baseball champion. 

Sams was a pitcher turned outfielder who got selected for the All-Star Team in both positions. She also received the player of the year award twice in her career and became a part of five All-Star Teams. She managed to establish a home run record with 12 bombers which is one the longest in the league history. 


These greatest female baseball players have shown the world that there is nothing that a woman is not capable of doing. These women have proved that they fear nothing and also became role models for the upcoming generations. But at the same time, they have given tough competition to future female baseball players.  

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Who is the greatest female baseball player of all time? 

Dorothy Kamenshek, also recognized as Dottie Kammie is said to be the greatest female baseball player of all time. She was an American All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Player. She performed incredibly well and earned huge respect all over the globe.  

Are there any females who made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame? 

You might think that no female player would have ever made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but to your surprise you are wrong. Effa Manley was the first and only woman who made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 2006 due to her outstanding baseball records.  

Who won the first women’s baseball? 

Racine Belles through her immense dedication and hard work won the first women’s baseball. Kenosha Comets played a 5-game series against her but Racine won and became the first-ever world champions of the All-American Girls Baseball League

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