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Who are The Top 7 Cricketers Known for Their Moustaches?

Cricket has evolved over years. Protective equipment, colourful clothing, a white ball, lighting, and the helicopter shot show the progress of the game from the days when cricket bats and hockey sticks didn’t make a difference.  

Most of the cricketers, besides their performances, are known for their physical appearance like these cricketers with a moustache. The unique style of their moustaches has become a reason for their fame. 

The top 10 cricketers who are known for their unique moustaches are Adam Hollioake, Ian Botham, Dennis Lille, Sir Richard Hadlee, Ravindra Jadeja, Jack Rusell, Graham Gooch, David Boon, Merv Hughes, Shikhar Dhawan. 

Top 7 Cricketers With Moustaches You Need to Know About

Here, I have listed the greatest moustaches in the cricket world. Keep on reading If you want to know about the achievements and career highlights of these cricketers.

7. David Boon 

 Australian moustache - Cricketers With Moustaches

David Boon, a former Australian cricket batsman who is known for his Australian moustache has made an outclass of history in cricket. It was his moustache that brought many people to watch him playing. 

He is a tremendous cricketer with a stellar career that lasted from 1984-1995. His outstanding batting and remarkable bowling made him one of the best cricketers in the cricket world. He has also previously represented both Tanzania and Durham in first-class cricket. 

6. Merv Hughes 

Merv Hughes  Australian cricketer - Cricketers With Moustaches

Merv Hughes, a retired Australian cricketer who was a right-arm fast bowler represented his country in 53 test matches. His bowling was phenomenal. He was known for his huge moustache. 

His moustache is considered to be the greatest ever moustache in cricket history. His fans always wore a fake moustaches to the field to support him. His moustache was also featured on the BBC sport. It was hard for his fans to imagine a clean-shaved Merve Hughes. 

5. Shikhar Dhawan 

Indian cricket player

Shikhar Dhawan is an Indian cricket player who made his debut in the year 2004 for Delhi and his test debut against Australia in 2010. He has proved himself as the best cricketer many times and is considered one of cricket’s top hard hitters.  

His trademark is his twirly moustache. As he put his bat aside to twirl his moustache in the middle of the game was something that often-left people wondering if they should praise his moustache or his batting. His moustache was admired by all.

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4. Sir Richard Hadlee 

former New Zealand cricketer

Sir Richard Hadlee, a former New Zealand cricketer who is considered the greatest all-rounder in the history of cricket, threatening with the ball, assertive with the bat, and a great pillar of strength. He is also included among the finest fast bowlers.

 He had carried the burden of entire New Zealand bowling on his shoulders. Just like his bowling, his moustache was too sheer class. His moustache would curl up every time he smiled giving ‘poetic feels’ according to the people. People were crazy after his moustache.  

3. Jack Russell 

Former England cricketer -the greatest wicketkeeper

Former England cricketer, Jack Rusell was considered the greatest wicketkeeper and was a successful right-handed batsman. He is said to be the greatest cricketer England has ever produced.  His trademark was his walrus moustache.

 His moustache is also considered one of the greatest moustaches in cricket history and it was his moustache that made him England’s iconic cricketer. He always made sure his moustache was on point and in great shape.  He is now known for his great abilities as an artist. 

2. Graham Gooch 

Graham Gooch - Cricketers With Moustaches

Graham Gooch, the former cricketer of the England and Essex team was known for his great batting. He scored 67,057 runs in his first-class career making a world record. He was a spectacular cricketer.  

His trademark was his Zapata moustache. Just like Merv Hughes, his fans would also wear fake moustaches to the field just to show him support.  

1. Adam Hollioake

 the greatest all-rounder in cricket

Adam Hollioake was the greatest all-rounder in cricket who made his debut in 1997. He played for England and also served as the captain of Surrey. He Is not only a terrific cricketer but also a great martial artist.  

He is also known for his unique style of moustache and is included in the top 10 greatest cricketers with a moustache.  He was the only international cricketer with a moustache who competed as a mixed martial artist. 


The former Australian fast bowler, Merv Hughes, due to his extremely unique moustache is said to have been the best moustache in the history of cricket to date. His moustache was also featured on BBC Sports.

Just like moustaches, cricketers were also known for their beards. The cricketer with the best beard is WG Grace. He was a tremendous English player and was said to have an iconic beard in cricket history. 

Merv Hughes, a well-known former Australian cricket player, is mostly praised for his bowling. He is said to have the greatest moustache in the history of cricket and insured his moustache for $370,000.


It is safe to say that cricket holds a very special place in people’s hearts and is given love all around the globe. These cricketers with moustaches and their tremendous and remarkable performances have helped shape cricket into the sport we all know today.  

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