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Top 7 Most Watched Sports Worldwide 

Sports have always played a significant role in everybody’s lives. Be it a hobby, a fitness ritual, or a profession, it has broadly positively impacted people of all ages. Sports are not only largely played but also largely watched. So, what are the most watched sports? 

All these sports have evolved over the years and the players have massively contributed to making them stand where it is today. They have given sports a whole new dimension with their tremendous performances and extremely hard work.  

Most Watched Sports in the World – 2024 Rankings

Let’s have a look at the top 7 sports which have grabbed a lot of people’s attention within a short period and are largely watched all over the world.  

7. Golf 

Golf is one of the most watched sports among elderly people as compared to young ones. According to research, there are more than 390 million fans all across the globe. But golf is mostly watched in the US, Canada, and Europe.  

The biggest golf competitions that are held are the Masters’ Tournament, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship. Golf is said to be more popular among men than women but a large number of women also equally participate.  

6. American Football 

American Football is said to be the Forbes most watched sport. It is highly popular in the US mainly but also has a large fan following from the rest of the world. But it doesn’t get as much popularity from other parts of the world as the US.  

The biggest event of Football is the Super Bowl which is the National Football League Championship game and is the largest followed sporting event in the US. It is more of a male-dominated sport with some of the finest players of all time.  

5. Baseball  

Baseball is also one of the most watched sports all over the world but mainly in the US, Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. If I talk about its viewership on TV then it is also a highly watched sport in Japan but the viewership isn’t that good in the rest of the world. 

The biggest competitions in baseball are the Baseball World Cup and World Baseball Classic. Many major countries that play baseball largely participate in these international competitions. It is also highly popular on the internet with a large number of views.  

4. Tennis 

Tennis is my personal favorite. It is also one of the most watched sports as well as the most played sport in the world. It is also largely followed on social media. The tennis stars like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are social media sensations for many. 

The biggest tennis competition, the four grand slams which is commonly known as Wimbledon is one of the most watched sports events in the world. Other than that, The US Open, The French Open, and The Australia open are also largely followed worldwide.  

3. Hockey 

Next on the list, I have hockey which stands third on the list of the most watched sports. It includes both ice hockey and field hockey. It is said to have more than 2 billion fans globally. If I talk about viewership on TV then field hockey is much more popular in countries like Pakistan and India whereas ice hockey is in Canada and the US.  

The Hockey World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the Olympics with a massive fan following. However, hockey is not much popular on social media and the internet. The searches are very limited varying from country and season. 

2. Cricket 

Cricket has gained immense popularity among the new generation lately and is also one of the most watched sports recently. Cricket is said to have the second-highest number of fans in the world with about 2-3 billion fans overall.  

The ICC and T20 World Cup are the two most prominent biggest cricket competitions with a great number of people attending them. Cricket is surely one of the most loved sports. The popularity it has gained on social media is also unmatchable. 

1. Soccer 

Lastly, I have soccer which stands first on the list. It enjoys a great number of fans in almost every region of the world. If I talk about Viewership on TV, soccer is the king of all sports. Whenever regional or global international competitions are held, a million soccer fans get hooked to their screens.  

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest competition in football that is by far the most watched sporting event in the world. Soccer has also gained immense popularity on social media. Millions of people have created various soccer-related content proving how crazy people are after it.  


1. What is the No.1 sport? 

Football which is also known as soccer in the US and Canada is said to be the no.1 sport of all time. According to research, football has nearly 4 million fans all across the globe who also call them die-hard fans of football.  

2. What are the three main sports that are highly watched in the US? 

There is a list of sports that are highly watched in the United States but the three mains are football, basketball, and baseball. But the attention and love given to American football are still unmatchable.  

3. What is the least watched sport? 

The least-watched sports of all time include kabaddi, sailing, archery, polo, fencing, motorcycle racing, and Canadian football. But out of all these the sport which is given the least attention is kabaddi because of its dangerous consequences.  


All these most watched sports mentioned above might have surprised some of you but the number of fans says it all. All these sports are not as underrated as they might have seemed to be to some of you. The love of people for these sports is unmatchable. I aspire to you have liked reading this article.  

Please leave a review and let me know your favorite sport in the comments below. Thank you! 

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