Neeraj Chopra's Historic Triumph and Mother's Graceful Response.

Neeraj Chopra’s Historic Triumph and Mother’s Graceful Response: A Champion’s Perspective on Victory and Unity

Neeraj Chopra, hailed as the ‘Greatest of All Time’, secured a momentous triumph in the Javelin throw competition at the 2023 World Athletics Championships held in Budapest.

This achievement etched history as he became the first Indian athlete to clinch a gold medal in the prestigious tournament. Demonstrating the same exceptional skills that earned him the Olympic gold, the 25-year-old sensation seized the world championship title with a remarkable throw of 88.17m, his finest performance of the season, during the final round. Notably, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem claimed the second position in the ranks.

Neeraj Chopra’s Mother Gave A Befitting Reply

The victory of an Indian contender over a Pakistani rival ignited jubilation across the nation, with supporters and viewers alike celebrating the feat.

However, it was Neeraj Chopra’s mother, Saroj Devi, who truly touched hearts with her response to a reporter’s question about her son’s triumph over a Pakistani adversary on the global stage.

In a viral video capturing a post-event interview with the media, Saroj Devi eloquently responded to a reporter’s off-camera inquiry regarding her sentiments about her son’s victory against Pakistan’s Arshad.

Neeraj Chopra's Historic Triumph and Mother's Graceful Response.

She gracefully stated, “Look, everyone has come to play on the field. One or the other will definitely win. So there is no question of being from Pakistan or Haryana.”

She further expressed, “And it is a matter of great happiness. Even if that Pakistani had won, there would have been great happiness.”

Her words resonated deeply, earning her widespread admiration for her exceptional perspective. Online reactions poured in, with one user commenting, “This family really is gold,” while another noted, “With a mom like that, it’s no wonder he turned out to be such a champion.”

A Tweet You Must Check Out!

Addressing inquiries about Chopra’s marital plans, she shared, “Talking about marriage, it will happen when his heart wants. He is very much focused on the sport, and we cannot force him to do anything. He will marry when he wants to.”

With this victory, Neeraj Chopra secured a triumvirate of titles, proudly wearing the crowns of Olympic champion, world champion, and Asian champion in the illustrious realm of javelin throwing.

His accomplishments continue to inspire a nation and elevate him to legendary status in the world of sports.

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