Most Successful Cricket Teams

Top 6 Most Successful Cricket Teams to Ever Exist 

Cricket has always been like medicine prescribed to me by my doctor. I can never get enough of it. Honestly, it’s like an addiction I can’t get rid of. And why not when these most successful cricket teams have vowed not to betray my heart? I am sure you are as crazy about them as I am.

The best cricket days are when Pakistan and India play against each other. This is the time when things get spiced up and who doesn’t love spices? At least I do. Cricket is all about spreading joy all across the world and has never proved to be boring. I have seen how enthusiastically the young generation takes interest in cricket nowadays and nothing amazes me more than this. 

Most Successful Cricket Teams in the World Today

Here I have brought 6 of the incredible cricket teams that never turned their back on people. Let’s dig into it and get to know more about them.  

1. New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the greatest cricket teams and has been serving the fans with its best cricket. It is surely not an easy team to play with. The pressure this team has put on their opponents is unmatchable.  

This team includes the greatest players of all time like Trent Boult, Ross Taylor, Matt Henry, and Kane Williamson. I think it’s the players who make a strong team. One Day Internationals is said to have been New Zealand’s territory. Their incredible victories in the past are enough to show that they still have the will to defeat and they don’t fear anything. 

2. England 

England stands second on the list of most successful cricket teams. It’s their legacy that has grabbed the attention of many cricket fans. Their tremendous defeats and several awards show how far they have come.  

England has won the cricket world cup four times along with the ICC T20 world cup and many others. Some of their players who deserve praise are Johny Bairstow, an outstanding batter, Chris Woakes, the fearless bowler, and the all-rounder Ben Stokes. This team has surprised the fans many times and has lived up to their dreams.  

3. India 

India has been the most successful team in the T20. It belongs to one of the most decorative teams for over a decade. All praises for the Indian team. The players like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly are the greatest Indian players in history. How can I miss Virat Kohli? He is surely one of the best players of the current times. 

Winning trophies has never been an issue for the Men in Blue or I should say they have never faced a trophy shortage. The way the Indian fans have narrated their success story will leave you in awe. It tells what their past glories tasted like. This team has surely given a very tough time to the opponents.  

4. Pakistan 

Pakistan can surely not be missed when listing the most successful teams. The team’s ruthless nature and unmatched strive to achieve the highest honors is something that I feel should be much more appreciated.  

The team has won the World Cup Champions and the ICC World T20 but I bet this is not where this team is going to stop. I am sure there are a lot more trophies that are coming home. The number of records they have made including their ranking as number one in ODI says a lot about them.  

And how can I forget the players like Babar Azam and Imad Wasim? These are the true heroes of the Pakistani cricket team. Shaheen Shah Afridi is my personal favorite and he deserves his mention here. The aura these players carry is just undefeated.  

5. Australia 

Australia takes the spotlight in terms of the most successful teams in One Day International history. This team has played incredibly well throughout and still, hasn’t gotten tired. The World Cup is made for them, I guess. They have won it a total of five times which is huge.  

The players like Aaron Finch, Josh Hazelwood, and David Warner are nonetheless true champions of the cricket world. The team’s record of winning 318 matches from 814 matches proves how dominant they are in cricket.  

6. West Indies 

Lastly, I have West Indies on the list which is said to be feared by every single team out there. The terror of this team is real. Their notable achievements include the 2 T20 World Cups, the ICC Champions Trophy, and the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.  

Apart from having won the trophies, their threatening style of playing has won the hearts of millions of fans. Their immense hard work continues and they are willing to be back in the no.1 spot once again defeating everyone.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cricket team is the most successful? 

Australia is said to be the most successful cricket team out of all. It is the most successful team in terms of both wins and wins percentage if I talk about its test matches in March 2021. It won 390 of 830 tests.  

Which cricket club has the most fans in the world? 

Royal Challengers Bangalore is said to be the most popular sports team in Asia. According to Deportes and Finanzas, one of the biggest global data analytics firms has said that the Bangalore Indian Premier League is the only cricket league in the list. 

Who is the best cricket captain in the world? 

There are a couple of great captains that are to exist in cricket history. The list includes Ms. Dhoni, RT Ponting, SP Fleming, and GC Smith. But Ms. Dhoni remains first on the list and one of the most loved captains of all time.  


Cricket is something that refreshes your soul. The joy it brings is just something I can’t put into words. I am sure you as a cricket enthusiast might have the same feeling. It’s just another level of fun. I am extremely excited and looking forward to the Pakistan vs New Zealand match of the current T20 World Cricket Tri-series. I hope you enjoyed reading about these most successful cricket teams.  

Please leave your remarks in the comment section below. Thank you! 

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