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Top 5 Greatest Muslim Athletes You Need to Know

Muslim athletes have equally earned a great name in sports as other athletes. The greatest Muslim athletes have shown that Muslims don’t lack behind in anything. They have outdone themselves in every sport that ever exists in history.  

The aura that these athletes carry is just unmatchable. Their hard work, immense dedication, and love for their professions reflect in their greatest achievements and incredible performances of all time. These players have played a huge role in sports that can never be denied.  

Greatest Muslim Athletes of the World – 2024 Rankings

Let’s have a look at 5 of these players who are largely loved and recognized all across the globe.

1. Amir Khan 

Amir Khan is a former British professional boxer who played from 2005-2022. He is surely one of the greatest Muslim athletes. He became the world champion four times by winning WBA (regular), WBA (super) twice, and IBF Light Welterweight titles.  

Amir has also won the Commonwealth titles along with Inter-Continental titles. He is also the youngest-ever Britisher to have won a silver medal at the British Olympics at the age of 17.  

2. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is a former Pakistani cricket player who also served as the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. He is also one of the greatest all-rounders. He has gotten so much fame that it makes other stars jealous of him.  

Afridi was also known as “Boom Boom” among his fans and “Lala” among his teammates. His aggressive style of batting is what made him the most popular. He has earned several international records which also include one of the fastest centuries that he made in ODIs. He also made the longest six in cricket history.  

3. Jahangir Khan 

Jahangir Khan is another former professional squash player from Pakistan who deserves to be on the 3rd of the list. He is widely referred to as the pride of Pakistanis due to his outstanding performances and undefeated achievements.  

Jahangir won about 555 matches consecutively from 1981-1986 which is remarkable. Besides that, he has won the World Open title six times along with the British Open title ten times. He is currently serving as the president of the World Squash Federation.  

4. Imran Khan

Imran Khan is one of the greatest former Pakistani cricketers to ever exist. He was not only a great cricketer but an incredible Prime minister too. His outstanding work for humanity is one of the things that makes him the most unique of all.  

It was Khan’s immense hard work that led Pakistan to victory at Cricket World Cup in the year 1992. He can never be left behind when it comes to the greatest Muslim athletes. He is also the founder of Shaukat Khanum Hospital which is one of the best cancer-treating hospitals in Pakistan.  

5. Mike Tyson

Lastly, I have Mike Tyson on the list who is a former American boxer. His boxing career lasted from 1985-2005. He is also a former undisputed champion heavyweight in the world. He has made his nation immensely proud of him.  

Tyson is the youngest ever boxer to hold the WBA, WBC, IBF, and World Heavyweight titles by the age of 20 years only. He is also recognized as “The Baddest Man on the Planet” for his undefeated attitude.  

People Also Ask

Who was the first-ever Muslim in NBA? 

The first ever Muslim to appear in the NBA was Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. He is a former American professional football player. His greatest performances and achievements have always kept the US’s head high with pride.  

Is there any Muslim player in NFL today? 

Oday Aboushi is a football player from Palestine and a Muslim player who made it to the NFL. He was drafted into the league by the New York Jets in the year 2013 in the fifth round. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams. 

How many Muslims are there in the National Baseball Association? 

According to research, twelve of the returning players of the National Baseball Association (NBA) are Muslims. This is a proud moment for the entire Muslim community and not only for the countries they are representing. These Muslims are true gems in the history of sports.  


All these greatest Muslim athletes have been people’s all-time favorites. They might have retired from their career but not from people’s hearts. Their continuous struggle and the ability to not give up is what led them to this position where they are today. They are a true inspiration to many of the youngsters out there.  

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