What Is A Walkover In Tennis

What Is A Walkover In Tennis? – A Detailed Guide With Stats

Walkover is common in almost every sport for several reasons. And there are historical controversies regarding famous walkovers in big tournaments. But do you know what a walkover is in tennis? Let’s dive into more details.

A walkover, also known as a W.O., is a term used in tennis to describe a match where one player wins without even playing against his/her opponent. This can happen for various reasons, including injury, illness, or if a player withdraws from the tournament before the match begins.

Main Reasons Behind Tennis Walkovers

There are various reasons for a walkover in tennis, including:

  1. Injury: If a player is unable to play due to an injury, medical conditions, or postoperative rehab, they may choose to withdraw following a walkover.
  2. Illness: When a tennis player is too sick to play, they may choose to withdraw and walkover from the match. So, many good tennis academies conduct regular medical checks on their students.
  3. Personal reasons: If a player has personal reasons that prevent them from playing, they may choose to withdraw, resulting in a walkover.

Historical Walkovers

Some of the most famous walkovers in tennis history include:

  1. One of the fittest male athletes, Novak Djokovic, walkover at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  2. Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly among the most handsome tennis players. But he walkover at the 2016 Australian Open, where he withdrew due to a wrist injury.
  3. Serena Williams, one of the greatest female tennis players, walkover at the 2011 US Open, where she withdrew due to a foot injury.

There have also been controversies in tennis surrounding walkovers. Some players have been criticized for withdrawing from tournaments without sufficient reason, while others have been accused of “tanking” or not giving their best effort in a match.

Major Walkovers In Tennis In Recent Years

Here is a table containing all the major walkovers in the last two years:

YearTournamentPlayer 1Player 2
2021Australian OpenRafael NadalAlex de Minaur
2021French OpenNovak DjokovicLorenzo Musetti
2022WimbledonRoger FedererCasper Ruud
2022U.S. OpenSerena WilliamsViktoria Kuzmova

Final Words

In conclusion, a walkover in tennis refers to a match where one player is awarded the victory without having to play. There are various reasons for a walkover, including injury, illness, and personal reasons.

Despite controversies surrounding walkovers, they remain an important part of tennis and are a reminder of the physical demands placed on professional tennis players. So, that’s all for today, and don’t forget to send your feedback to the SportsMonkie team.

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