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Top 6 Most Popular Olympic Sports That You Need to Know 

Olympic sports have always been a great source of entertainment. These sports are famous to the point that people from all over the world participate in this sport aiming to take a medal home. The hype that some of the most popular Olympic sports have been just unmatchable.  

Although these sports are highly competitive and tough to play but still one of the most important ones. The efforts the athletes have put into these sports through all these years are something that can never be neglected. It’s surely these players who have transformed these sports into what they are today.  

Let’s dig in and have a look at 6 of these sports that are said to be prime food for the soul.  

1. Gymnastics 

Gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sports and also the best Olympic sport to watch. The prime requirements of this sport include strength, elasticity, stability, liveliness, durability, and control. The movements in gymnastics play a vital role in the development of arms, legs, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles.  

Gymnastics is not only a sport for women but also for men. A large number of men and women are seen participating in this sport worldwide. All you need is a flexible body and you are good to go. It also involves dangers so it’s better to take safety precautions.  

2. Swimming 

Swimming has always been an exciting sport. If I talk about myself, I have been swimming for a while and the peace it gives me is just unmatchable. It’s also a great sport to watch.  It is a healthy practice and I think everybody should make it a part of their lives. 

I am sure I am not the only one who gets excited when swimming comes to mind. There is something about swimming that never fades away and keeps this sport one of the best of all times.  

3. Football 

It would be unfair to football if I don’t mention it among the most popular Olympic sports. It is also recognized as soccer in the majority of countries. Also, the number of fans this sport has just amuses me sometimes.  

Football is also one of the best games because it has given a chance to the women to largely participate in it. Women’s football was also added to the Summer Olympic games after 1996.  

4. Weightlifting 

Next on the list is weightlifting, one of the most popular Olympic sports especially among the guys. A lot of women also equally participate in it but the bodyweight categories are different for both males and females.  

Olympic weightlifting is different from normal weightlifting. When comes to Olympics, is an athletic discipline that lets the athlete attempt a maximum weight single lift of a barbell that is too loaded with weight plates. The athletes are given three attempts each and the result is given by combining the total of the two highest successful lifts.  

5. Tennis 

Tennis is surely one of the best sports that has evolved over the past few years. It made its debut in the Summer Olympic sports in the year 1896 held in Athens and that’s when the success of this sport began.  

Tennis has given equal rights to women as men and there are several games that women won making this sport even more popular. It is safe to say that it has given rise to the greatest athletes of all time including both men and women.  

6. Basketball

Lastly, I have baseball on the list. This game has been an Olympic sport for men since the year 1936 and later in 1976 women’s basketball was also included in the Olympics. It is a highly watched sport in the USA as compared to other countries.  

The United States men have been the greatest basketball players of all time and have won around 18 tournaments. The hard work of these players has brought basketball too far.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sport is the most popular in the Olympics? 

When it comes to listing the most popular Olympic sports, I can’t enlist only one. The sports that are very popular in the Olympics include gymnastics, football, swimming or water polo, Track and field, and basketball.  

2. Which Olympic event is the most watched? 

The most watched Olympic event is the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. A large number of people gathered to watch this sport. This event recorded the largest number of views with an average audience of 593 million worldwide and 984 million in each.  

3. What are the most Olympic sports in 2022? 

The list of most Olympic sports in 2022 includes figure skating, ski jumping, speed skating, and bobsleighing. But figure skating remains to be the most popular Olympic sport out of all with a large number of participants and viewers worldwide.  


The most popular Olympic sports are a great way to cheer up. They are not only great to play but also the most entertaining to watch. I am sure you are as crazy about these sports as I am. Let me know which of these sports are your favorite and what you love playing.  

Do leave your remarks in the comment section below if you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you! 

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