Toni Kroos Praises Jude Bellingham.

Toni Kroos Praises Jude Bellingham By Calling Him An ‘Absolute Asset’ To Real Madrid

Jude Bellingham’s exceptional maturity has swiftly positioned him as an invaluable asset to Real Madrid, according to none other than one of the greatest midfielders, Toni Kroos. Recently, Toni Kroos praises Jude Bellingham on his podcast!

The seasoned German midfielder attests that Bellingham’s seamless integration into the team has been marked by his impressive performances and impactful presence on the field.

Kroos’s endorsement comes as high praise for the 20-year-old English international, who made a resounding impact shortly after his momentous €103 million (£88m/$110m) transfer from Borussia Dortmund to the Spanish capital during the summer transfer window.

Toni Kroos praises Jude Bellingham on his podcast

The emergence of Bellingham as a fan favorite has been fueled by his striking achievement of netting three goals in his initial two league matches. This remarkable feat not only solidifies his position as a standout player but also bolsters Real Madrid‘s attacking prowess.

Despite the departure of their talismanic forward Karim Benzema, Bellingham’s contributions have effectively alleviated concerns regarding the team’s goal-scoring potential.

The seasoned campaigner Kroos is effusive in his praise for Bellingham’s impact, asserting that the young midfielder’s presence has swiftly become an “absolute asset” to the squad.

Kroos, speaking on his podcast Einfach mal Luppen, shares his observations about Bellingham’s swift integration: “It was indicated in the preparation, where he did really well. He’s integrated surprisingly well in such a short time.”

Toni Kroos Praises Jude Bellingham.

Kroos’s admiration extends beyond Bellingham’s footballing prowess. He underscores Bellingham’s profound maturity, both in terms of his mental composure and his astute decision-making on the field.

Kroos commends Bellingham’s judicious playing style, characterized by a remarkable absence of rash decisions commonly associated with players of his age. “He’s very, very far, doesn’t do hara-kiri things, is always clear in his actions, works, tries to play to his strengths to the full,” Kroos affirms.

With Bellingham contributing seamlessly to the team’s dynamic, Kroos reflects on the significance of his presence in the squad: “So far, I have to say that he is already an absolute asset to our game. That means something because we’re not a completely blind team. The fact that a 20-year-old enriches us right from the start is a good sign.”

Addressing speculations about Bellingham’s departure from Borussia Dortmund, Kroos rejects the notion that the midfielder’s exit was driven by a desire for constant attention.

Kroos asserts that the Real Madrid squad is content with Bellingham’s behavior and contributions, effectively dispelling any doubts about his impact on the team.

As Bellingham continues to impress, all eyes are on his future contributions to Real Madrid. The team’s upcoming La Liga fixture against Celta Vigo presents another opportunity for him to demonstrate his skills and solidify his presence in the midfield. The footballing world eagerly awaits Bellingham’s journey with the iconic Spanish club.

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