Best Pushup Exercises For Climbers

Best Pushup Exercises For Climbers

Pushups have become an essential and useful exercise for climbers. They work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abdominal muscles. Some of the best pushups for climbers have been very helpful Continue Reading Pushup For Climbers.

Climbing involves a lot of tugging, which leads to muscular imbalances, due to which a climber needs to practice pushups. They can sustain several injuries as a result, including hunchback development. Pushups thereby maintain equilibrium. And the best part is that you can perform pushups anywhere, anytime, without special equipment.

In this guide, I will cover some of the most common pushup exercises you will never get bored with. So, let’s dig in and get to know more about Pushup For Climbers.

1. The Basic Pushup 

The most popular pushup workout is this one. As with all pushups, you must assume a plank stance for this exercise. Once in a plank posture, put your palms on the ground and spread your arms wide. Maintain engagement throughout, then bend your elbows outward, lowering yourself until your nose is almost touching the ground. Just push yourself back up to where you were before.

2. The Narrow Pushup 

One of the best push-ups for beginners is this one. The only difference between these and basic pushups is that your hands must remain more closely together. Instead of bending your elbows outward, do so that they point in the direction of your feet. The best exercise for your triceps is this one.

3. The Diamond Pushup 

Diamond Pushuups best pushups for climbers

Your hands must be touching to perform these pushups. Your right and left hands’ thumbs and index fingers will resemble a diamond. You can feel it in your triceps when you press up after lowering to the ground. If you feel it, you probably need to do it correctly.

4. Wide Pushups 

Wide Pushups  for climbers

The next exercise is wide pushups, which work your biceps, latissimus dorsi, and serratus anterior in contrast to the first two varieties. You must spread your arms wider than your shoulders’ width apart on the ground to perform these pushups.

Remember to keep your form in check and your core and lower back engaged to prevent hip sagging. Apart from that, these pushups are an improvement over the standard ones.

5. Shoulder Tap Pushups 

Shoulder tap Pushups best pushups for climbers

The hardest to perform but the most effective pushups are shoulder taps, which are great core burners. You perform standard pushups in this exercise, but there’s a twist: Before each pushup, you must tap your shoulders with the hand on the other side.

As soon as you lift one of your hands off the ground, you will notice your weight shifting. Just maintain core stability and refrain from making too many side-to-side motions. This is beneficial for climbing since it teaches you how to keep your body rigid while moving one hand.

6. Military Pushups 

Military Pushups best pushups for climbers

Your upper body, particularly your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core back muscles, are greatly strengthened with military pushups. Begin in the same basic push-up stance above and maintain your feet together. Straight arms and flat hands on the floor beneath your shoulders are ideal.

You are supposed to breathe in as you bend your elbows and breathe out when you bend back up to your original position.  


Pushups are comparatively harder to do than other exercises, but once you become a pro, you will find it easy. All you need is practice and consistency. This article helped you learn the best pushups for climbers.  

Please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed Pushup For Climbers reading this article and share your pushup experiences. Thank you! 


1.How many pull-ups are good for climbing? 

One of the fundamental workouts for climbing is the pull-up. Your objective should be to perform ten sets of 10 or roughly 100 pull-ups. These numbers can be decreased to 20 sets of five pull-ups, and the result will be identical. For seasoned athletes, weighted pull-ups are a game-changer.

2.How to get stronger at climbing? 

Exercise should be your main priority if you want to be a strong climber. The two essential climbing exercises that can help you succeed are pushups and pullups. You can also attempt lying triceps extensions and wide grip lat pulldowns. 

3.Which type of pushups is most effective? 

The most efficient exercise is the simple pushup. Exercise your chest, arms, and shoulders with just a little floor space and the desire to move. If you are disciplined in a plank position, it also has a minor impact on your core.

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