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10 Best Polo Teams In The World 2024 | Exclusive Ranking

The game which started by the name of “Kanjai-Bazee” in British India, has gained much popularity ever since. Polo has indeed proved itself to be one of the most enjoyable games that serve both recreational and competitive. Here we take a look at the top 10 best polo teams in the world in 2024.

Best Polo Teams in the World 2024 | Updates

It is the national game of Iran and several other countries. And it also has immense fame and popularity all over this blue planet. So, here are the best polo teams right now.

10. The Chantilly Polo Club

The Chantilly Polo Club

The number ten on the list of best polo teams in the world is Aprement, Oise, France. From the end of April right to the beginning of October, the club opens its doors to its members and visitors for an amazing season of tournaments.

Besides, it also features some of the world’s best horse polo players and glittering social events.

9. El Metejon Polo Club

El Metejon Polo Club

On number 9 in the best polo teams in the world is Cañuelas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Argentines are really passionate about polo, and matches in Argentina are a surreal mix of top equestrians, fabulous facilities, and Latin glamour, with attributes personified in to see the top player and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras.

Well-heeled fans from Buenos Aires travel a moderate forty minutes out of town to this beautiful club, which popularly hosts tournaments from October to December, the true highlight being the Argentine Polo Championship in late November.

8. Guards Polo Club

Guards Polo Club

Number 8th on best polo teams in the world in 2022 is Egham, Surrey, England. A summer playground for the British royals, with landed gentry and social set, Guards is now the largest polo club in Europe with 10 playing fields, an impressive clubhouse, and fabulous hospitality facilities that swing right into the action in April and gallop all the way through to the mid-September.

It’s literally Wimbledon with horses – champagne, afternoon teas, strawberries, and cream, and the chance of social climbing.

7. The International Polo Club Palm Beach

Palm Beach Polo Club

Boasting the best polo facilities offered in the United States, the International Polo Club Palm Beach upholds the finest and most sophisticated traditions of the sport in a truly magnificent and eye-soothing setting. A dramatic palm-lined drive leads to a truly world-class club, an all-white pavilion with a pool, polo library, spa, and a lot of other facilities.

The main focus, however, happens to be on the Grandstand Pavilion and also three meticulously maintained playing fields that host seriously major events like the US Open Polo Championship and also the high-scoring Ylvisaker Cup and Gold Cup.

6. Britannia El Remanso

Britannia El Remanso

On 6th of best polo teams in the world in 2024, this is an all-British professional squad, put together by 4-goal player Charlie Hanbury, 29, and supported financially by RJI Capital, a merchant banking firm. Charlie has expertly recruited three fellow Englishmen to do battle for upcoming year’s major high-goal honors, named the Queen’s Cup at Guards and Gold Cup at Cowdray.

The team will consist of players like Ollie Cudmore, James Beim, and James Harper, who are all members of the England polo squad. And as they’ll be engaged in playing on home soil, they can really look forward to massive support.

5. Zacara Lyndon – Best Polo Team Ever

Zacara Lyndon

Lea’s signing of the Argentinian 10-goaler Facundo Pieres back in 2012 was one of the great coups scored dauntingly by this British-born moneyman, and together they have won a string of victories, including the 2013 Gold Cup, of course.

This serves them the number 6th position on the best polo teams in the world.

4. HB Polo – Best Polo Time of All-Time

HB Polo

On 4th of the best polo teams in the world in 2024, we have the French Pailloncy brothers, Sébastien and Ludo. They have always been a regular and popular feature of the high-goal circuit in recent years.

They have pulled off the unanticipated coup of securing one of the best in the sport of late. While creating history, they won the Uruguayan 10-goaler David ‘Pelon’ Stirling.

3. Apes Hill El Remanso – Greatest Polo Team

Apes Hill El Remanso

Having reached the semi-finals of the prestigious 2015 Gold Cup, Apes Hill is back with another new and improved line-up for 2024. Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams and Major Christopher Hanbury have joined forces with a strong four-man team.

Eduardo Novillo Astrada and Mark Tomlinson line up beside George Hanbury and Alec White. Besides, that should really offer us some entertaining polo.

2. Polo Club Dubai – Best Polo Team Ever

Dubai Polo Club

Dubai-based entrepreneur Ali Albwardy’s team has popularly been the longstanding home of 10-goal supremo Adolfo Cambiaso. But in a rather bold end-of-season transfer move last year, Dubai acquired another professional 9-goaler, Juan Martin Nero.

This pairing now provides Dubai with every chance of challenging those King Power Foxes, who presently reign supreme.

1. King Power Foxes – All-Time Best Polo Team

King Power Foxes

Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has literally poured millions into creating the best polo team in the world. Only last year did they win the hallowed double. They achieved the Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards and also the Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. Besides, young British players Hugo Lewis, 22, and Kian Hall, 19, are the ones to watch.

Srivaddhanaprabha also owns the prestigious Leicester City Football Club – the mascot is a fox, hence explaining the polo team’s name. Although founded back in 1995, the club’s spirit harks back to as early as the 1920s. The Rothschild family set up a polo field on a farm in the astonishingly beautiful postcard village of Apremont.

Final Words

So, these were the top 10 most famous polo teams worldwide. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Best Polo Teams – Infographics

Best Polo Teams - Infographics
Infographics: Best Polo Teams

FAQs Regarding Best Polo Teams

Q. What is the meaning of a polo team?

Polo is a horseback ball game, one of the oldest known team sports, and a traditional field sport. Played by two competing teams, the objective is to hit a small hard ball through the opposing team’s goal using a long-handled wooden mallet.

Q. Which country is best at polo?

Argentina, the USA, and Britain are the most dominant nations with thriving polo industries. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, China, Chile, and Spain are other polo hotspots.

There are many polo clubs in Wellington, including the Grand Champions Polo Club, the National Polo Museum, and the Polo Hall of Fame, which attract many of the country’s best players. Wellington is also the epicenter of polo, housing many of the country’s best players.

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