Ravichandran Ashwin Offers Candid Perspective.

Ravichandran Ashwin Offers Candid Perspective on Away Test Selection Dilemma

The intricacies of team selection and the conundrum surrounding Ravichandran Ashwin‘s involvement in away Test matches have taken center stage, prompting the seasoned cricketer to provide his candid viewpoint.

Despite his prowess as both a remarkable bowler and a capable batter, Ashwin has often found himself trailing behind Ravindra Jadeja in the pecking order for Test matches in countries forming the SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) group.

This scenario was once again evident during the World Test Championship final against Australia, where Jadeja was granted the sole spinner’s berth.

Ravichandran Ashwin Offers Candid Perspective.

Reflecting on his intermittent appearances in such encounters, Ashwin responded that delving into the reasons isn’t within his purview, given that team selection remains beyond his control.

In an interview with the Times of India, Ashwin stated, “How can I find an answer for that…It is foolish of me to try and think why it happened and how it could have been better. The other way of looking at it is ‘how many have played 94 Tests?’ I am glad that I have been able to do that. It has so happened in recent times that the two quality spinners are Ravindra Jadeja and me and fortunately or unfortunately, both can bat. Jadeja’s batting form has been very good and that is why he has got the nod. I can’t put a finger and I don’t want to try and find out why I got dropped because that is again not in my control…”

Ravichandran Ashwin Offers Candid Perspective On Ravindra Jadeja

Ashwin’s mature outlook on the situation is underpinned by his focus on maintaining a positive and constructive presence in the dressing room. Since his transformation during the 2018-19 period, he has striven to eschew negativity and contribute in whatever capacity he can. Whether on the field or supporting from the sidelines, Ashwin underscores his commitment to the team’s success.

The veteran off-spinner affirmed, “Ever since 2018-19, when I went through a mental and physical switch, I tried not to sit behind negativity. I have found myself in a state of contribution when I am in the dressing room. If my ego is too high, I become the biggest white elephant in the dressing-room and I don’t want to become that. If I am playing, I am playing to win, if I am not, I cheer for India to win.”

With Ashwin’s perspective emphasizing his dedication to the team’s success and the fluid nature of selection dynamics, his response provides insight into the mindset of a player who values the collective triumph above all else.

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