Athletes who used Steroids

The Top 10 Athletes Who Used Steroids

The players always get the right position in their work after long-term training and experience. The hard work, the coaching, and the strict diet made their life routine perfect. The players used to get Steroids to get more strength and to keep their bodies fit. 

History is full of marvelous performances of players in different fields. Players use steroids to make their routine more perfect, but this negatively impacts their life.

The list shows the name of athletes who used steroids during their academic performance.

Greatest Athletes Who Used Steroids in the Sports

The routine makes the body perfect, but in some cases, the players need a shortcut to make the body in shape. The list also shows the names of football players who used steroids which affected their careers.

10. Jason Giam

The American professional baseball player began their career in major league baseball. He was the greatest player who received the American League MVP in 2000. His history is full of his great career. 

His career declined when he started using steroids during the session in 2001. The player made it public that he used steroids. Jason shows the impact of steroids on his career.

9. Mark McGwire

The athlete whose name is included in the list of famous athletes that used steroids is Mark McGwire. An American professional player who played in Major league Baseball. In 1998, The person got attached to a muscle enhancement product named Androstenedione. 

He also admitted that he had been using PED for a long time. His name was included in the list as his career was affected by steroids.     

8. Floyd Landis

The famous retired American professional who did racing at the top place is Floyd Landis. His name is on the list of those athletes who used steroids. He performed well despite the allegations regarding the steroids. The athlete joined the US postal service team in 2022.

His name is marked in the list as he tested positive for the high ratio of the testosterone hormone. His name is marked on the list for using steroids.       

7. Barry Bonds

The other baseball player whose career is full of achievements is Barry Bonds. He spent 22 seasons with the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball. His name has been included in the All-Star 14 times and achieved the NL MVP award. 

His reputation was affected, and he became the key figure in the Bay Area Laboratory cooperative scandal. He was investigated during his career. His name is marked in the list of athletes who made careers down. 

6. Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco is a former baseball player regarded as the most talented hitter. The name is included in the list as he started using steroids and drugs during his best time. He used performance-enhancing drugs during his career. 

His career was affected as he was arrested for using the fertility drug. His name is included in the list of famous athletes who used steroids due to the different drugs.

5. Ben Johnson

The name of the person who got the Olympic gold medal and two Olympic Bronze medals in the career field. The person set the record twice in the 1987 World Championships. He lost his Olympic title after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. 

The IAAF stripped them off the record when he was admitted to using steroids in the 1987 world record. Jackson holds his position on the list of athletes who used steroids and got caught.

4. Marion Jones

The name of the female athlete who used steroids is Marian Jones. The one who marked her name as a professional player and got the 2000 summer Olympics award with three gold medals. She played well during all those years and marked her name in the field. 

She made a career and marked her name in performance-enhancing steroids. She used that to increase her performance but was struck by the BALCO scandal, which made her down in her career.

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3. Alexander Emmanuel

The baseball player with outstanding performance and the player of Major League Baseball, Alexander. He was also named as the athlete banned for steroid use. He spent his time with the Seattle Mariner and Texas. He achieved the valuable Player Award in the American League. 

He got enough pressure for a good performance. So he became addicted to PED. And named himself on the list of 104 players under the BALCO investigation.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The name is most famous in American Movies as the American Actor. Arnold is an American actor born in America and worked as Actor and producer. Arnold served as the 38th Governor of California for two spells.

He was charged with using performance-enhancing steroids, which were considered illegal. His name was marked on the list, which slowed his career.

1. Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is a famous name on the list of athletes who used steroids. His name is included among the greatest cyclist of all time, as he was marked as the best player of the year. Lance was banned from using the cycle and was marked with many allegations.

He denied all allegations and admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. He was tested for many drug addiction issues.


What famous athletes use steroids?

Many famous athletes use steroids. The players are from different games like Tyson Gay, Track, and other similar names. 

Which sport uses the most steroids?

There are different sports like cycling, weightlifting, boxing, and baseball. There are players from such games who use performance-enhancing drugs.

How many athletes have used steroids?

Different athletes use steroids, mainly weightlifters in their 20s and 30s. Almost 10% of sports players are drug-addicted persons.


Several athletes have made their careers, but they made a decline in their careers due to the use of steroids. The players were added to the list of athletes who used steroids, and as such players ended up in life by confessing the truth. 

The players not only lost their reputations but also made wrong decisions. The wrong decision ended their life with the end of their successful career.

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