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Top Most Difficult Sports in The World – [Year] Updated

People have been asking and wondering about the most difficult sports in the world for a decade but have never gotten one answer that could justify what makes a particular sport the toughest among all.

But we have compiled a list of sports with specific reasons to justify the answer. These athletes have to be the toughest in the ring and in-ground. And their bodies go through a lot when these participants perform in these sports. 

Top 8 Most Difficult Sports in the World- [Year] Hardest Sports

The question of which sport is the hardest has been hotly debated for a long time; it is no longer only a subject of personal preference. Read the sports ranked by difficulty in the article below. 

1. Boxing


Without any doubt, boxing has to be the most difficult sport in the world. It does not only require the boxers to be physically but also mentally strong. 

In this sport two people are competing with each other in a ring with high probabilities of injuries and these injuries could be fatal at times or can make you bedridden completely. 

But this sport has given birth to some of the most talented and beast-like boxers in history that have influenced this sport in many ways. 

2. Gymnastics

Female Gymnastics

Second, on the list is gymnastics, just as much as the audience enjoys watching this sport it is just as difficult to perform. It requires a lot from the athlete’s physical strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and much more. 

These athletes’ bodies go through so much while training that we can not even imagine doing it once and the train every single day. 

These athletes are extremely skillful, have incredible agility, and have the strength to compete, as evidenced by their performance on beams, parallel bars, floor routines, and many other categories.

The answer to the question that what is the hardest women’s sport is also gymnastics although its hard but mostly performed by women more than men. 

3. Swimming


This might not look as difficult as other sports, but it is the toughest. In this type of sport, these swimmers compete with each other by trying to swim faster than other people in the challenge by making use of different types of strokes like a Butterfly stroke, breaststroke, etc. 

This sport is internationally managed by the The Fédération Internationale de Natation. Also, this is one of the most demanding sports of all time. You might also have a question about which sport takes the most skill, well its swimming. 

4. Skiing


Next up as the most difficult sport in the world is skiing which is derived from the word ski which means a piece of wood. It is a type of sport that is performed on the snow where the athletes slide on the snow with a ski. 

Initially, skiing was mostly utilized for transportation. This competition is currently governed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation. Additionally, Norway began to host military ski competitions in the 18th century.

5. Motor Cross


With the name, you can guess that it’s a very adventurous sport but one of the most difficult ones. This sport requires an athlete to have good momentum and precision. 

Motorcycle trials championships in the UK are where motocross got its start. Also, this sport has to be played in all types of weather conditions and an athlete should be prepared for all of this mentally and physically. 

6. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Even with the replacements, sixty minutes of sprinting over the ice following a little puck with large sticks is indeed a significant amount of work. However, ice hockey received the lowest grade for stamina.

The energy and agility employed as players struggle with one other over the ice, swirling around and switching direction often, is not as easy as we think it is.

Although on screens it looks that doing it on ice is no big thing since the ice is slippery itself, the reality is the opposite of it. 

7. Freestyle Wrestling

Men Freestyle Wrestling

This sport does not only sound dangerous but is also very risky as there are high chances of getting Injured. Freestyle wrestling’s ultimate objective is to pin their competitor to the ground to win.

 Many wrestling enthusiasts worldwide participate in freestyle wrestling, an informal type of wrestling. “Catch-as-catch-can” wrestling was the precursor of the contemporary form of freestyle wrestling British and the United States. 

It’s interesting to note that various US presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington have taken part in the “catch-as-catch-can” practice.

8. Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running

Another difficult sport on our list is cross country running. Throughout the fall and winter, fans await this event. However, in some situations, players must experience a wide variety of temperatures to increase difficulty.

Cross-country running is a sort of competition in which people or groups compete across open, unpaved courses that range in length from 4 to 12 kilometers through undeveloped terrain. Throughout the fall and winter, fans await this event. In England, cross-country running first gained popularity in the 19th century.


Well, badminton and cycling are considered the easiest sports so far that have no such big major risks that make these sports difficult or dangerous.

Hockey is the competition hands down most closely linked to fighting. Since many organizations or groups have changed their goons with guys who have the ability, fighting has decreased in latest years.

The most inexpensive sport is undoubtedly walking but running, volleyball, skateboarding, volleyball, as well as swimming, are also relatively cheap.


Game experts have come up with their methods for determining which sports are the most challenging, taking into account a variety of factors like toughness, analytical aptitude, flexibility, and many more. 

People think that some sport is tougher than other while other thinks the opposite, but it is safe to say that these athletes put in so much effort and hard work to make it entertaining for the viewers and the sake of their victory.  Hope you liked this article which has listed down almost every sport that falls in the category of most difficult sports in the world. Let us know your views as well in the comments.

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