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How to Play Push in Table Tennis – Technical Points

Push in Table tennis is considered the most difficult stage to pass. It is meant for the opponent to drive and aims to play down the back to create the backspin for the opponent. It is said as the defensive stock by the player.

The player makes many strategies for building push stroke efficiency. The forehead push requires a small amount of rotation of the body too. The push can be forehand drive, backhand drive, and backhand push.

The article shows how to play forehand Push in Table Tennis, highlighting the correct technique for playing the forehand push in table tennis.

How to play push in table tennis – Forehand and Backhand push

The athletes must learn to push in the correct position while playing table tennis. The highlighted part of table tennis involves the defensive stroke, including the backspin. Players who are fully skilled in these games start to defend by giving the low flight on the ball back to the opponent. 

The athletes must learn to engage the ball in a certain style with a paddle. The game can be played in a certain way if the player has the right passion and technique for playing the right amount of game. 

Drive in table tennis if you need the defensive stroke for your opponent. The players strike in the backward direction with a good spin. Such a technique is highly effective for each player. There are different body positions that the athlete needs to know for the proper game start. To execute a forehand push in table tennis, you must learn about the technical points. 

1. Stance

Stance - push in table tennis

The right position of the body is a stance that counts big while executing a forehand push. The body must be in the front of the table, and the direction must direct the dimension for the correct position of the game. 

The body must lean in front of the table at some small distance to make a stance. The position of body must be in a ready position by standing with the knees bent. The position of the body must be top-rated for an effective start.

2. Get Ready

Get ready - push in table tennis

Make your body ready by drawing your arm forward to strike the ball. Try to handle the paddle at the right angle and the right amount at the stroke time.

The body must be trained to keep the arms straight by keeping the face in front of the body. The top-rated athletes can get ready if the athletes keep their arms and legs positioned in the best gameplay.

3. Strike

Strike - push in table tennis

The next athlete the body has to do is strike. This error and mistake occur when the player is ready to commit. When ready, the player must learn how to strike properly at the right time. 

It would help if you learned how to do forehand push and backhand push in table tennis. The athlete must strike the ball with the right bounce style. Don’t try to rush, and make the ending more perfect with the right bounce.

4. Follow Through

follow through - push in table tennis

The body must learn to follow through during the game. The player requires a complete follow-up to generate an ideal forehand push in table tennis.

Try to use the top-quality table tennis rubbers and have a good chance of following up on the right position of the game.

Common Mistakes in Forehand and Backhand Push

The player makes some common mistakes while performing the forehand and backhand push. Read out some of the common errors while playing the forehand and backhand push.

1. Overstretching

Sometimes, the player gets excited during the game and stretches the arms rather than keeping the arms bent.

2. Hitting the ball late

Try not to play the ball after the peak bounce. This may cause a peak to unbalance in the stroke

3. Swinging

Try to avoid the lunging motion while playing arm swinging across the bodies.

4. Poking the ball

Apply the pushing motion while you hit the ball. The poking motion is important for backhand play when you hit the ball.

5. Hitting the ball too early

The backhand play requires the player to reach for the ball. If you hit the ball early, it may cause the uncontrolled motion of the ball.

6. Hitting the ball too hard

Try not to hit the ball too hard. Some players apply a little force when they hit it, which may lead to the right direction of the ball.


The article provides you with everything that needs to be known to the player in the game. For the best playing game, the athlete must learn how to play a correct forehand push. What is Push in Table Tennis?

It’s a difficult task, but if you want to play a correct forehand push. You must learn about all the factors for the perfect push in table tennis. The article has important facts about defensive stocks that can help the athlete for perfect gameplay.

What have you gained from this article?


Table tennis is a defensive game that requires the player to strike down on the back and create the backspin.

The push stroke is a stroke in which the ball is pushed rather than the first shot. The athlete must focus on the first stroke.

The four defensive strokes that forehand drive, backhand drive, and backhand push. The athletes use the shots for the perfect stroke.

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