What Does It Feel Like To Paraglide – Mystery Solved

What Does It Feel Like To Paraglide – Mystery Solved

Imagine being thrown off a cliff; how would you feel? The feeling you will get is the same as when you do paragliding. But what is paragliding like exactly? This is what I am going to be discussing in today’s guide, so stay tuned.  

A sense of dread of the unknown always grips you as you lift off between the flights and all the potential stunts you will execute. You don’t need to be concerned since the instructors will look out for you and ensure you’re safe.

Let’s dive in and look at the sensations you will feel during your 1st paragliding flight.

Sensation During The Takeoff 

What Paragliding is Like
sensation During The TAke off

You can sense anxiety and exhilaration when you get to the takeoff location. This is quite normal, and the instructor you will be paragliding with will comfort you and provide you with safety instructions. Additionally, he will show you how a paraglider and its accessories, such as wings, harnesses, strings, etc., work.

Your pilot will give you instructions on what to do before departure and throughout the flight. When you become dependent on your teacher, you will need to sprint up the slope to accelerate the glider.

As you increase speed, your wings begin to catch the wind, which makes you feel lighter. The wing of your paraglider will then enable you to fly after the canopy has gathered enough wind. You’ll finish the run in the air before heading into the void. Even if it appears as though you are hovering in midair, you won’t be feeling dizzy.

Feeling During a Tandem Paragliding Flight 

feeling during What Paragliding is Like

Since there is no danger of experiencing vertigo on the first flight, you don’t need to worry about what a paragliding flight is like. This is so because you can only feel the feeling when you touch the ground.

All your anxieties will go, thanks to your instructor’s constant encouragement and the breathtaking views of the high-altitude surroundings. Given that this is your first paragliding flight, you may feel a little queasy in the air, but this is not very common. You decide how to unwind and enjoy the flight.

Once you’re in the air and experiencing that sense of freedom, you may begin snapping pictures and documenting nature’s breathtaking scenery. Let yourself be carried away by the breeze and you’ll be on another planet.

You will experience the sensation of flight during the tandem paragliding flight and come to understand why people wish to continue paragliding. It is not just about the vistas and scenery but also about the general atmosphere of quiet and plenitude.

The Sensation During The Figures in The Air 

Adventurous individuals can perform acrobatic maneuvers in the air during their tandem paragliding flight. Their instructors are the ones that use various figures, like the stall, the 360, or the wing over, to make students experience different emotions.

The latter involves flying over the wing, which gives you the feeling of being weightless and is one of the most impulsive figures. They are given control of the paraglider by the instructor as well. If you like, you can even learn to fly a paraglider yourself.

You can enjoy your first flight more by assuming the role of your paraglider. As you enjoy the flight, you can sense the thrill. When you perform acrobatic tricks, this occurs even more frequently. All you want to do at that point is fly back up the slope for another paragliding flight since your adrenaline is still running.


1.Does paragliding feel like sitting on a rollercoaster? 

Paragliding is nothing like the fast-paced roller coasters of amusement parks. Most of the people who paraglide come back saying that it was surprisingly peaceful and quiet and one of the best experiences they have had.  

2.Do I need to be very fit to paraglide? 

It is optional to be very fit to paraglide. Flying a paraglider requires very little physical strength, which everybody has. Many pilots fly into their seventies and continue enjoying the sport ignoring their age.  

3.Is paragliding harder than skydiving? 

Paragliding requires a more intimate knowledge of weather conditions. Seeking this knowledge takes time and effort and is a rewarding journey; you must do more than just go and start paragliding. On the other hand, skydiving is much easier. You have to poke your head out of the window and see if it is blue, and you have a pretty good chance of jumping.  


Paragliding gives you one of the best feelings in the world and eliminates all your height fears. And the best part is that people with vertigo can also do paragliding because it is not a problem. I hope you enjoyed learning what paragliding is like and will be able to challenge your fear this time.  

Please leave a review in the comments section below and share your paragliding experiences with me. Thank you! 

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