Greatest Cyclist Of All Time

The Top 6 Greatest Cyclists of All Time

Who is the greatest cyclist of all time? The answer lies here in the achievements of top-rate cyclists. When deciding who belongs to the list of top cyclists, the first thing is the list of achievements done by the cyclists. The cyclists are difficult to compare as their work and skill sets differ.

We are here to put light on the list of the greatest cyclists of all time by considering the strength, power, and ability to win championships in world tournaments. Cycling is considered the most popular sport. Let’s have a look at the top 6 cyclists of all time. Here you go.

Greatest Cyclists of all Time – 2024 UPDATES

Here we have a list of top-rated cyclists, whose achievements are remarkable in history. Have a look at their skills and cycling talent.

6. Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx (Greatest Cyclist Of All Time)

The top and most-voted cyclist of all time. He is the one who won all five Monuments and three World championships. He is said to be the most respected and frequently searched cyclist of all time. 

Their fellow workers always respect them and honor them for their work. He is the one who gives the best competitive environment in the race. He is stated in the list of best cyclist names due to his extra fast performance. He won the monument races and was also noted in many commercial and sporting projects along with the cyclist.

5. Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish

The other most talented one comes under the Best cyclist name. The cyclist was voted to ungraded his position in the list in 2020. The man with the greatest sprinter had the title of World championship among his achievements. 

The man has the most spirited performance in all years. He fell ill in 2017 due to an attack of a virus and fought with such disease until he came back to the field in 2021 as the Greatest cyclist of all time. He is a Great Britain cyclist who has completed five stages of the seven-stage race.

4. Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos

The other cyclist who falls on the list is Marianne Vos. She is from the women’s cyclists list. Who has the history of two Olympic gold medals and a record of around 32 stage wings? 

She is the one who has been a vocal advocate for the growth of the women’s cycling wing. She knows the issues linked to the women cyclists like poor management, less salary, and other security issues. She is the most famous cyclist who had the educational support to fight for women’s basic rights.

3. Beryl Burton

Beryl Burton

The lady whose name comes as the best cyclist is Belly Button. She is the one who juggles her training as a professional while looking after her family. She got more appreciation due to her talent in cycling.

She won almost 90 domestic championships with seven world titles with numerous records for her best performance in the cycling field. She also made a record for having a 12-hour trail, and this was made in 2017 by the first female rider. The lady is named the best cyclist due to her extraordinary balance between life and the profession.

2. Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong (Greatest Cyclist Of All Time)

The most famous cyclist is Lance Armstrong. He is voted the second-greatest cyclist of all time. His work proved his profession as the most serving profession. He can be said as the best cyclist in 2022.

His talent made him able to reach the profession to the top. He won around seven consecutive titles and inspired many cyclists of that time due to his extra hard work. He won the Tour de France titles along with winning the bronze medal. His performance made his name in the professional cycle as the greatest cyclist of all time.

1. Bernard Hinault

Bernard Hinault (Greatest Cyclist Of All Time)

He is the French cyclist who won all the Grand tours and found the position in the top list of cyclists. He is among the six cyclists to win all the professional cycling awards.

Hainaut became the first cyclist to win the first or second position in the professional cycling Tour de France and won the last French award of the Tour de France event. He is the one to win this event five times and became the runner-up of the event. He spent his career making almost more than 200 victories.


The greatest cyclist of all time is the term that is mostly used while studying the article. The Cyclists’ names are among the top athletes of all time. It’s impossible to compare the cyclists due to the difference in their skills. Many cyclists have achieved a lot in their careers and have made recognition. 

If you want to know about cyclists’ achievements, this article is of great help. You might have a lot of information regarding the top cyclist of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the greatest men’s cyclist of all time?

Different cyclists have their names in history. The only person that has made history with his work is Launch Armstrong. He is named the best cyclist in the world in 2022.

Which men’s cyclist has won the most UCI Road World Championships?

There is an almost five-way tie for the best UCI road world championships. The three main cyclists have got gold medals in the field of cycling in UCI World Championships.

Who has won all 5 cycling tournaments?

The one who has won all 5 cycling awards is better for selection. The top greatest cyclist of all time is three riders who won five tournaments throughout their career.

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