Types of Pool Games

5 Types of Pool Games that you should play in 2022

There are many types of pool games available today.  The majority of pool table enthusiasts like playing all of these games.

They may be pros or just regular bar patrons having fun with these amazing activities. The talents required for these activities and other elements that affect the game as a whole differ.  We’ll try to discuss each game in detail that we have mentioned on the list. 

Top 5 Pool Games that you can try – Billiard Games

Here is the list of top 5 Pool games you you must try in 2022.

1. Traditional Snooker

Traditional Snooker (Types of Pool Games)

Let’s discuss a well-known game and types of pool games that many pool players like to play. A pool table with six pockets is necessary for playing a game of snooker. That is necessary for a game of snooker to occur. The environment is uncomplicated and conventional as well.

To begin the game, players will need a white cue ball and 22 colored basic balls. You will score points by striking other regular balls with this white cue ball.  For proper play, the pocketing must be carried out methodically.

Whenever you pocket a regular ball that was hit against the cue ball, you score a point. As long as they consistently pocket the balls, players can alternate turns. They would have to split the turn if they were unable to consistently put the ball in the pocket.

In snooker, there is a violation that many players need to be aware of. Players who unintentionally pocket the cue ball made a mistake and that’s why the opponent scores the point.

2. Cushion Caroms

Cushion Caroms (Types of Pool Games)

You might have not heard of this game if you only occasionally play these pool games. The cushion carom is unfamiliar to the majority of players.  There are three balls in this game where two are cue balls and one is a red ball that must be used on the table during playing.

This intriguing game has extremely straightforward and exciting instructions. The cue ball must be struck once on the rail and again on the remaining two balls on the table. The other object ball then makes contact at that point. There are only 3 balls available for play, hence the pool game structure is constrained.

You score a point in the game if this occurs. If you don’t do this, the other person loses a point. The number of problems needed before the contest could begin was decided by the players. Therefore, the player who reaches that initial mark will win the match.

3. Four-Ball

That is among the most popular pool game genres that we observe on a global scale. Four balls will be present, as suggested by the name.

There is the requirement of four balls in a total of which two are white balls and two are red balls that are needed to play the game. Similar to how you have done in the other pool games, the white balls are taken as cue balls.  For the majority of players, the game’s rules are quite easy.

 When you hit a cue ball that strikes with the other balls present on the table it could be two or three, and you gain a point. The player will receive two consecutive points if the cue ball hits the remaining (three) balls. 

A stroke that only comes in contact with one ball will result in a gain of 0 points. You won’t be able to win the game by striking the cue ball with another ball. So, you give the opposing player the stick back and carry on with the game.

4. Ball pool

Ball pool

Currently, this is the most popular pool table activity ever mentioned is this one. The sport that most gamers are acquainted with and like to play is that one. To begin with, you must confirm that the table has six pockets. 

You need sixteen balls total—seven with stripes and seven with solids to play the game. A cue ball and a black ball are also included to help you start the game. Players must separate the clump of balls that have formed in the center of the table from the other balls.

A player will collect the remaining solid balls if they pocket the very first solid ball, and conversely. Players must pocket the 8-ball in the designated pocket that the opposing player calls once all of the allotted balls have been pocketed. The rival wins the game if they can collect the ball to win or even the black ball.

The very famous 8-ball pool game is played and loved by a lot of people, and it is now available online for playing. 

5. Bank pool

Bank pool

Here is yet another intriguing game that almost all players enjoy playing for the trials it offers. In contrast to other pool table games, this one is unique. The players must strike the targeted ball without fusions or combos.

 After hitting all the pads, players must immediately bank the required shots into the quarters. To win the match, every player must hit the bank with five or eight balls. Based on the scale of the activity you are enjoying; the numbers may change.

Bank pool is among the famous pool game names that we’ve been hearing ever since and it’s so much fun to play. 


So, this was the list of the types of pool games that are widely played and liked by so many people around the world. If you liked our compilation let us know in the comments and if you have any other pool games that you enjoy playing. 


Which pool game is played the most frequently?

The most widespread pool variation that we can identify is probably 8-ball. It is also known by its name’s stripes and solid. 

What kind of pool game is very famous among other games?

The USA is where the standard pool game format first appeared. Eight-ball and nine-ball pools are two games that are played all over the world. 

What kind of pool game is very famous among other games?

When the table is ready for hitting, you are allowed to strike any ball. So, in an 8-ball pool match, sure, you can hit any ball first. 


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