Curling Sliders – An Important Curling Equipment

Curling Sliders – An Important Curling Equipment 2023

It is evident how much curling has evolved in the past few years. The amount of recognition it has given many players must be accounted for. Curling sliders play an essential role in the entire game. In other words, you can only play once you have these specific curling shoes.  

These shoes are very similar to regular athletic shoes; their unique soles are the only feature that sets them apart. The slider shoe is made specifically for feet that slide. On the other hand, the gripper shoe is for the foot that strikes off from the back.

Let’s not drag and skip to the details to help you clear all your confusion so you can understand better.  

What Is a Slider in Detail?

In the most basic terms, sliders can be summed up as a piece of Teflon shaped like the bottom of a shoe. These Teflon slides are either fastened to the rubber top, the curler’s shoe, or the boot that resembles the shoe’s sole.

The curler steps on most sliders at curling clubs before throwing the stone. You should buy a slider that attaches to your shoe if you gain curling skills. Alternatively, you can come across sliders that use an elastic band to secure themselves to a curler’s shoe.

A slider already constructed into a curler’s sliding foot is frequently included with curling shoes. Comparatively speaking, the Teflon on the shoe is thicker than the Teflon on a slider. This primarily enables curlers to deliver the stone while gliding farther away from the hack.

Regular shoes can be transformed into ones suitable for curling by inserting sliders into the bottom of the shoe. Curling sliders allow curlers to go around the ice without resistance. Additionally, it is advised only to use the sliders on the ice floor, as standard flooring might seriously harm them.

Purchasing Sliders

Here are some tips that will help you efficiently buy the sliders.

  • There are slide-on and strap-on styles of sliders. After doing so, you can test both and buy whichever one seems more comfortable.
  • Look for sliders with a firm sole, ideally one made of Teflon.
  • Always take your budget into account before purchasing sliders.
  • They are offered online and in stores. It is preferable to buy them in person as this will enable you to make informed decisions and provide you with a more thorough overview.

Types Of Curling Sliders

Following is the list of different types of sliders, along with their functions.

1. Balance Plus Slider

Balance Plus manufactures a particular step-on or pull-on curling slider called the Balance Plus Slider. They are among the world’s top producers of sliders.

Balance Plus Slider
Balance Plus Slider

2. Temporary Slider

A slider is typically included with most curling shoes. Other shoes, however, need a curler because they lack a built-in slider. Any slider used in curling that isn’t attached to the curler’s shoe consistently is referred to as a temporary slider.

3. Teflon Slider

When delivering the stone, curlers slide on Teflon sliders, which are used in the sport. Each slider includes a Teflon sole because of the material’s extremely low coefficient of friction, which is especially useful while sliding on ice.

Teflon Slider
Teflon Slider

4. Tape the Slider

An adhesive strip that serves as a slider and is fastened to a curler’s shoe is known as a tape slider. It usually comes in a roll so that consumers can cut the precise amount they need to attach to the shoe. Have a look at teens tennis shoes

Tape the Slider
Tape the Slider

5. Steel Slider 

The steel slider is a disk made of stainless steel that acts as a slider. They work exactly like a Teflon slider does and can be rarely found.  

Steel Slider

6. Stand on the Slider 

These sliders lack a strap that would allow a curler to be fastened to the shoe. The curler must step on it while applying enough weight to prevent the slider from slipping out.

7. Half Slider/Full Slider 

In curling, half-sliders only cover the front half of the curler’s sliding foot. On the other hand, full sliders provide complete coverage by surrounding the entire sliding foot of the curler.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. A curling slider is an essential piece of equipment to do curling. They offer you a wide variety of choices according to your needs.  

Please leave your remarks in the comments below and let me know if you found this article helpful. Thank you! 


What happens when a curler touches the stone?

When they burn a stone, curlers are expected to be completely honest. It is considered “burning the stone” when players touch it with their boom or themselves. The stone is removed from the game if connected before getting to the far hog line.

What kind of shoes do curlers wear?

The gripper is a sneaker part of the pair of shoes worn by curlers. It has a grippy sole made of soft rubber that provides traction on the slippery playing field. The second pair of shoes is called the slider, which makes it easy for the player to glide across the ice.

What sole is there on the bottom of the curling shoes?

Curling shoes have grippers on the bottom. They are a particular kind of sole that guarantees your safety as you navigate the ice. Many beginning curlers invest in a pair of slip-on grippers that are simple to wear over a couple of sneakers or tennis shoes.

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