Top 8 Double Century Scorers in Test Cricket

Most Double Centuries in Test Cricket: Top 20 Scorers

In Test cricket, skill and endurance rule; therefore, a rare few batsmen achieve the extraordinary – scoring double centuries. We explore those who have mastered these skills and can grab a place in the history of cricket.

Most Double Centuries in Test Cricket: Top 20 Scorers

RankPlayerCountryDouble Century
1.Don BradmanAustralia12
2.Kumar SangakkaraSri Lanka11
3.Brian LaraWest Indies9
4.Wally HammondEngland7
5.Mahela JayawardeneSri Lanka 7
6.Virat KohliIndia7
7.Younis KhanPakistan6
8.Virender SehwagIndia6
9.Sachin TendulkarIndia6
10.Brendon McCullumNew Zealand6
11.Javaid MiandadPakistan6
12.Michael ClarkeAustralia5
13.David WarnerAustralia5
14.Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand5
15.Steve SmithAustralia5
16.Alastair CookEngland4
17.Hashim AmlaSouth Africa4
18.Fawad AlamPakistan4
19.Marvan AtapattuSri Lanka4
20.Graeme SmithSouth Africa3

Most Triple Centuries In Test Cricket

In Test cricket’s illustrious history, Sir Don Bradman, V Sehwag, Chris Gayle and BC Lara lead with two triple centuries each, followed by KK Nair with one. Sir Bradman also scored the Most Double Centuries in the Test Cricket. These monumental feats not only highlight individual brilliance but also epitomize the enduring allure of Test cricket, etching a saga of runs and resilience in the sport’s timeless narrative. See also: Highest Score in Test Cricket

Top 5 Triple Centuries Scorer in Test Cricket

RankPlayerCountryNo. of Tipple Centuries
1DG BradmanAustralia2
2V SehwagIndia2
3Chris GayleWest Indies2
4BC LaraWest Indies2
5KK NairIndia1

Most Double Centuries in ODI

The record for the most double centuries in One Day Internationals (ODIs) is shared by a small group of players, each having scored a double century only once. See also: Fastest ODI Century in World Cup

Top 5 Most Double Centuries Scorers in ODI

RankPlayerCountryNo. of Double Centuries
1Rohit SharmaIndia3
2Martin GuptillNew Zealand1
3Virender SehwagIndia1
4Chris GayleWest Indies1
5Fakhar ZamanPakistan1

Most Double Centuries in Test Cricket in India

In Indian Test cricket, Virat Kohli leads with four double centuries, followed by Sachin Tendulkar with two and Virender Sehwag with one. This table underscores their batting prowess, showcasing India’s dominance in the Test arena. These feats stand as a testament to the exceptional talent and resilience of these cricketing legends on home soil. See also: Who is the best Batsman in India?

Virat Kohli: Most Double Century Scorer for India in Test Matches

Top 5 Triple Centuries Scorer in Test in India

RankPlayerCountryNo. of Double Centuries
1V KohliIndia7
2V SehwagIndia6
3SR TendulkarIndia6
4R DravidIndia5
5SM GavaskarIndia4


Which cricketer has scored the first double century in test cricket?

An Australian cricketer named Bill Murdoch was the first to score a double century (211 runs)  in Test cricket against England in 1884.

Which Indian Cricketer scored first Double Century?

Polly Umrigar is the first Indian Cricketer who scored first double century in a test match. He scored his first double century against New Zealand in 1955 and scored 223 runs.

Which cricketer scored a double century and a century in the same match?

Australian batsman, Doug Walters,  scored first double century and a century in the same match against West Indies in 1968-69.

Which Cricketer has scored a double century in his debut test match?

Lawrence Rowe, while playing for West Indies against New Zealand in 1972, scored 214 runs in his debut innings.

Who is the youngest player to score a test double century?

A Bangladeshi player, Mohammad Ashraf, scored his double century at the age of 17 years, 61 days.


In the world of Test cricket, where skill and endurance are paramount, a select group of exceptional batsmen have achieved the extraordinary by scoring double centuries.

The table showcases the top 20 scorers in this elite category. Don Bradman, the Australian legend, stands tall at the pinnacle with an astonishing 12 double centuries. 

These cricketers from various countries have left an indelible mark on the sport, displaying remarkable consistency and contributing significantly to the rich history of cricket.

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