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Top 10 NBA Players with Long Hair In 2024

Canadian basketball star Kelly Olynyk is undoubtedly the most popular NBA player with long hair. This lanky giant currently plays for the NBA franchise Detroit Pistons, although he was initially drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2013. His fellow basketball star Robin Lopez and Steven Adams also deserve their mentions among the best NBA players with long hair in 2024.

NBA is a men’s professional basketball league that is famous for its incredible gameplay and fashion-forward style. Some of the best NBA players with long hair become role models for their fans, greatly influencing them. Ancient Greeks considered long hair as a symbol of belonging, significant for one’s social status, and a sign of prosperity.

NBA Players with Long Hair Ideas To Copy

Despite its history, long hair certainly makes some men appear more attractive. Therefore, keep scrolling and look at these basketball players with cool long hairstyles you will love to copy.

Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz NBA Players with Long Hair

It’s exciting to watch Fultz as Orlando’s best point guard because this young man puts in 100% effort. Fultz, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, joined the NBA in the 2017 drafts.

He is 6ft 3in (1.91m) taller and stands first on our NBA players with a long hair list. Moreover, at the 2016 FIBA American World Championship, Fultz won MVP honors.

Since Markelle is playing the best basketball of his NBA career, his unique hairstyle appears to work for him. Fultz’s game keeps improving with each passing day with his hard work and dedication.

However, like an NBA star and hair fashionista, he could progress even further. Several tattoos are on his left side, and he wears the number 20 jersey. The nickname of Fultz is Doom, and his rebounding needs to improve to be a star player.

JaVale McGee

javale mcgee

This 7ft (2.13m) tall center-forward was born in Flint, Michigan. He last played for the Denver Nuggets during the 2008 drafts and currently playing for Dallas Mavericks; he took 2nd position in our list of NBA players with long hair. The three-time NBA champion won his first two rings with the Golden State Warriors.

Furthermore, his most recent one was with the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout his career, JaVale has represented several hairstyles, like natural-looking rat tails at the back and others.

However, his current hairstyle becomes super cool without the rat tail, and he secured the second position on the list. Although McGee had little playing time as a freshman and his numbers stagnated, he worked hard and earned his spot moving forward.

JaVale McGee is often known as Big Daddy Wookie. Wearing a 34-number T-shirt, he adorns his chest and stomach with multiple tattoos.

Mike Conley

Mike Conley

Mike Conley Junior is the son of gold and silver medal-winning Olympic champion Mike Conley Senior. He is one of the famous black NBA players with long hair and stands 3rd on our list.

Moreover, He is a U.S. national who joined the NBA in 2007 drafts with a height of 6ft 1in (1.85m). As he grew more confident with the Utah Jazz, Mike changed his hairstyle from standard to long hair.

Initially, he was a top scorer for the Grizzlies, with an average of 20 points per game. However, he has stepped back from his scoring role to a guard role after joining Utah Jazz.

Michael Clutch also goes by the nickname “Captain Clutch” and wears jersey number ten. He has a tattoo on his left arm.

Derrick Rose

derrick rose

Derrick is regarded as one of basketball’s best players, and he plays for the New York Knicks, listed as fourth. Getting the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award at a young age demonstrates his value in the game.

Many players look up to Rose as one of the league’s best stars, and his long hair further contributes to his popularity. Moreover, he was born in Chicago, Illinois, and stands 6 ft 2 in (1.88m) tall.

Remarkably, he donated one million dollars to a Chicago-based NGO committed to providing teenagers with innovative out-of-school programs.

Rose is tattooed with various slogans on his arms and chest, such as “Only God Can Judge Me” or “Everyone Eats”. The number 4 is his jersey number. “Winnie the Pooh” is a nickname given to him by his grandmother.

Robert Covington

robert covington NBA Players with Long Hair

Covington was born in Bellwood, Illinois, and the Rio Grande Valley was his G-league team for most of the season. The Rockets released Robert in October 2014, despite his success in the G League. At present, he plays for the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA.

Unluckily, Robert is one of the most underrated black NBA players with long hair and stands 5th on this list.

However, he stands out in his long hairstyle and gameplay. Covington is a 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m) tall swingman capable of shooting three-pointers.

His nickname is Lord of the Court, and he wears a 23-number T-shirt. There are numerous tattoos on Robert’s body. Mainly, It includes an Eagle with open wings, Roses and Bushes, the Roaring Tiger, a football, prayer, and many more.

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan

This big man, better known for playing at Denver Nuggets, is a formidable force on the court. Besides, when you face Jordan, his body is like a brick wall that drains all his opponent’s energy upon contact.

DeAndre’s hair has grown a lot, and it seems like he is still a good player at the center as ever. His durability and stoutness combine to make the big man an excellent defensive player with 10.6 average rebounds.

Jordan’s birthplace is Huston, Texas, United States. Additionally, His NBA career began in 2008, and he stood 6ft 11in (2.11 m) tall. DeAndre secured 6th position in this list of NBA players with long hair.

DeAndre Jordan wears a number six shirt, and his nickname is DJ. In total, he has almost 27 tattoos. Most Importantly, they include his grandmother and his father’s portrayal, a lion’s head, prayers, angels, quotes, and many more.

Jonathan Isaac

jonathan isaac

Originally from Bronx, New York, Isaac is a robust and electrifying performer who is 6ft 11in (2.11 m) tall and plays for the Orlando Magic, ranked 7th on our list. While playing forward, he harasses opponents, and his tireless defending abilities to steal a ball away from a handler are assets to his team.

We could have gotten him drafted earlier in 2016, but he joined NBA in the 2017 draft. In addition to his remarkable basketball skills, Jonathan has a unique hairstyle.

He loves to let his hair fly during magic gameplays, but they are difficult to conceal under a hat. His home has always been in Florida, and it would not be easy to see him moving to another team in the future.

The young boy has Jersey number 1 and is known as the minister of defense. Isaac does not have a single tattoo on his body.

Steven Adams

steven adams

Our list also includes Adams, who is 6ft 11in (2.11m) tall. He is from New Zealand and made his NBA debut in 2014. Moreover, he protects the opponent from the goal at the center by defending like a lion.

Besides, Steven has valuable leadership qualities, thus making him a valuable asset for Memphis Grizzlies. Basketball fans immediately recognize Adams by his long hair and distinctive mustache.

Due to their similar tattoos and hairstyle, Steven shares a similarity with Jason Momma’s portrayal of Aqua man.

Steven is an NBA player with long blonde hair and stands at number 8 on the list. His lucky number is 12, which is printed on his T-shirt.

Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez

Much attention has been paid to twin brothers Robin Lopez & Brook Lopez in the NBA. Their career in this professional league began in 2008, and they have established themselves as individuals.

Furthermore, Robin often stands out more because his hairstyle is so different from his brother’s. Due to his curly hair, he secured 9th position in the list of NBA players with long hair.

Robin’s hair and colorful personality are likened to that of Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. Interestingly, both brothers have the same height of 7ft (2.13 m) and play at the center.

Robin wears the number 15 jersey for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This character is also known as Beast and, so far, doesn’t have any tattoos. Maybe he will get them in the future.

Kelly Olynyk

kelly olynyk NBA Players with Long Hair

Kelly is a Canadian National. He plays as a guard and forwards for Detroit Pistons. He is one of the white NBA players with long hair who got the 10th position on our list. There have been allegations of bad play against him in the past.

Generally, it wasn’t a big surprise that he added long hair for the NBA because he had done so before. By the way, Olynyk court’s performance seems to suffer when he keeps his flowing hair contained with a headband.

As a college basketball player of the Gonzaga Bulldogs at the University of Illinois, he earned all-American recognition in 2013.

In the thirteenth NBA draft, he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks and was tall enough to stand at 6’11” (2.11m). Jordan is also known as “Wacky Waving Inflatable,” and 41 is his jersey number. Above all, Ink art is not his thing because he is an animal lover.


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NBA Players With Long Hairs | 2024 Infographics

NBA players with long hairs - infographics
Infographics: NBA Players With Long Hairs

FAQs Regarding NBA Players With Long Hairs

Q. Who is the weirdest NBA player?

As far as the No. 1 spot is concerned, Dennis Rodman is basically locked into it, but the No. 2 spot could be occupied by at least five people, depending on who you ask.

Q. Which NFL player has the longest hair?

Polamalu has been tackled by his hair which hangs down his back at least once. He is a defender for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The policy was taken out by Procter & Gamble through Lloyd’s of London.

Q. How many white Americans play in the NBA?

Activist Richard Lapchick estimates that 74.2 percent of the NBA’s players will be black, 16.9 percent white, 2.2 percent Latino, and 0.4 percent Asian. Sixteen percent of players were classified as “other” races.

Q. How do you describe Jimmy Butler’s hairstyle?

He has a freestyle fade. Once Jimmy said he loved his hair very much more than anything else. Butler’s wild hair shows that his hair is no longer being trimmed purposefully but instead that it is coiling on its own accord.

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