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Top 5 Most Absurd Sports That Are Insane

As you know how much sports have evolved in the past few years and the reputation it has gained is amazing. But there are some most absurd sports out there that have been nothing more than disasters. They tend to ruin the image of sports.  

These are the most illogical and senseless sports to ever exist in the history of sports. Not only are their rules but they are as irrational as they come. For example, there is a game called extreme ironing. You just need to keep ironing the clothes which sounds funny but it is what it is.  

Most Absurd Sports in the World – 2024 UPDATE

Let’s have a look at 6 of these sports that people have continued to master but their rules just don’t make any sense in most cases.  

1. Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing stands first on the list and remains to be the most absurd to date. The game is one of the most extreme sports. It expects you to reach extreme heights and depths to iron. Funny enough, right? If not, then let me add that players have been making records in this game.  

Be it ironing at the top of the hill or under the sea bed, this sport has seen everything. It’s still unknown how this sport reached this level of fame but one thing that I am sure about is that this sport is nowhere near logical. I am sure that if this game ever makes it to the Olympics, then it would be the dumbest sport in the Olympics.  

2. Buzkashi


Buzkashi is another absurd sport. It is much more popular in Afghanistan and other parts of Central Asia. It is not only an absurd sport but also way too gruesome and gory. The rules it has been so weird and stupid that one would want to laugh.  

All the players need to do is play polo simply but not with sports gear. The game material of this game is the headless corpse of a dead goat which makes me want to vomit. And the most pathetic thing is that this game lasts for several days. This is the point when the player can even kill each other just to win which is disgusting.  

3. Eukonkanto

Next on the list, I have Eukonkanto which stands third on the list. It is very popular in Finland and Estonia too. It’s a couple’s game that gives you nothing but extreme laughter attacks. It’s a competitive game that gives you beer as a reward.  

So, what happens in the game? The husbands carry their wives on their backs and cross the obstacles placed in their way. The couple who has made a record of winning this game for five years is Taisto Miettinen and Kristina. Some people can be consistent no matter how lame and dumb the sport is.  

4. The Summer Redneck Games

How could the USA lag behind when talking about the absurdity in sports? The USA stands first in the absurdity of sports and the summer redneck Games is one of them. I would rather call it a complete package of absurd games with a ribbon on top.  

The Summer Redneck Games are usually a variation of the Olympics. The games include toilet seat throwing, cigarette flipping, and dumpster diving. Doesn’t it sound very athletic? These games are just pathetic to the core.  

5. Jai Alai

Lastly, I have Jai Alai on the list which breaks all the records into being absurd. If you have ever played Racquetball you might relate to this game but the only difference is the ball comes to you at a speed of 188 mph. Not too much right? 

The speed at which this game is usually played is double the speed of a car and there are high chances of you getting injured. The thing which is silly about this game is the notched-up adrenaline rush and the speed.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What sport is the most chaotic? 

Bo Taoshi was a game invented as a training exercise mainly for the Japanese military. It is a bizarre, chaotic, wild, and entertaining sport to exist in Japan. It is quite similar to capture the flag but the rules are much more extreme and difficult.  

What is the most unusual sport? 

The most unusual yet funny sports are quidditch, wife carrying, and toe wrestling. Like how do you even wrestle with your toes? Although these are unusual games but have gained immense popularity across the globe.  

What is the sport that is newly invented? 

The sport that has been newly invented is baseball. It is a game between two teams. It is a game made up of combining elements of football, volleyball, and gymnastics. It is a very exciting sport to play.  


The beauty that sports carry has been destroyed by some of the most absurd sports. They are completely based on humor and nothing else proves that lack of logic can fade the charm away. Although they are entertaining to watch but senseless too at the same time. I hope you liked reading about them.  

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