Best Cricket Games For Playing on Android Mobile & Laptop In 2022

For several decades, cricket has emerged as one of the top prominent games in the world. Fans like participating in this sport whether it’s on mobile as a game or telecasted live on television. And now there are some best cricket games available online. 

 For Android and iPhone smartphones, numerous programmers have produced cricket games that provide a realistic cricket feel. Cricket video games allow one to enjoy action-packed tournaments with stadium crowds cheering on players which further makes them excited and interested in the game. 

On iOS and Android devices, a lot of cricket games are available for downloading and playing without charge. Read about the best ones on the play store in the list compiled below. 

Top 7 Best Cricket Games

Here are some of best cricket game right now in online field.

1. World Cricket Championship 3

The realistic approach to cricket provided by this game called World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3) includes intuitive handling, realistic commentators, and multiplayer functionality. 

Real-time action capturing of cricket players and bespoke stadiums are also included in this game. Isa Guha, Matthew Hayden, Aakash Chopra, Venkatapathy Raju, and Abhinav Mukund, commentary from all these professional commentators are incorporated in this game.   

You may build and control your entire team using the brand-new Career option in the game. The World Cricket Championship 3 has debuted the NPL 2022, which features improved both teams and players in the preparation of the IPL 2022.

2. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

People who have been inspired by Sachin have this great opportunity to play this game where they can take on the role of Sachin Tendulkar in this game goes by the name Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, who started his career when he turned  16. 

At the exact similar stadiums where he played legendary cricket tournaments, this game allows you to have the same experience and you will play there as well. 

The game also includes modes for the Premier League, local play, tests matches, domestic T20, and the World Cup. High-end visuals and motion-captured graphics are included.

3. Real Cricket 20

With real-time multiplayer games, Real Cricket 20 promises to provide a realistic cricket environment. You can engage in both 1v1, 2v2, and co-op, or you may watch your mates’ live contests. 

The batting styles available in Real Cricket 20 include balanced, radical, or even brute, and every style has its special batting smashes. 

There is also the Professional Cricket Champions League, which allows the player to create and run their side by bidding on players.

4. World Cricket Battle 2

This game features some very interesting modes called T20 cricket leagues, My Career mode, and real-time batting multiplayer. Just like cricket 20 this game’s feature which is T20 Cricket Premier League auctions lets a player manage their team and become a franchise owner. 

The Duckworth-Lewis technique will be used to determine the winner in World Cricket Battle 2 not just if a match is delayed by rain this game also features a dynamic climate.

5. CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

This game is also among the best cricket games that cricket fanatics love to play as it does not compromise on the realistic feel of the game. 

Users perform as the chairman of the Super Kings in CSK Battle of Chepauk 2 and can select the team’s members. A turn-based cricket card game called Super Card Clashers is one of the game’s original PvE and PvP features. Both public and private arenas in the multiplayer option can accommodate up to 5 users.

6. Stick Cricket Live

This game is famous for incorporating some of the famous cricket stadiums in the world. Stick Cricket Live is a challenging batting test in which you can make use of a variety of cricket hits to defeat the adversary.

Stick Cricket Live is a 1v1 cricket game for many players that includes stadiums from all over the world. The game has a challenging batting test in which you can make use of a variety of cricket hits to defeat the adversary. 

To maintain a tactical edge over the competitors, you must continually upgrade your bowlers. Which makes this game even more interesting and requires a player to focus deeply. 

7. Cricket League

The game called Cricket League features matches that are played in many different kinds of stadiums from all over the world like Karachi, Mumbai, Adelaide, Johannesburg, Dubai, Dhaka, London, and Melbourne.

The game cricket league is very feasible for players who wish to play a match but lacks time so this game can be played quickly on the go.

Furthermore, there are more than 25 unlockable figures. Cricket Mania season membership has lately been added to the game, and gamers can buy the Elite Membership for more incentives.


The top cricket game for an Android user and the one that is also trending is World Cricket Championship 2, which is available on the Play Store.

A lot of people wonder if this game can be played offline or not so the answer is yes. You can utilize it offline.  You can invite your friends to a cricket match played against each other using the app.

This was released back in the year 2021 on October 22. 


The increase in cricket matches and its fans is by far one of the main reasons that these programmers developed these games although these are interesting but also very time-consuming and one should be very vigilant when playing these games as they can hinder your performance like on daily life activities as they are that addictive.

Hope you liked our list of best cricket games and if you did let us know in the comments below as we would love to hear your suggestions.

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