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The Top 10 Highest Paid UK Footballers in the World

Today is the premier league era, the global brand that has attracted many fans worldwide. The popularity level of different athletes has increased, and all the players are at the highest level in the national and international leagues. 

The highest-paid game is football which has the highest-paid UK footballers. The number of footballers in the Premier League has increased, and those are the highest-paid footballers on the list.

The article shows the list of highest-paid premier league players who have done marvellous jobs in the League. It would be interesting for you to get familiar with the top paid players of a football game.

Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers – 2022 UPDATE

Fans enjoy their football players and wish to see their players at the top of the League. The players are the highest-paid footballers based in the UK and are currently the most successful players in history. Let’s have a look at their careers.

10. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is on a new contract at the Etihad stadium and also belongs to the England International league, which earns around 360,000 pounds per week. The man has made a successful journey over many seasons. 

Raheem has marked his name in history due to the successful events and seasons. The person has enjoyed his career due to 20 goals in 33 appearances. The season from 2019-2020 is the most successful period for Raheem.

9. Mohammad Salah

Mohammad Salah

Mohammad Salah is the highest-paid player in the Premier League. He set up the dazzling skill and led the Reds to the Champion league and the premier league glory. The weekly earnings of the player are 40,000 pounds per week. 

He played different games and was named as the former PFA player of the year. He had contact with a different couple of clubs and led different seasons. The name is marked in the list of highly paid athletes.

8. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

The highest-paid UK footballer is Sergio Aguero. He is said to be the deadliest striker of the top flight. He scored many goals in the Premier League and celebrated a decade in the Etihad stadium in 2022. He initially signed a contract and earned 220,000 per week.

He seemed to be the richest football player who had obtained a wide income increase over a short time. The year’s famous athlete is said to be the infrequent starter during 2020.

7. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne

The highest-paid player in the world. Kevin De Bruyne had played a key role in the Premier League and Champions league. He earned around 280,000 pounds weekly and was the highest-paid football player in the League.

He had a five-year deal with the Etihad stadium and earned around a five-year deal season with the stadium. He is marked as the best UK football player.

6. Pierre-Emerick

Pierre-Emerick - highest paid footballer

Pierre is named as the highest-paid footballer per week. The athlete earns around 415,000 pounds per week. He is the only person in North London and his side’s most prolific asset. He signed a three-year contract extension in 2002.

Pierre had a career with greater achievements and is regarded as the player with the highest rate due to his extraordinary skills. He signed a contract and remained as the three years club captain.

5. Timo Werner

Timo Werner

The highest-paid footballer is Timo Werner. He earns 272,000 pounds per week. He had embarked on a summer splurge with several high-profile European stars. Erner swapped Germany for West London and is considered the top-playing athlete of the time. 

Timo is a German professional footballer who began his senior club career in 2013 and became the club’s youngest ever goalscorer.

4. Paul Pogba

highest paid UK footballers
Paul Pogba

Paud is among the highest paid UK footballers. The person had not had a very shining start to his career. The athlete worked hard and is now earning 350,000 pounds per week. The professional footballer played for the Serie A club and France national team.

He was the best athlete of the time, began his career on the youth team, and acted as a defensive midfielder and deep-lying playmaker.

3. N Golo Kante

N Golo Kante

N’Golo is also one of the highest-paid footballers. He had back-to-back premier league titles earning around 290,000 pounds per week. He is considered the top highest-paid person.

N’Golo is a very talented and attractive athlete who gained so much fame due to their incredible blue eyes that make him more focused. He is a French professional footballer and is considered the world’s best midfielder of the time.

2. David de Gea

David de Gea

David is also considered among the list of highest-paid UK footballers. David had several seasons and currently earned around 375,000 dollars per week. He is a Spanish professional footballer and played as a Premier League goalkeeper.

The athlete was born on the Spanish national team. He began his career with Madrid and remained a British record for a goalkeeper of all time.

1. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale -highest-paid footballer
Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the highest-paid footballer, earning around 600,000 dollars per week. The famous athlete of the football game had a link with the club Real Madrid. He is widely regarded as one of the wingers of the generation.

The footballer is a Welsh professional footballer who played as a winger for a professional major league soccer club. Gareth has a professional career as a free-kick specialist. 

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The article is all about the highest-paid UK footballers. The highest-paid people who worked hard made a record in history due to their outclass performance. The athletes have their careers with achievements and are paid for their efforts. 

You might get the idea that different athletes have careers and are considered the highest-paid footballers of the time.


The current salary of Cristiano Ronaldo is around 385,000 pounds per week. The highest-paid footballer with incredible performance.

Different athletes have marked their value. Among these highest-paid athletes, Jadon Sancho is the highest-paid person in England.

The no 1 football player in the world is Lionel Messi. The world’s best athlete in the football game has marked his name in history.

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