What Is A Match Point In Tennis

What Is A Match Point In Tennis? Definition, Stats, & Facts

Tennis is a game of skill, strategy, and endurance. With its exciting rallies and dramatic finishes, it’s no wonder that tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. One of the most important moments in a tennis match is the match point. But, do you really know what a match point in tennis actually is and how it works?

A match point is a situation in a tennis match where the leading player or team only needs one more point to win the match. It is the most crucial point in the game, as it can determine the winner of the match. Winning a match point requires skill, focus, and nerves of steel.

There are many other things that are crucial to getting a perfect match point. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

Origin Of Match Point

The term “match point” was first used in tennis in the late 19th century. At the time, the scoring system was different from what it is today.

The first player to win six games was the winner of the set. In the event of a tie at six games apiece, a player needed to win the next two games to win the set.

The term “match point” was used to describe the situation where a player needed to win the next game to win the set and the match.

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Differences Between Match Points And Game Points

While match points and game points may seem similar, they are different in several ways. A game point is a point that can lead to the winning of a game, whereas a match point can lead to the winning of the entire match.

A player can have multiple game points in a single game, but there can only be one match point per match according to the tennis scoring system.

Difference Between Match Points And Break Points

A break point is a situation where the receiver can win the game if they win the next point. It is called a break point because the receiver would be breaking the server’s serve if they win the point.

A match point, on the other hand, is the last point needed to win the match. It can occur on either the server’s or the receiver’s side.

Final Set Rules For Different Grand Slams

The final set of a Grand Slam match can vary in rules. At Wimbledon and the Australian Open, the final set is an advantage set, meaning a player must win by two games.

The final set is also an advantage set at the French Open, but a player must win by two games until the score reaches 12-all, at which point a tiebreaker is played.

At the US Open, the final set is a tiebreaker set, where the first player to reach seven points with a two-point lead wins the match.

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Tennis Players With Most Match Points in Career

Many great tennis players are known for their iconic match points, especially in international opens. Below is a table of the top five male and female players with the most match points in their careers:

Male PlayersCareer Match Points
Roger Federer12,225
Rafael Nadal11,750
Novak Djokovic11,305
Ivan Lendl10,735
Pete Sampras9,376
Female PlayersCareer Match Points
Martina Navratilova14,753
Chris Evert13,910
Steffi Graf12,836
Serena Williams10,824
Margaret Court10,216

Match Point Strategies Of Top Players

Different tennis players apply different strategies to get their match points. So, we took a closer look to know about the strategies.

Male Players:

  • Roger Federer: Stays aggressive and goes for his shots.
  • Rafael Nadal: Stays patient and waits for the right time and opportunity to attack.
  • Novak Djokovic: Tries to keep the ball in play and waits for his opponent to make a mistake.
  • Ivan Lendl: Stays focused and tries to play his best tennis.
  • Pete Sampras: Goes for his big serve and tries to end the point quickly.

Female Players:

  • Martina Navratilova: Stays aggressive and tries to end the point quickly.
  • Chris Evert: Stays focused and tries to play consistent tennis.
  • Steffi Graf: Goes for her shots and tries to be aggressive.
  • Serena Williams: Stays calm and focused and goes for her shots.
  • Margaret Court: Stays patient and waits for her opportunity to attack.

Sister of Serena, Venus Williams, is one of the tallest tennis players, and she is known for her aggressive style of getting match points.

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A female tennis player in blue jersey playing on clay court.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Faster Match Points

Getting faster match points requires practice, focus, and a clear game plan. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get faster match points:

  • Practice Your Serve: A strong serve can help you win points quickly and efficiently.
  • Be Aggressive: Try to go for your shots and attack your opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Play With Confidence: Believe in your ability to win the match and stay positive.
  • Stay Focused: Don’t let distractions or mistakes affect your game.
  • Manage Your Nerves: Take deep breaths and stay calm under pressure.
  • Develop A Game Plan: Analyze your opponent’s weaknesses and develop a strategy to exploit them.
  • Stay Fit: Good physical conditioning can help you maintain your focus and energy throughout the match.


The match point is a crucial moment in a tennis match that can determine the winner. It requires skill, focus, and nerves of steel to win a match point. By studying the match point strategies of the pro players, players can improve their game and increase their chances of success on the court.

So, that’s all we need to tell you about the match point system in tennis. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with our team in the comment box below.

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