Hottest Female Shooters

Top 10 Hottest Female Shooters of All Time

American professional sports shooter Tori Nonaka is surely the hottest and sexiest female shooter of all time. Tori has already achieved a gold medal, a silver medal, and two bronze medals at the IPSC US Handgun Championship. American shooting icon Anette Wachter and American double-trap shooter Kim Rhode also deserve their mentions among the hottest female shooters of all time.

Guns and ammo are not the imagery one really relates to with women as often as men. Irrespective of whether you prefer it in hunting, competitive pistol shooting, 3-Gun, or owing to the mere love for firearms, it’s significant to know there are a number of the fairer part leading from the front to bring together an open-minded population to the awesomeness that is shooting and gun possession. Let us pay a privilege and take a look at the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time.

Hottest Female Shooters of All Time | 2024 Updates

From the hottest female soccer players to the hottest female tennis players, we have already ranked and published several exclusive hotness lists. Now, it is time to learn about some hottest female shooters of all time.

10. Gabby Franco

Gabby Franco With His Gun Hottest Female Shooters

Shooting athlete Gabriela Franco (nicknamed Gabby) was a tough bird who grew up in Venezuela. As a child, she was very lively and fondly practiced different sports like the sort of swimming, gymnastics, running, etc. She won 3 Gold medals there.

In the USA, too, Gabby started working in the Firearms Industry and later became more involved in the USPSA and Tactical shooting. Of late, Gabby is one of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time and a firearms instructor, and also an active competitor in USPSA.

9. Kirsten Joy Weiss

Kirsten Joy Weiss

She made her start rather remarkably with what seems like no less of a trophy room of the Olympic-style rifle competition accolades. Kirsten is a sincere proponent of the joy of shooting. She’s a, if we use the word crudely, “great” ambassador for firearms, strengthened by her YouTube channel, where she popularly demonstrates some pretty incredible trick shots.

Oh, and also, you can thank her for conducting the uber-fun Texas Firearms Festival as well. She now holds her place among the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time.

8. Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff Hottest Female Shooters

Name the major USPSA match, and one can bet the money confidently so that Jessie wins it in her respective division in her signature style. Captain of the Taurus shooting team, Jessie, also happens to be the first female shooter to claim the ranking of Grand Master.

You can trace this one of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time as the co-host of the popular show Friends of the NRA broadcast on the Outdoor Channel.

7. Janna Reeves

Janna Reeves

Also known as Miss BattleBorn, one can really anticipate great things from this 3 Gun pro and can attest that this amazing woman can indeed shoot. While she’s all business when she is at the buzzer, Janna’s like a big sister in its true meaning for a lot of the junior female shooters out there.

She now holds her place among the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time. Besides, she now has one of the hottest athlete profiles on Instagram.

6. Katie Francis

 Katie Francis

This one of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time is technically just crossed her teens, but Katie shoots and represents her ever-increasing number of sponsors with a level of maturity that is better than most of the guys, even twice her age.

The video of her amazing shooting a 3-Gun match at the mere age of 13 is, to this day, one of the most-watched and also most widely covered 3-Gun videos on the internet. She’s truly an icon for young women around the world that want to get into firearms and make a name.

5. Natalie Foster

 Natalie Foster

CEO and the standing co-founder of Girls Guide to Guns, an NRA Commentator, and also the host of the NRA’s Love at First Shot web series, it’s quite a cliche to say that Natalie is doing her bit to get women into firearms accordingly.

While some of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time may be a little bit intimidated by the likes of the aforementioned eminent shooters, her site Girls Guide to Guns is so inviting that it gets to women of all sorts of firearms backgrounds or lack thereof.

4. Julie Golob

Julie Golob Most Hottest Female Shooters

Shooting star Julie’s list of major pistol match wins stretches considerably longer than any other top 10 hottest female shooters of all time in existence, with the most impressive being a USPSA ladies champion thirteen times over.

Not only does she kickass and take names in USPSA and IDPA pistol matches around the country, but she hunts, writes, and does a lot of work with the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation).

3. Kim Rhode

 Kim Rhode

5 times an Olympic medalist who was once forced to change the discipline halfway through as the IOC chose to delete her event. You just gotta Show up one day and win it. You know the day it comes, and you wait every 4 years, now make that 5 times.

Besides her immense popularity in the shooting field, she now also holds her place among the most decorated Olympic athletes of all time. That, too, in a row. Kim Rhode is one of the greatest Olympians and also the greatest shooters in history. She also happens to be an ambassador for the sport and a really nice person to boot.

2. Anette “.30calgal” Wachter

Anette “.30calgal” Wachter

Shooting NRA High Power and the international target rifle, the well-deserved number two on this list of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time, Anette has amassed a spectacular record of international individual and also team victories, records, and trophies gloriously representing the US. In sports that don’t really have segregated divisions.

At 1000 yards on a scorching day, she is the one team player you want to pick for your side, and her friendly demeanor really makes her welcome around the globe. Mostly so that we can carry her in a chair following her kicks our butts. That, too, with a smile on.

1. Tori Nonaka

Tori Nonaka

Ms. Nonaka’s shooting skill hasn’t come at the expense of her decent schooling; she maintains a 3.8 GPA. Gaston’s mob also says that Tori’s taken up modeling. It should be guessed that in this, she may have a future as well. No doubt Gun Guys 2.0 will be watching keenly.

During her tenure there, the popular svelte teenage Pistolera racked up some real major wins, including the IDPA Indoor Nationals championship. She now holds the top spot among the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time.


Which one is your favorite out of this list of the top 10 hottest female shooters of all time? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Hottest Female Shooters – Infographics

Hottest Female Shooters - Infographics
Infographics: Hottest Female Shooters

FAQs Regarding Beautiful Female Shooters

Q. What was the name of the famous female sharpshooter?

She was an American sharpshooter who appeared in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show under the name Annie Oakley. As a child, Oakley developed hunting skills to provide for her impoverished family in western Ohio. She won a shooting contest against an experienced marksman at age 15.

Q. When it came to guns, what was Annie Oakley’s favorite?

In her performances, Oakley used Marlin rifles, and one of her favorites was the Model 1891. It was a 22-caliber pump action rifle. She used it the most while performing with the Wild West Show.

Q. What is the value of an Annie Oakley gun?

It is worth $143,500 to a collector. At an auction in Dallas, a shotgun once owned by a western sharpshooter and entertainer, Annie Oakley, sold for more than $143,000 (£92,000). Several guns, Stetson hats, photographs, and letters were among the items sold.

Q. How did Annie Oakley’s hair look?

In November 1902, Annie Oakley appeared as the lead in a play called The Western Girl, which opened in New Jersey after Oakley retired from the Wild West. It was much the same as when she was shooting in the Wild West, but her white hair was now hidden by a brown wig.

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