Greatest Batsmen

Greatest Batsmen

Cricket has always been at the top of the world’s sports. There are several followers for the cricket game. One such aspect of the sport is the batting craft. In the last few years, Cricket batters have always become the game’s shining stars.

A good quality batsman requires determination and different skills. History is full of such legends who have made remarkable progress in batting. The challenge of different batters is to keep their current position.

This article shows the list of Greatest Batsmen so read the names of those legends who have made remarkable progress in history. 

Top 10 Greatest Batsmen

Batting is a more popular feature of cricket than bowling. The best batsman makes the sport more popular among the fans. Have a look at the greatest cricketer of all time.

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10. Rahul Dravid

The famous cricketer Rahul David is on the list of the greatest batsmen. The batsman has an amazing ability to defend and plays with confidence. The batsman has played a lot of innings and ODS. The test career of the batsman is 53 test career average and 40  ODI average. 

The batsman has done different test matches and made average runs in different games. 

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches164
ODI Matches344

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9. Javed Minded

The legendary player in history is Javed Minded. He was the most professional batsman of his time and is on the list of top 10 batters. The player is the leading run-scorer in Test Cricket. He is known for his historic big sixes against India in 1986 when the team needed 4 runs to win the international game.

The greatest batsman has played 23 tests and 8 ODI Centuries. 

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches124
ODI Matches233

8. Wally Hammond

The top batting player is England-based player Wally Hammond. The best batsman with unparalleled batting skills. He scored around 85 test matches with 7249 runs and an average of 58.45 runs. The batsman is still in history due to his excellence.

The batsman is always in the heart of his fans, who were quite valuable to his team.

Best Sportsman features:

Test Matches85
ODI Matches167

7. Brain Lara

Brain Lara is a well-known and famous name in the history of the best batsmen. He is famous for his continuity in the long innings of test cricket. He made the record for highest individual runs in test cricket, around 400 runs. The best batsman has been ranked on several occasions.

Brain Lara has played 34 tests with 19 ODI; The name is included in the list of greatest cricketers of all time.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches131
ODI Matches299

6. Ricky Ponting

A legendary cricketer in history who lifted three world cups consecutively. He debuted against Sri Lanka in 1995 and ranked over 13k Test Runs. The batsman has incredible spot features, including the best pull spot.

Rickey made an average of 51.85 in 168 appearances for the national team. The successful captain of his team.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches168
ODI Matches375

5. Jacques Kallis

Jacques has been ranked in the list of the best batsmen in the world in all formats. He is considered the best player due to his outstanding performance in history. The legendary cricketer made 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in one day and test matches.

The cricketer always has an outstanding performance in types of matches. The player is always an active career person.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches166
ODI Matches328

4. Garfield Sobers

The Legendary cricketer on the list is known as Garfield sobers. He was the best and most active batsman of his time. The super talented Batman has his name due to his extra elegant shots and great pair of hands. He is best known for hitting the ball in all possible ways.

The legendary cricketer is on the list of the greatest batsmen as a true legend and greater batsman.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches93
ODI Matches383

3. Viv Richards

Vic Richards is the greatest batsman in the list of top 10 batters. He was the only best Batman who marked his name in history by 2000. He was voted for the best five cricketers of the year. He always surprises everyone due to his body language and for his fast bowler of the time. He has always been at the side of his team to lead them in the best possible way.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches121
ODI Matches187

2. Sachin Tendulkar

The name of India’s legendary cricket history. The one who made history with his outstanding performance. The cricketer has been ranked as the top cricketer of all time. The cricketer was well known as the best batsman of all time. 

The player has shown excellence in the international game for about 24 years. Tendulkar was included in the peak of the powers during the late 90s. 

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches200
ODI Matches463

1: Don Bradman

The legendary batsman is Don Bradman. The name is the list of the greatest batsmen. The batting player has a batting average of 99.94 scores. He sets the benchmark for the sport. The 20-year career was between 1928 and 1948. His achievements have always marked his position at the top of the list.

The right-handed player scored good luck in the final match and a rock solid average of 100. The achievements of the player are still in history.

Best Sportsman features

Test Matches52
ODI Matches234

History is full of legends and the best batting players. The excellent performance of these players has marked a top position in the list of greatest batters. These batsmen have a marvelous and outstanding position. 

The article might have given enough knowledge about the great players of cricket. Such players have performed well

Who is the king of sixer?

The player name Chris Gayle is considered the number one in the list of sixers for the international cricket team. He made 553 from 483 matches.

Who is the best batsman in the world?

There are different crickets in the world. The performance depends on the career history. There are different names for the best batsman, like Sachin Tendulkar and Don Birdman.

Who is the best batsman on the Pakistan team?

The history shows the name of the popular player Javed Miandad. The legend who made a name in cricket history and became the best player on the Pakistan team.

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