Top 7 Best Squash Players That Will Amuse You 

The fact that squash stands among one of the greatest sports of all time just blows my mind. But what made squash this popular? It’s the best squash players who sacrificed their everything and transformed squash into what it is today.  

These squash players are truly superheroes. Their extraordinary wins and outstanding performances reflect their immense determination and hard work. It’s just amazing to see how these players never gave up and continued to struggle to achieve what they have today. I don’t think words could ever do justice when it comes to praising them.  

10 Best Squash players – The Top Rankings

I have listed 7 of these greatest players who have won a million hearts and proved to be the real stars of squash.  

1. Jahangir Khan

What could be more amazing than having Jahangir Khan first on the list of best squash players? He is a retired best Pakistani squash player who didn’t leave a single chance to make Pakistan proud. His winning of 555 matches for six consecutive years from 1981-1986 is just incredible and also holds the Guinness World Record for this.  

Jahangir is best known for becoming the World Open Champion at the age of just 17 and winning the World Amateur Championship at 15. He holds the record for winning the British Open ten times and the World Open six times. He also served as the president of the World Squash Federation which is amazing.  

2. Jansher Khan

Jansher Khan is the best squash player in Pakistan who has now retired and stands second on the list. There is nobody who has ever been able to compete with him to date. Just like Jahangir Khan, he also gave his best to keep the nation’s head high with pride.  

Jansher is also highly recognized for winning the World Junior Squash Championship title at the very young age of 17. Jansher Khan achieved his very first win in the semifinals of Hong Kong against Jahangir Khan. He has won the British Open 6 times and the British Open ten times. He won a total of 99 titles in his entire career and was also ranked no.1 in squash for over 10 years.  

3. Peter Nicol

Peter Nicol is a former Scottish professional squash player who represented both Scotland and England in international squash during his entire career. This makes him one of the most outstanding squash players to ever exist.  

Nicol’s greatest accolades include his winning a World Open title, two British Open titles along with four gold medals in the commonwealth games. Besides that, he also owns three Super Series titles, two PSA Masters titles, two British National Championship titles, and three Tournament of Champions titles under his belt. He was ranked no.1 for 60 months in his career. 

4. Geoff Hunt

Geoff Hunt is a former Australian squash player who is one of the greatest squash players of the golden era. His exceptional performances and achievements throughout his career are some things that need to be praised. He inaugurated the World Open title in 1976 and continued winning a reward on the first four occasions that were held.  

Geoff won the British Open a total of eight times and the International Amateur Individual Championship thrice. One of his greatest wins also includes his induction into the World Squash Federation Hall of Fame and the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Besides playing, he also served as the head coach at the Australian Institute of sport lasting from 1985-2003.

5. Jonathan Power 

Next on the list, I have Jonathan Power who is a retired Canadian squash player. His incredible ability of deception shots and drop shots is largely admired by all. He is also the first-ever North American squash player to make it to the no.1 world ranking in squash.  

Jonathan participated in 58 games and won a total of 36 PSA tournaments throughout his career. He has won the World Open, the British Open, the PSA Master thrice, and the Super Series Finals twice. He also won the Tournament of Champions a total of four times along with a gold medal in men’s singles at the commonwealth games held in 2002.  

6. Chris Dittmar 

Chris Dittmar is a former Australian squash player who is widely known for defeating one of the two famous Khans in the semifinals. He was then defeated by the other in the finals. Many people say that he was unlucky to play squash in the same era as these two khans, Jahangir and Jansher.  

Chris’s greatest achievements include the two silver medals that he won at the British Open in the years 1985 and 1993. He also appeared in the World Open finals a total of five times. Besides this, he has also captained the Australian national squash team. It was under his captaincy that they were able to achieve the World Team Squash Championship.  

7. F.D. Amr Bey

Lastly, I have F.D. Amr Bey on the list who was an Egyptian squash player. He is said to be one of the greatest squash players Egypt has ever produced. He began his squash career as a ball boy at Gezira Sporting Club in Egypt.  

Bey had won the British Open a total of six times. He also made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for having won the British Amateur Championship 6 times. His fans also nicknamed him the ‘Human Streak of Lightning. He won a Lifetime Achievement Award in World Squash which was his greatest achievement of all time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is said to be the best squash player ever? 

Jahangir Khan, a former Pakistani professional squash player is said to be the best squash player to ever exist. He has always kept his nation’s head high with pride with his incredible performances. He has played a vital role in transforming squash into what it is today.  

Who has won the most titles in squash? 

The list of players who have won the most titles in squash includes Jansher Khan, Jahangir Khan, Mike Corren, and Peter Nicol. But Jansher Khan stands first on the list for having won a total of 99 titles in his entire career.  

Which country is considered the best in squash? 

The 4 countries that are considered the best in squash are Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, and England. Australia remains to be first on the list for having won the greatest number of gold medals out of all these countries which is 8.  


The great success of these best squash players might have convinced you with the fact that success comes to those who work hard. These players have set records so high that I find it almost impossible for the upcoming squash players to surpass them. These players are the true gems of squash and will always remain the legends of squash. 

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