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List of Top 10 Sports Agencies All Around The World

Sports agencies promote business in the U.S. The sports franchise works for the athlete’s work and their marketing rights. Sport agency companies negotiated $37.6 billion in contracts and made around 1.8 billion in profit.

Athletes manage their work and sports through the top sports agents. The top sports agencies manage the sports of the athletes through management strategies. Sports agents play an important role in the development of the athlete. 

The success of a sports agency brand does not stop at the quality of clients but also works for financial prowess. The agency’s work is always influenced by the clients.

List of Top 10 Sports Agencies

Here is the list of top sports management companies worldwide that manage all sports issues with their best management strategies.

10. Newport Sports Management

Donald E. Meehan founded the company in 1981. The firm is a specialist in handling all the issues of professional hockey athletes. There are more than 125 National Hockey League Clients who manage all their official work through this agency. 

Newport is one of Sport agency companies dedicated to controlling all the financial, insurance, and marketing issues. The agency has branches in Alberta and Quebec with active contracts valued at $1.8 million.

Newport Sports Management

9. Relativity Sport Agency

The company that is included in the list of Top Sports Agencies is Relativity Sports Agency. The agency is attributed to athletes working in management. The agency has its achievements in different professional handling matters. The company agency has increased its client list.

The company was purchased from Ron Burkle and hired many clients from this firm. Such strategies have made a bright future for this agency in a different situation. The agency has increased its client list and hired football agent Ben Dogra.

Relativity Sport Agency

8. Athletes First

The agency is ranked among the international Sports agencies through its marketing strategy. The national football league coaches professional baseball players and athletes in different sports. The agency specialized in corporate marketing and was founded in 2001.

The sports agency has spent more than $1 billion on different marketing, playing, and coaching contracts. The athletes also hire such agencies to manage all the events and contracts. Athletes’ contracts are a total of about $8943million commission. 

Athletes First

7. GestiFute

Jorge Mendes established the organization GestiFute of professional Desportivo carriers. The largest stakeholder of this company is Riccardo Silva, who manages all the international investments. The company is one of the top international sports agencies. 

The Gestifute has won many awards over the 10 years. The company has played a role in several roles in the world. It’s the biggest agency that supports the football league. The main aim is to promote young football.


6. Octagon Sports Agency

Octagon Division is the sports agency that can manage all the content related to sports and entertainment. The sport and marketing divisions can handle all the events and are responsible for the division of athletes and personalities. The company handles all the issues in more than 22 different countries.

The company manages all the issues with its impressive management and marketing efforts. The company is rewarded with the best talent Representation of the year 2018.

 Octagon Sports Agency

5. ICM Stellar Sports

ICM stellar sports is one of the top football agencies that can offer different consultancy services. The company was founded in 1994 and managed the career of hundreds of footballers. The sports agency manages all the domestic and international markets. 

The agency always manages the athlete’s professional issues through management strategies. The agency has put all the commercial rights and image rights for the commercial clients. The agency is specialized in Ruby, cricket terms.

ICM Stellar Sports

4. Boras Corporation

The cooperation is in the list of top sports agencies that marked the higher values among the clients. The agency has signed $1 billion worth of contracts. It manages all the work for professional athletes. The agency is marked as the top agency by the Most powerful sports agent in the world magazine.

The agency has signed the contract for  $150,000 with Boras and made the record-setting deal. These agencies provide different benefits to the clients.

Boras Corporation

3. Excel Sport Management

Excel sport management is the world’s top agency representing professional sports by offering client services and attention. The agency has represented different NBA, MLB, and PGA stars to reach the top of the client mark. The agency is marked as the client brand.

The agency increases its clients through proper management of its issues and its strategic management. The company is ranked at the top of the basketball agents in the world.

Excel Sport Management

2. Wasserman Media Group LLC

The agency is ranked among the top sports management companies in the world for managing sports issues. The company employs different employees and generates annual sales of about $1.35 billion. The company is on track to achieving more than $330 million.

The company marked its step in the Forbes list last year due to the continuous addition of small shops such as football agencies and hockey agencies. Several sports agents joined the company.

Wasserman Media Group LLC

1. Creative Artists Agency

The other name on the list of sports agency companies is Creative Artists Agency. The agency is marked as the most talented sports agency and dominates the sports industry. It ranked at the top due to its extra management strategies. The company represented the sports in the NFL division

The company has negotiated around $1.6 billion with the MLB. CAA has durable profits and contracts compared to its nearest competitor. The agency has 11 reps on the Forbes.

Creative Artists Agency


Who is the best sports agent in the world?

Different sports agencies control sports duties. The sports agents of such agencies are at the top for handling all professional issues, like Scott Boras and Tom Condon.

How do I find a sports agent?

Find out the perfect sports agent by searching out different sports agencies. Look for the work of such agencies and hire the best agent.

How much does a sports agent cost?

The cost of a sports agent varies. It depends on the work details and the work. The contract is made with the agency, which provides some percentage to the agent.


For a successful career, athletes have to manage their professional work. Top sports agencies are there whose work is to control the duties of the team sports. The sports talent management agencies can help to land the best contacts and launch marketing campaigns.

The sports agencies ensure that the athletes have marked a good move in the right direction. This article might help find out the best sports companies for handling all the professional work of the athletes.  

We hope you like reading about the top sports agency companies. 

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