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Top 10 Best Sports For Girls To Try This Year

Volleyball is undoubtedly the best sport for teenage girls. It not just builds the necessary muscle strength but also improves cardiovascular endurance. Besides, it helps girls to have stronger bone joints. Gymnastics/rhythmic gymnastics/figure skating and Golf also deserve their mentions among the best sports for girls to try this year.

As a matter of fact, women are now allowed to participate in almost all forms of sports as the world has evolved in recent decades. However, there are still some best sports for girls that can allow them to interact with new people, play, and achieve physical excellence.

All over the world, it is not uncommon to see women dominating the sports world, not less than men. But if you think about it, having equal rights for women in comparison to men is not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, the fact that women participate in sports is one of the most significant milestones in terms of their personal development worldwide. So, let’s delve into this article to discover the most popular sports among girls.

Best Sports For Girls – 2024 Ranking

Not just some of the most popular sports in the world but also some of the most difficult sports are now equally enjoyed by females. But there are a few sports that are pretty well suited for the girls. And here they are!

10. Hockey

Female Hockey Sports For Girls

If you are looking for a sport that will help you work out your leg muscles, like calves, hamstrings, and hip muscles, hockey is the game for you. Playing this sport will assist you in burning countless calories as you progress through it.

As a hockey player, you usually do not have to put many struggles into your game. And several greatest female hockey players also proved their prowess in the game.

You only have to put the ball into the goal with the help of your teammates. A growing percentage of American youths are taking up hockey as one of the most popular sports among young girls.

Apart from its physical benefits, it is beneficial for girls to improve their communication skills and make them more supportive of their teamwork. That is why we have ranked hockey in the 10th spot out of the top 10 best sports for girls.

9. Soccer / Association Football

Female Soccer

On the 9th spot out of the top 10 best sports for girls, we’ve ranked football. Although both sexes play soccer, the female gender is more interested in playing soccer than the male.

In addition to helping young ladies to build their lower body strength, it has the added benefit of making them more confident about their abilities. And there are several greatest female soccer players around the globe that have already proved it right.

Playing soccer with a team enables females to become more social and cooperative with their environment and more cooperative with each other. Furthermore, another fundamental reason to encourage girls to play soccer is that it promotes teamwork and helps to improve their mental health.

Aside from that, soccer is generally a very fair and easy play game, so parents are not concerned about the girls’ safety. Approximately half of the equipment you need for this game is a soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards.

8. Basketball

Basketball Best Sports For Girls

When it comes to improving your upper body’s strength, basketball is what you should play if you want to gain that strength. For girls, it is undoubtedly the best sport they can play since it is fast-paced and female-oriented.

It is extremely important to be able to run, make good contact with teammates, and possess good upper-body strength when playing basketball. And there are several tallest female basketball players who are equally strong as their male counterparts.

The most beneficial sport for teenage girls is playing volleyball since it is a sport that helps them to increase their height. It is not necessary to have a cooperative team to play basketball; you need a ball, a hoop, and athletic shoes.

Basketball improves socialization, promotes teamwork, and encourages girls to become more cooperative with each other. Those are the three most important reasons girls should be encouraged to play basketball. Due to its flexibility, basketball sport got ranking in the 8th spot out of the top 10 best sports for girls.

7. Cheerleading

Female Cheerleading

Among the top 10 best sports for girls, cheerleading comes in at number 7. Although cheerleading is not considered by many as a sport, it can be regarded as one by certain groups.

In addition to having numerous benefits for the participating girls, this sport is becoming increasingly popular every day. And there are several hottest cheerleaders in the world who are just dominating this field.

There are certain qualities that you must possess in order to succeed at cheerleading. The essential attributes are gentleness, lightness, and athleticism.

In order to be a cheerleader, you need to be a cheerful person who can motivate others toward victory by encouraging and motivating them. Cheerleading, personally, promotes the value of perseverance, dedication, and relentless effort.

6. Tennis

Female Tennis

There is no better sport than tennis for those who do not wish to be surrounded by other athletes from their competing teams. Whether you choose to play alone or with friends, tennis offers you a unique opportunity.

Women’s tennis has gained much importance in recent years because of the greatest female tennis players like Wozniacki, the Williams sisters, and V. Azarenka. In fact, it was only because of these women that tennis became popular among young girls worldwide.

Compared to other games that involve running, playing tennis does not involve much running. Additionally, it is not necessary to bring anything else but a racquet and ball with you to play tennis.

Similar to other games, tennis is also beneficial to you to improve your mental strength and increase your physical flexibility.

5. Swimming

Female Swimming

Swimming is the 5th sport on the list of the ten best sports for girls, placing it 5th out of 10. The attraction of swimming to young girls is also another great characteristic. And several greatest swimmers of all time are females.

The best thing about swimming is that it can be done individually or in a group. Swimming has a variety of different types, and some of the more commonly used ones are butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke.

You don’t need to have Google and the swim cap because it is enough for you to compete in the swimming events. The majority of the girls found it to be a more adventurous game than others because of its style of playing with water like a fish in its natural habitat.

In addition, swimming offers a full-body workout and is also an excellent way to burn calories. Swimming is also beneficial to girls because they learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-discipline from this activity.

4. Softball

Female Softball

Girls! If you want to stay active for a prolonged period of time without constantly running or moving, then softball is the perfect sport for you. Believe it or not, it is also one of the most popular sports in the USA.

Having the combined strength of the entire upper and lower body, all that you require is for your eyes and hands to work together. Whether you decide to go for practice or gameplay, it is always a good idea to wear sliders.

There aren’t many accessories you need to play this game; all you need is a bat, a softball, and a pair of gloves. In addition to the physical benefits of playing this game, it also boosts self-esteem, increases flexibility, and develops your mental health.

Sports participation has generally proved to benefit girls both socially and physically, enhancing the self-esteem and self-confidence of these youngsters.

3. Golf

Female Golf

There is no doubt that golf is one of the top sports for girls, ranking third among the best. Golf is the perfect sport for girls who want a passive and facile sport that does not require much physical effort. Golf has already achieved its place as one of the most popular and rapidly growing sports on the planet.

This is one of the most popular games among girls because of the fact that it does not entail as much physical exercise as other traditional sports. Besides, there are several hottest female golfers who are now almost dominating this sport.

The only thing that you need to play in this game is a club set, which is the only item you need to participate in. Compared to other games, golf doesn’t just benefit your physical health, but it also helps strengthen your mental health.

Additionally, golf boosts social connections and improves self-esteem, making it one of the best activities for both the mind and the body.

2. Gymnastics


Unlike any other type of game, you must perform each step individually in this game. When it comes to gymnastics, you need to be played with utmost proficiency and total dedication if you want to succeed.

It is only women with lean and flexible bodies who are capable of performing it gracefully. And there are several hottest female gymnasts who are equally talented and agile at the same time to achieve such perfection.

There are many young girls with impressive skills who are doing wonders in the gymnastics world today. There is something that people crave to see in this sport, an exciting way in which gymnasts show their skills on the ground, which is what the people desire to see.

Gymnastics can help strengthen the bone structure in women, which allows them to become stronger. As a result of practicing gymnastics, you will be able to build and strengthen your upper body and lower body as well as make your core much stronger.

1. Volleyball

Female Volleyball Best Sports For Girls

I believe volleyball is not a challenging game to play, and it does not require a high level of skill to be successful. The reason why volleyball is so popular among young girls is that it is not as difficult as other sports.

In terms of team athletic activity in the United States, volleyball holds the spot as a leading sport for girls. And there are many gorgeous female volleyball players who are taking their performances to the next level.

You will only require knee pads and a ball if you wish to participate in the sport. Girls who play volleyball can lose weight by eating a healthy diet, which is the best way to lose weight for girls.

Volleyball can improve cardiovascular endurance in no time. It ensures the biggest benefits volleyball can offer to a girl since volleyball involves a lot of movements that dramatically improve the muscular strength of the player.


The good thing about sports is that they teach discipline and make one follow a healthy lifestyle, but some sports seem to be made especially for girls, as discussed above.

These are the best sports ranking followed all over the world by the majority of girls. We are sure that you like reading out the article, please let us know in the comment below, and we will appreciate your response.

FAQs Regarding Best Sports For Girls

Q. What is the best sport for a teenage girl?

According to Monitoring the Future, the most popular sports for girls are volleyball, softball, basketball, track and field, soccer, and cheerleading. Sports girls preferred least were wrestlers, lacrosse players, golfers, and footballers.

Q. What sport is most attractive?

The findings of the survey showed that 13% of respondents considered swimming the most attractive sport to participate in, followed by tennis at 10% and beach volleyball at eight percent.

Q. Which sport has the toughest athletes?

As one of the toughest athletes on the planet, ice hockey players have endured and still endure the harshest physical athletes in order to win the Stanley Cup. Hockey is regarded as the most extreme sport on the planet for that reason.

Q. Which sport is mentally the hardest?

Swimming is the world’s most mentally challenging sport, and it may surprise many people when they hear that it is ranked number one on the list of the toughest sport worldwide. There is a well-known cycle of self-sabotage among many professional swimmers, which may last for seven days.

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