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Top 10 Most Followed Sports In The World Right Now

Sports become part of life at all stages of life. From school to professional life every single individual has some favorite sports. Sports not only maintain physical health but impose positive effects on mental health.

There are hundreds of sports played by people in different seasons and cultures. In this article, I will explain the most followed sports that are equally popular in different parts of the world. Some sports are even part of religious and cultural celebrations. 

Top 10 Most Followed Sports In The World – Exclusive Rankings

Nobody can deny the importance of sports in the present age. In this digital life, sports are the only source to keep ourselves active. Several most followed sports are played by all people once in their lifetime. 

People adopt and play different sports both for fun and professional purpose. Those who cannot play are also fond of sports and enjoy them as viewers. The comparison shows that soccer, cricket, and tennis are among the most popular sports in the world.

1. Soccer 

Soccer - most followed sports

Soccer commonly known as football is one of the most famous sports in the world. Starting in the 19th century in the England this sport has engaged everyone in its charisma. Football is the only game that is equally popular both in rich and poor countries and has more than 4 billion fans. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is the use of ordinary ball and goal play. No expensive equipment is required if you want to play this game. Being a popular sports football player has billions of followers on different social media platforms. 

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2. Cricket 

Cricket- Cricket helmet and bat

In the list of famous sports, cricket holds the second position with more than 3 billion followers in the world. This game is quite common in Asia and other big countries including Australia and New Zeeland. This bat ball game is played between two teams each having 11 players in each team. 

Cricket following is more dominant in countries in which this game is played. The popularity of cricket is increasing which is evident from hundreds of cricket-related searches on the internet.  Different countries organize leagues and tours for international players to increase the popularity of cricket. 

3. Hockey  – Most Followed Sports

Hockey- most famous sports

Hockey is third on the list of most famous sports with more than 2 billion followers. Ice and field hockey are variants of hockey played by different countries. Field hockey is common in Asian and some European countries. Ice hockey is more popular in Canada and a few regions of Northern Europe. 

It is equally popular among both genders with the same passion and thrill. Unlike the other two sports popularity of hockey is limited to certain regions of the world. The presence of hockey on social media depends upon the league’s seasons. 

4. Basketball 

Basketball - most followed sports

In terms of following both hockey and baseball have more than 2 billion fans. Five players are involved from each team and they have to pass a ball through the hoop. This game is common in the US, Canada, China, and the Philippines. In terms of viewership, this is one of the most watched sports in the USA. 

The basketball world league and the Olympics are two major events of this game. This game needs more thrill and energy so it is a male-dominating game. Few teams of women are also present but their number is much less compared to male basketball players. 

5. Tennis – Most Followed Sports

Tennis - highest paid sports

Despite being in 5th place, tennis is one of the highest-paid sports in the world. With more than 1 billion followers this game is common in rich countries.  Two players are involved in a single match and they have to push the ball using a racket. This game is equally popular among both males and females. 

Tennis players have millions of followers on their social media accounts depicting the popularity of this game. US Open; French Open and Australian Open are the biggest competition in hockey in the world. 

6. Volleyball – Most Followed Sports

Volleyball most followed sports

Volleyball is a popular game in all countries of the world but its fan following is limited to almost 900 million followers.  The game is played between two teams each of six players’ separated by a net cord. Volleyball is one of the most watched sports, especially during the Olympic season. 

This game does not require technical equipment so anyone can play this game. This game is widely played on sandy beaches in Australia and the US.  Different federations are working in different parts of the world and organizing international and national leagues.

7. Table tennis 

Table tennis most famous indoor game

Table tennis or ping pong is one of the famous indoor games with millions of followers distributed all over the world. Ping pong is played on a long table divided into two portions with the help of a net. Two to four players can play this game simultaneously by hitting the ball with a racket. 

Among the most famous games, it is the only game that is more commonly known as a fun game rather than a professional. Numbers of professionals are representing their countries on different international platforms. More than half of the followers of table tennis adopt this game as a hobby. As a result, only a few countries play this game on an international level. 

8. Baseball 


This male-dominating game is also one of the most famous sports with 500 million followers. This game is very similar to cricket as it involves hitting the ball with a bat. Two teams with 9 players per team play this game in a rectangular area. In baseball, only three batsmen are allowed to bat in nine innings to hit high scores.

The popularity of this game is very high in Canada, Japan, and the USA. Other countries even do not play international leagues of baseball as their people don’t show interest in baseball. Females are also practicing in large numbers in limited countries. 

9. Rugby 


Rugby is the second last game in terms of the most popular sports in the world. This game is very much similar to soccer, as players have to hit, though, and kick the ball to other players. This game may not hold a spot in most followed sports of the world yet played in many significant countries such as South Africa, Spain, and Germany,

Rugby is popular only in particular regions where this game is commonly played. Rugby is part of traditional plays in different areas of South Africa.  The Rugby world cup is organized after every four years and only 20 countries take part in this game. 

10. Golf


This is an individual game played by different countries in the world as a professional game. It is played on a particular ground called a golf course with 9 to 18 holes. There is no fixed boundary in the golf area and it can be played in desert and hilly places. 

The golfer has to hit the ball into the holes with strokes. The player with the least number of strokes will win the match. This game is relaxing and is known as the most famous outdoor game in Eastern Asia and North America. 


What is the number 1 game?

Soccer or football is the number 1 game in the world with more than 4 billion followers. Additionally, there are more than 60 million soccer players and more than 140 teams in the world.

What sports make the highest money?

Basketball is fourth on the list of most popular games but highest in terms of money-making. Basketball players earn millions of dollars annually and more from sponsorships and advertisements.

What are the easiest sports?

Every sport requires mental and physical fitness for better performance. But there are a few games including table tennis and volleyball that can be played easily.


In this article, I have described the most followed sports in the world with a separate fan base. Games play a vital role in the economy of any country. Players who are linked with famous sportspeople consider them as their role models. They learn many things from players as well as games especially teamwork and hard work.

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