Oldest Stadiums Around the Globe

Top 6 Mesmerizing Oldest Stadiums Around the Globe

Stadiums have always played a great part in sports. From ancient times to the modern days, these stadiums have always been a huge center of attraction for many. Many oldest stadiums around the globe are as popular today as they were during the Greek period.  

Be it the architecture, the capacity, or the structure, these stadiums can never compete. The vibe they give off is just unmatchable. The majority of the people visit these stadiums to admire the beauty they carry while some for the aesthetics.  

Oldest Stadiums of the World – Exclusive Rankings

So, let’s end the suspense here and have a look at 6 of these stadiums which are people’s all-time favorites.  

1. White Stadium

The white stadium is one of the oldest stadiums located in London, England. It was mainly built for the Summer Olympics in 1908 but also hosted a match at the FIFA World Cup in the year 1966. It’s the most famous precursor to the modern seater stadium ever since it was inaugurated.  

The white stadium hosted the finish of the first modern marathon. It also hosted sports like swimming, speedway, boxing, athletics, stock car racing, and show jumping along with various concerts. The site is now recognized as the BBC White City after its demolition in 1985. 

2. South End Grounds

The South End Grounds is home to any of the three baseball stadiums located in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Braves, an American baseball club, used this stadium as their home ground from the year 1817-1914.  

The stadium had a capacity of about 6,800 people and had a great grass surface. Sadly, this stadium got completely ruined after the Great Roxbury Fire in May 1894. It did get reconstructed and reopened its door for the final time in July 1894.  

3. Old Trafford Stadium 

The Old Trafford Stadium, located in Greater Manchester, England is the second largest stadium to exist in the United Kingdom. With a seating capacity of about 75,635 people, it is said to be the ninth-largest stadium in Europe.  

From FIFA World Cup to UEFA Euro 96 and the Champions League, Old Trafford has hosted several matches. It hosts the Super League Grand Final each year and has also hosted the final matches of the Rugby League World Cup twice.  

4. Melbourne Cricket Ground 

Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the largest ever stadiums in Australia and the 11th largest worldwide. This stadium is a major part of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct. It was established in the year 1853 and has a capacity of about 100,024 people which is huge.  

Melbourne Cricket Ground has hosted several events and matches besides the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup. These include the 1956 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth games. It also hosts the popular Boxing Day Test match every year on December 26th. 

5. Anfield Stadium

The Anfield Stadium is located in Anfield, Liverpool, England. With a seating capacity of about 53,394, it is the seventh-largest football stadium in England. It was initially the home of Everton F.C from 1884-1891 but is now the home of Liverpool ever since it was inaugurated in 1892.  

The stadium has developed a lot over the past few years. It is currently equipped with the Desso GrassMaster surface which provides better efficiency during matches. This stadium surely deserves to be listed among the oldest and greatest stadiums in the world.  

6. Stamford Bridge Stadium 

Lastly, I have the Stamford Bridge Stadium which is also referred to as “The Bridge”. It is located in Fulham, West London. It has a seating capacity of 41,837 people which makes it the eighth-largest ground to exist in the Premier League.  

This stadium has largely hosted both national and international football matches. Besides that, it has also hosted FA Cup Finals along with the FA Cup Semi-Finals and Charity Shield games. It now hosts the home matches of Chelsea FC.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest sports stadium in the world? 

The oldest sports stadium in the world is the stadium at Olympia in Greece. It is one of the greatest and most beautiful stadiums too where the ancient Olympic games were held from around 776 BC. The games initially consisted of a single event.  

What is the oldest stadium in the United States? 

The oldest ever stadium to exist in the United States is Franklin Field located in Philadelphia. It is the stadium where the first-ever game was broadcasted on radio in the year 1922. It has a seating capacity of 52,593 people.  

What are the most famous stadiums? 

The list of most famous stadiums includes Madison Square Garden, Old Yankee Stadium, Old Boston Garden, Wembley Stadium, and Fenway Park. However, Madison Square Garden remains to be on the top of the list.  


The oldest stadiums around the globe are true examples of beauty and elegance. Their incredible architecture and massive seating capacities make them the best of all. No stadium could ever beat the charm these stadiums carry. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know what you think of these stadiums.  

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